The current point of view is in Italics.

Chapter 1


Running. Always running. We haven't had a single nights sleep in months. Well at least I haven't. The vamps just keep watch. Ever since his betrayal, the Volturi have been after us. He was my best friend, now he is the thorn in our side. After he joined the Volturi, we have had to run. Why are they after us? Is it because of my friends powers?

Suddenly I hear the wind around stir me. Then I see a male vampire above me. "Still stressing about him?" I nodded.

"Well don't. He is not worth you being stressed about. He is a backstabbing idiot." he hissed. "When we reach the Cullens we can finally stop running and relax for a while."

"Yeah, you can finally get some sleep." The young female vampire next to me says. "And then we can kill the bastard that betrayed you."

They have been trying to cheer me up since the betrayal, it helps. A little. What would I do without the Willows. The Willows are an interesting bunch of vampires. They are odd by vampire standards. First of all, their eyes are different colors.

Alucard is our leader, and is over 2300 years old, but looks about 19. He's not the strongest member of our party, but his strategic mind and flight makes him really useful in a fight. That and his ability to create and control fire. He is very tall and very skinny. His eyes are an amber color, and he has a weird green/black color around his eyes. His hair is short and spiky, with red tips.

Then there is his mate, Demetria. She is a little over 500, and looks 16. She is tall and pretty in her own way. Her hair is spiky, with red and purple streaks in the front. Her eyes are a deep lavender. She also has some special powers. She can see the future and has telekinetic ability. She also has a short temper. If you make her mad, duck and run. If her rocks miss your head, then Alucard will deep fry you.

My only issue with the Willows is they will eat humans when they get the chance. I am able to deal with it most of the time, mostly because they are willing to go "veggie" for me. They are truly the greatest undead friends a wolf can have.

Suddenly, a vampire tackles me. I knock him off of me and stand up. There where five of them. Demetria runs to my side.

"You okay?"

I nod, then wipe some blood from my lips. "A little shaken up, but I'm okay."

The vampire that tackled me steps forward, the bursts into flame. Alucard comes out of the tree tops. "So, who else wants to play?"

The other four vampires turn and run. One turns back around and throws a rock at Alucard. Demetria throws a bigger rock at him. He breaks the rock and runs away.

"Why would they throw a rock at you?" I ask. I pick the rock up and find a note addressed to Alucard. I hand it to him, he reads it and burns the paper.



"Why would they throw a rock at you?" Alex asks. He picks up the rock and finds a letter. He hands it to me. It is addressed to me. I open it and read.

"Alucard, you have one more chance to join us. If not, we will destroy your little coven. We will send Demetri to hunt you down in three days if you don't join us. There is no one to help you if you turn us down again.The letter was sighned Caius. I simply burned the letter.

"Who was the letter from?" Alex asks.

"Caius, who else?" I responded. Alex is an okay kid. He is 17. As a wolf, he is large with short, light brown hair. As a human, his hair is short, light brown, and spiky. He has deep, blue eyes. He is kinda weird. He can talk to animals as a human or wolf. It's useful sometimes, but annoying when he decides to send armies of bluebirds to chase me down when I'm flying. He can also keep up with us when we run at full speed.

"Will he ever give up on us?" Alex asks.

"Aro, give up? You have got to be kidding." Demetria replies. "Of course, if it wasn't for Caius, we would be safe."

"So, do you still see Aro being overthrown from the Volturi?" Alex asks.

"Yes, but not for some time. We might still be able to stop the takeover."

"How much time are we talking?"

"5 years, if he doesn't decide to attack early. But if he changes his mind, we might be in trouble a lot sooner."

"If we can get to the Cullens tonight we might have a chance for victory."

All of a sudden, Alex transforms into a wolf. Then we see two wolves surround us. The alpha is clearly the large russet colored wolf. On his right is a chocolate-brown wolf. I step forward with my arms held out.

"We are not here to fight, we are looking for refuge with the Cullens. The Volturi are after us and we need help."

The russet wolf steps forward and transforms. As a human he has dark colored skin, black hair, and dark eyes. His hair is in a cropped cut. He is about 6'10 and has a toned and muscular body. "My name is Jacob, what is yours?"

"Call me Alucard, the woman next to me is Demetria, and the wolf is Alexander."

Alex transforms back into a human, "Call me Alex," he said, clearly not happy with his introduction.

Jacob smiles. "OK, follow us." He transforms back into a wolf and his pack leads us into the woods. We follow and soon we are in front of a large, three story, white house.

As we approach the house, we hear shouting.