Chapter 3


As we walked into the house, I noticed the large amount of art. There were paintings of just about everything imaginable. Esme showed us to the living room. "Just sit down, and I will be back with some food for Alex." Alex's eyes lit up at the mention of food and I shook my head.

"Can't you think of anything else?" I asked annoyed.

Alex looked at me and smiled. "We have been running for weeks, and all I have had to eat is small game cooked by Alucard, he burns everything."

Alucard looked at Alex and frowned. "Not my fault. If you could hunt anything larger than a squirell, then I wouldn't burn it. But those things are hard to cook, they're just so small."

"Will you two quit fighting? We are finally safe." I piped in. Sometimes those two can be so annoying. But you have to love them.

Esme walked into the room carrying a large platter of food. "Here you go, Alex. Dig in."

Alex took the food without a question, and started eating. "Great, another wolf to feed. We already have five of them." Edward said walking in and sitting next to Alucard. "Everyone will be here in a few minutes, we are having trouble getting Rose to join us. She is not happy about Alex."

Alex looked up and frowned. "What did I do?" Poor Alex. He was so sensitive at times.

Carlisle walked in and sat next to Esme. "It's nothing personal, she is just a little prejudice."

Soon the rest of the vampires showed up and sat down. Edward looked around and frowned. "Where is Bella?"

Soon Bella and Nessie steped into the house. "Sorry we are late, just visiting dad...and avoiding another make-over from a certain, short vampire." The two sat down next to Edward. "Where is Jacob and his pack?"

"They'll show up in a few minutes. Jacob is making sure the new guys were not followed." Emmett replied. Soon Jacob, Leah and three other people showed up.

Jacob waved at Alex. "Hey, sorry it took so long, but we had to follow a couple of trails. Who ever was following you decided to go back where they came from. For anyone that dosn't know, the three following me are the rest of my pack. Seth is Leah's brother." Seth waved at the group. "Next is Quill, he is the tall one with a buzz cut." Quill gave a tiny nod in reply. "And finally is Embry, he is the shorter one. We are La Push's second pack, and representatives of the vamps at La Push town meetings."

"Nice to meet you." Alucard, Alex, and I greeted.

Carlisle looked around the room and smiled. "Now that everyone is gathered, will you three please explain to us why you are here."



I looked around the room and sighed. "I guess it would be best if you knew how the three of us met. It started about 2,300 years ago, I was one of Alexander the Great's top generals. I helped in the attack on India. I was...different from his other generals. He kept me close because I had a few talents before I died. I could levetate for short periods of time, and I could also control fire to a small extent. Mostly I used that power to set many villages on fire using minimal torches. Alexander was amazed by my powers. Close to the end of our invasion, I was leading a massive army aginst the Nada Empire. I lead the only army that didn't mutiny. We attacked and we were victorious for a while. But one night we where attacked by a force we could not even comprehend." I paused.

Edward looked at me and smiled. "Vampires." I nodded.

"We where massacured quickly, but some of the vampires decided to scout any useful powers in my group. That was when I met Aro. He turned me as he saw me burning vampires away from me and my best friend, Simon. Aro snuck up on us and he bit me, then he turned around and ripped Simon's head off, telling me 'You don't need any friends now.' I woke up three days later, in the care of the Volturi. Aro looked at me and smiled. He offered me a cup, and I drunk. The tast was sweet, but slightly metallic. I asked him what it was, and he told me it was blood. He then explained why I was with them. It was hard to belive at first, but it hit me soon. I was fast, strong, and I had powers even they didn't have. I could produce wings and fly, and I could control fire. I asked him what happened to my friend, Simon, and he told me I was drinking him. I then decided to escape the Volturi. I used the next chance I got and I flew off into the mountains. I became infamous as a powerful demon sent by the gods to punish the village. I used that as an excuse to demand the blood of the strongest warrior in the village, once every month."

Bella looked disgusted. "You made them offer your people, that is sick."

Edward put a hand on her shoulder. "He did what he needed to survive. I respect the fact he didn't force them to give up women or children."

"I would never do that. It was against what Alexander taught me. After a while I left the mountains and went back to Babylon and spent a couple of years in Alxander's court. But not to long later, he died and I was left with no other option but to leave. I wandered the lands of Greece, Egypt, and Persia for hundreds of years. In the early fouteen hundreds, the Volturi found me again. Aro found me in a bar in Ireland, and tried to convince me to join him for a second time."

"What where you doing in a bar?" Carlisle asked me.

"When I moved to Ireland, I started taking up drinking beer. I found if I mixed about an ounce of blood in the beer, I could actualy get drunk. It was really weird, but it helped me get over the constant thirst, and I never got a hangover."

"That is interesting. I wonder how many things we can mix blood into and get the same effects. Continue with your story."

I nodded. "Aro wanted me to join the Volturi, but I kept refusing. Finally he got tired and left. I decided to get out of Ireland soon after that. I moved to Spain. In the late fifteen hundreds, where I met Demetria. I was in the market, under a cloak, when I saw her. She was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, so I stalked her for a few months. One day she went out and I followed her like usual. Soon she walked into the middle of the forest and she turned to me. 'I know you are there, Alucard, come out.' she said, calmly. I steped out and she looked at me. 'I had a dream you where going to show up and give me eternal life. How?' she asked me. I walked up to her and bit her. I took care of her for a few days, until the venom worked out of her system. She awoke, and I looked onto her eyes and was suprised. Instead of the usual red, they where purple. We left Spain and moved to the America's. There I found out she had powers. She could see into the future, like Alice. But she could also move stuff with her mind. We were travling with a vampire named Laurent until the early ninteen hundreds, but we left him after a couple of others showed up. They spelled trouble."

"James and Victoria." Edward replies.

"Yes, we left them and stayed in California until about thirty years ago. Then we moved north and found the southern Quileut tribe. They where cautious at first, but soon accepted us when they saw we were able to meet their terms on blood. We stayed with them for a few years. Unfortunatly, we had to leave because the Volturi found us again. We ran east and lived in the desert."

"The desert? What did you live off of?" Emmett asked.

"Voltures, lots of voltures. If they think you are dead then they will try and eat you. Anyway, after a few years in the desert, we went back to the tribe. That was when we met Alex. He was young, about three when we met lived there for about fourteen years. After a while the tribe started to get shapeshifters again. Alex was the first, then there were about ten more. Then finally, Alex's best friend Adrian, turned. He was different, instead of one solid form, he could turn into any animal. But he always had red eyes and a sickening black/green coloring. He hated us, purely out of jealousy I think, so he went to the only thing that would chase us out, the Volturi. He left mysteriously one night, and about three weeks later he came back with an army, lead by Caius. They ripped apart the village, and destroyed the southern Quilluet tribe. We barely escaped with Alex. We have been slowly making our way north to meet up with you. We are tired of running from the Volturi, so we want to make a stand. Will you help us?"