Title: On the Fringe


Disclaimer:I do not own or have any sort of connection to CBS or the CSI franchise...wish I did though it would be nice to have a little extra cash.

Summary: It all started with a trip to a missing person which was interrupted by a drunk driver, then the world fell apart for one CSI,a life totally changed but not by mere chance but by a group of scientists that have an agenda.

Well,it will now be a new story ...our Nick is happy but it's not what it seems.

Nick exited the hospital,it was a new day,it felt good to have his freedom back to be a person again.

He looked over to Nicole and smiled,"I want us to have dinner alone tonight. Is that okay with you?" he smiled that Nick Stokes smile and squeezed her hand.

"Sure,I've missed you so much." she looked down to the ground attempting to find the words that she wanted to say,"Nick, I was wrong, I do want us to be together,I want you in my life.""

Her words were music to his ears,he wanted her to be a part of his life,forever,he looked around,Catherine and Greg were heading towards the parking deck,he had been instructed to stay right where he was standing and to not move by Catherine, and the tome of her voice said she meant it too.

"Nicole,will you marry me,I mean I love you so much, I can't imagine another day without you." he smiled,holding her hand,not the way he had thought about asking the beautiful red head but he knew the moment was right,he was happy again and he wanted her to be his wife.

Nicole looked up at the man she loved more than she had ever loved any man,"Yes,I would love to be your wife." she smiled,their lips touched,a gentle kiss turned passionate,months of captivity built up inside, he needed to make love to the woman standing in front of him but he knew that it would be impossible if he went home,he would have to deal with life.

"I want you Nick Stokes,I want you now." her voice was seductive,he was more than willing to honor her request though, but how?

He looked around,"Where's your car?" he asked, as he noticed the police watching him and Nicole closely, keeping watch over them.

"In the emergency parking lot. Why?" she smiled, then it dawned on her,"You are so naughty Nick Stokes." realizing he had a plan.

"I have a lot of catching up to do,let's go to your apartment, I'll be a good boy, a real gentleman." he raised his eyelids and gave her a mischievous smile.

"I was hoping for more naughty boy." she giggled as he again kissed him passionately,his lips exploring her mouth,teeth hitting, his hands getting tangled in her curls.

"Get your car,quick!" he gently pushed her away,wanting her to hurry, he wanted her badly,he needed her now.

"Don't go anywhere." she mouthed to him, her body quickly disappeared,her car closer than the garage,she was going to get into all sorts of trouble but it would be so worth it,she had waited for months for this man to make love to her again.

Within minutes she pulled up in her small red sports car,"Hop in cowboy!" she again giggled,she was feeling excited about having some alone time with her man.

Nick jumped inside not even bothering fastening the seat belt,the police giving them a incredulous stare, but she hit the gas and the small car sped off,she was going to get in so much trouble but it felt exciting, she had to have the man sitting next to her,and she knew it had to be quick.

Nicole looked over at Nick,we'll have to go somewhere less conspicuous than my apartment." she smiled and changed the gear as the car raced through the Vegas streets,she hoped they wouldn't be stopped for speeding.

Nick's hand was already on her exposed leg,sneaking upwards,his eyes giving her a look of need and want.

"I need you now." he whispered into her ear, his lips nibbling on her neck.

"She couldn't speak,her head was feeling rather floaty,she felt an overwhelming need to just pull over and get on with what was going to be inevitable.

As they passed the Marriott she quickly pulled into the parking lot, tires squealing as they hit the garage pavement and parked the car in the nearest empty space,their lips were exploring again,his hands were touching sensitive areas that had missed his touch,her body already responding to his teeth finding her nipples already erect,"Nick,I am about to explode so let me get us a room or I will have to have you here in this crowded parking area."

He pulled back,wanting the woman before him,wanting her,wanting to be inside of her,to enter her with force and love,"Hurry, I need to find a way to stand."

She couldn't help but to laugh,he was as horny as a man could get without exploding. His reddened face attempting to gain some control as she exited the car.

Nicole ran inside,minutes passed but then she was beside the car again,opening his door, he came out and grabbed her around her waist,lifting her against the car, he needed her right now, his penis was rock hard,the dark garage had cameras though,they would be arrested.

"I need to be inside of you Nikki." he whispered.

"I need you inside of me Nick,let's get moving cowboy or we will have nothing left when we get there." she let out a squeal,the excitement of making love to Nick was pushing her towards not thinking very clearly.

He nodded,he needed her and she needed him. As they made their way to the assigned room, Nick couldn't help to take in the incredible beauty of the woman who had just minutes before agreed to be his wife.

The elevator opened, the two inhabitants exited, Nikki entered then Nick,when the door closed again he found himself finding her lips again,his hands touching places that were evidently very sensitive, he elicited a groan form her,her eyes rolling back in her head as she pushed herself into him,feeling his hardness,feeling her desire.

Her hand found the button to her floor,the elevator started moving, within seconds they were on the floor,their room in site, her hands were fumbling the card key as she attempted to opened the door,but Nick took over, the door opened and she fell inside,Nick pushing her towards the bed,his leg reaching up and kicking the door closed.

Passion and the heat of the moment kicked in and he was tearing her clothing away,and she his,teeth clattering against each other,bodies sweating,it would not be slow the first time,it had to almost animalistic,but it felt good to be able to touch her, to feel her body again.

"Condom?" she asked,her breathing was rapid,labored,the excitement was causing her to already buck at the thought of him entering inside of her but she had to be able to think. His mouth was on her breasts,sucking,licking,biting her firm nipples,it was more than she could endure without him entering her soon,very soon.

"I don't have one." he head fell down to her chest,"I don't know if I can wait."

She gave him a smile,"I know what to do." her voice low and sultry.

She then flipped him to the lying position, her mouth placing small kisses down his firm chest,moving,edging closer to his member, which was rock hard,needing a release,but he wanted her,to be inside of her but he knew she was going to remedy the problem for a while,at least until he could get a condom.

Her mouth grabbed a firm grip onto his penis,sucking hard and fast,her tongue finding the sensitive area in the back,making him edge closer to letting go.

"I want you Nikki,please, let me come inside of you,let me get my release inside of you Nikki." he begged,his brain was not really thinking,he just wanted his woman sitting on top of him,allowing him the pleasure he wanted,desired, had waited for so many months.

She looked up,she wanted him too,"If that is what you want Nick." she moved upwards,straddling his thighs,rubbing her clit over his penis,making it even harder than before,his face etched in pleasure, then she slid down onto him,feeling him inside of her,knowing that she wanted him,needed him, then she began to rock and he began to thrust inside of her,he wanted to make her come over and over,then he flipped her over and pushed himself as deep as he could get and she screamed,his cum spurting inside her,coming hard and fast.

She smiled, as her orgasm matched his and they both collapsed on the bed,he pulled her close to him,"If we made a baby,we might not be able to tell him about how he came about." she giggled as he played with her curls,tugging at them gently,feeling a need to make love to her more slowly,more passionately than the previous need session.

She giggled, a thunderous giggle,"I'm not done with you yet cowboy!" she pushed her self up on his thighs again,he was already getting hard again

The thought of making love to the woman sitting on top was overwhelming,he had to have her again and again. His hands had a firm grip on her ass as it continued to move back and forth,rubbing against him,getting him harder and harder,too hard to endure very much more from his lover.

"This time,nice and slow Cowboy, nice and slow,I want it to last for a while," she whispered into his ear but his body was already getting tense again,ready for more love making as she slid back and forth against his member,wanting to drive him crazy for a while before she allowed him to come inside her again and again.

He pulled her up and eased her over to her stomach,then pulled her ass near his and started teasing her,sliding his penis down her backside,wanting to get inside of her again."Nikki, I want you from every direction tonight,front,back and sideways." he moaned as he plunged his dick inside her again,getting into a rocking motion,hearing her muffled groans of pleasure,wanting again to explode inside of her ass but knowing that her pleasure was just as important as his, so he held back and pulled out.

"Nick,fu** me as hard as you can. Please " she begged as she rolled over, his penis hardened more at the words of his lover.

"I need to fu** you Nikki,I want to fu** you Nikki." he was panting, his breaths quick and labored.

"Don't you dare come yet Nick, I want you inside of me for a long time." she commanded,wanting his love making to last longer this time,her long legs now wrapped around him,bringing him closer to her body.

He did as she commanded and slid back inside her,holding on to his release for a little bit longer,wanting to come, wanting to release his cum inside the beautiful ass that belonged to the woman he loved.

"I can't hold on any longer!", he screamed ,his face was tense,red,a look of agony in his eyes,he need to release again,he wanted to let go inside of her to feel her spasm around his member.

"You can come Nick,come inside of me,you have my permission to release." she smiled,feeling his hardened penis spasm inside her,releasing his pleasure inside of her vagina,feeling his body relax afterwards.

He lay down beside her,her mouth still placing gentle kisses to his sweaty chest.

"I love you cowboy." she groaned into his ear.

"I love you too Nikki. I love you too." he smiled and pulled her towards his lips, again he felt the twinge of an erection coming on,he would be dead by morning but at least he would die happy.

This is my first sex chapter,but I could just imagine a very horny Nick, and he had to have her, he loves her so much.