Title: On the Fringe


Disclaimer:I do not own or have any sort of connection to CBS or the CSI franchise...wish I did though it would be nice to have a little extra cash.

Summary: It all started with a trip to a missing person which was interrupted by a drunk driver, then the world fell apart for one CSI,a life totally changed but not by mere chance but by a group of scientists that have an agenda.

Well,it will now be a new story ...our Nick is happy but it's not what it seems.

Dr Kasey's Office

Nick awakened,his doctor sitting beside the couch,his head hurt and he felt like hell,"How long?" his only question.

"About an hour,but I called Dr Mason and told him you would be there when you awakened." Dr Kasey watched his patient with an intense gaze,"Are you okay?"

"My head hurts,probably the lack of sleep." he attempted to stand but he felt woozy, Dr Kasey stood quickly and grabbed his arm to keep him from falling over.

"Maybe you should lie back down Nick." he was concerned,wondering if the symptoms were a part of the results of the tests or from being so tired.

"Nah,I'm good." he managed to stand and walked over to the door,"I'll see you when I get back in a week." he waved as he exited the room,his friends standing outside.

Dr Kasey picked up the phone, he needed to talk to Dr Mason.

As Nick made his way out of the office, Warrick stood and so did the rest of the team,"You okay Nick?"Catherine asked asked as she took in Nick's pale appearance.

"Yeah, I feel fine. Where's Nikki?" he asked as he made his way towards the door that lead out to the hallway.

"She's probably still at her apartment getting ready for your trip." Sara replied.

He looked over at the brunette and nodded,she was right,she was probably still packing for their honeymoon."What floor?" he asked as he approached the elevator.

Catherine looked at Grissom who had a surprised look plastered on his face,"The third floor Nick. You don't remember?"

"My head hurts right now,guess I forgot." he answered,feeling as if he had been here before but yet it felt different.

He hit the button and walked onto the small elevator,Warrick took a position beside him,just in case he tired to bolt.

"Listen Nick, I'm sorry about last night,I would have been pissed if you had done that to me and Tina." he whispered.

"No problem Bro,I was just thinking how great it would be if you came in a few days and joined us in Hawaii,you never really had a legit honeymoon." he smiled at his friend,"I'm sure Nikki wouldn't mind,by then she'll be tired of my ass."

Warrick looked over to Grissom who had been listening to the conversation,he nodded,wanting him to take Nick up on the offer,"I think that's a great idea Nicky,give me a day you want us to show and we'll be there."

"Let me talk to my wife and I'll give you a date." he smiled as the elevator reached the designated floor.

As they exited the floor the team was walking towards the office,but each noticed that Nick seemed to be lost,acting if he didn't know where he was.

"Hey Nick,are you sure you're okay man,you look pale." Sara noticed her friend,wondering if he was going to faint on them.

Nick stopped and leaned against the wall."I feel sick."He bent over,the closer he had gotten to the doctor's office the sicker he had become.

"Get Dr Mason!" Catherine instructed Warrick,who had already taken off towards the office.

Within minutes the doctor now stood next to Nick,"Hey Nick,what's wrong?"

He shook his head afraid to open his mouth,afraid he would lose whatever was in stomach onto the floor.

"Let's get him inside." he was pointing towards his office but Nick refused,he couldn't enter,he felt it would make him sicker.

"No,please,just let me leave,I'll feel better." he gasped,feeling a need for fresh air.

Dr Holt,who had been waiting with Dr Mason for Nick's arrival, came out with his nurse,"Nick, let us give you something to assist you,it will help you sleep while we are doing the tests."

"Do you hear that?" he asked,wanting to know if the others could hear the loud buzzing noise that was ringing through his ears.

"Hear what Nick.?" Dr Mason asked,Nick was down on his knees covering his ears,the noise was getting louder,his friends frightened by his pale features and his now dilated eyes.

"Dr Holt waved for the nurse to administer the sedative,wanting to give his patient some relief from the symptoms.

Nick saw it coming though and pulled back,"No,you can't do that you could kill me."

"Nick,it's just a sedative,it will calm you down and assist us in getting the tests completed." Dr Holt was suddenly worried,what had they done to this man,what did they implant into his neck for him to react in such a frightened manner.

"The nurse continued hitting tense muscle but the syringe went in and the medication was delivered,it reacted quickly, a now calmer,sedated Nick was leaned against the wall. His eyes barely able to stay open,he knew he couldn't let them run the tests,it would ruin everything.

The staff carried him into the room and laid him on a stretcher,his arms and hands lay at his side as they pulled a large machine over,a gel rubbed to the back of his neck where the bright pink,raised skin was located,and the switch was turned on,Nick's eyes widened,even sedated he felt the fear of the machine.

They propped him on his side and slid the ultrasound piece over his neck,what they saw on the video was nothing short of frightening.

"Well, guess we know why he can't have an MRI." Dr Mason mumbled as he saw the cylindrical metal piece attached to the spinal cord at the top with wires attached to the base of the skull,the ultrasound could visualized the brain,they would need an CAT scan.

"What the hell do they do to Nick?" Sara asked as the others gasped at the video screen.

"It looks similar to brain mapping but we need a look at Nick's brain to see what else was done,this is too advanced for any of our medical staff." Dr Holt turned around to make a call to Dr Simon,Nick's neurologist.

"This, right here." Warrick pointed at the inserted chip or device,whatever the hell it was,"Is this what's blocking his memories?"

"I have to be honest,I haven't a clue. It could be anything at this point but I have a feeling he was programmed not to want us to find it." Dr Mason remarked,"Dr Kasey felt he had been hypnotized,or a victim of brainwashing,he was probably programmed to fight any tests or to be hospitalized any longer after he was found."

"We're going to have our hands full keeping him here,he won't be amendable to the tests and he'll probably fight us,it won't be a pleasant experience but he can't leave,we don't know what he's been through,what they did to Nick." Dr Holt explained to the group who were still staring at the device,Nick now sleeping soundly,the large dose of sedative now kicking in to assist.

"We can't keep him here against his will,we will have to convince him he needs medical assistance." Dr Mason continued,wanting to run a CT scan immediately but wanting Dr Simon to take a look first.

A knock on the door startled all of them,it was Dr Simon,who immediately entered and took a look at the screen."This is complicated, I've heard of scientists doing this but I haven't heard of any success with it."

"What is it?" Dr Holt asked,rubbing at his new headache,his patient had become even more complicated,though he thought that was impossible.

"It's called programming, its done by using brain mapping,a neuro-trasnmitter is placed into the spinal cord,and when certain signals are trasmitted they, are blocked they can't reach the brain,even certain emotions. They had to test him for probably every emotion known to man,every bad memory he ever experienced, just to get the signals that would need to get blocked." Dr Simon attempted to explain.

"This is the work of a mad scientist." Greg blurted out,the technology used on his friend was close to being Hitlerish.

Catherine and Sara stood shocked,both knowing what Nick had suffered and what he would have to suffer to remove the device if it could be removed.

"We need a CT scan with contrast,we'll just have to pump him with antihistamines and steroids,to get a real picture of what occurred." Dr Holt suggested.

"That might be dangerous,they could have used a lot of contrast to get this done,it would have caused him to build up antibodies to the contrast even,we'll have to be careful,we don't want kidney failure." Dr Simon continued to look at the ultrasound with fascination and intrigue.

"Let's do it while he is asleep." Dr Mason started drawing up meds to give Nick for an allergic reaction as the nurse started to change him into a gown.

"Somebody needs to call Nikki." Sara suggested,now wondering if she was a part of their plan,what else had they done to Nick while he was gone.

"I'll call her." Warrick volunteered,pulling out his cellphone and dialing her number,she would not want to know what they were planning to do with her husband.

Cat Scan


Dr Kasey entered,a call from Dr Holt was given to the doctor to assist in attempting to find out what was done to Nick.

"Nick, can you hear me?" Dr Kasey asked,wanting to know if Nick could be placed back into the state he was in prior to waking up earlier.

"Yeah." he answered right away,his eyes still closed.

"We need to do a test,are you allergic to anything?" he asked as they slid his body into the machine.

Nick took a big breath as to prepare himself,as if he knew he was undergoing a test,"You told me to say I was allergic to contrast,that is what I have to say to protect my insertion." his voice monotone,no emotion,in a trance like state.

"Where are you Nick?" Dr Kasey asked,the group in the other room now as the machine was tunned on and the whirring sound started.

"The bright room. I don't like it here." he moaned as if he were a little boy.

"Nick, you have to have the test,why would you not like it here?" Dr Kasey placed the lead shield over his body as the light came on to start the test.

"You hurt me,the tests are painful and I don't like them." he groaned,as he machine started making a louder noise.

"Nick,we have to do the tests. Tell me what your instructions are. You do remember don't you?" Dr Kasey was shooting into the dark,wondering what he was told to do after he left the facility,feeling he might have been told how to protect the experiment.

"To find Nikki,to have a baby." he moaned,voice low as if in deep pain.

Dr Kasey didn't like where this was going,"Why Nick, I need you to tell me why."

He was unable to move his head,the machine now taking pictures of his brain,neck and spine."You need proof that it worked,you have to have proof,genetic proof." tears now running down his face,he was in definite pain with the test or he was fighting the request in his mind.

"We need your child?" Dr Kasey asked, it as a question,not a request.

"Those are my instructions,you're instructions!But I don't want to hurt Nikki or my child!" Nick cried out,wanting to be left alone. The memories of the tests were mentally torturing him.

"Nick,it's okay, the test are almost complete,just relax." Dr Kasey attempted to calm his patient.

His body immediately relaxed, it had been programmed and he went back into a deep sleep,the brainwashing had been a complete success,Nick had found Nikki and was attempting to impregnate her with their experimental baby,no wonder he was having headaches,it went against everything he believed.

The crowd in the room were devastated by what had been done to their friend,Warrick looked at Nikki,she was crying,"It's going to be okay Nikki." he attempted to calm her, he placed an arm around her and held her tight.

Nikki shook her head,"What did they do to my husband?" she cried out,upset at what had happened to Nick.

"We'll figure it out Nicole,just give us time." Dr Mason attempted to give her some hope but he knew that whatever had happened might not be reversible,and that she might be in danger if they were together.

Warning: I do not use aliens in my stories....so this is so far from sci-fi but now government facilities do exist that are run by big cooperate monsters just for the purpose of testing,is Nick a victim? Well, we will have to wait and see!

Hope you like it so far!