Bella and Emmet's Day of "Fun"

Edward, of course, has gone hunting, and has decided to let her spend the length of his hunting trip with his two brothers, Emmet and Jasper. What will they(Bella, Jasper, and Emmet) do together? Will Edward be mad? Alice? Rosalie? Esme? Carlisle?

This is my first FAN FICTION… please be honest enough to tell me if its bad, good, and what I need to improve on!!!


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, or any of this other stuff what so ever… But I do love Stephenie Meyer for writing Twilight. ( I mean who doesn't?)

Edward's POV

"Eddie please!!!?"

And there goes another day to Jasper's and Emmet's begging to "baby-sit" Bella. MY Bella. Why would they think I would trust them. No offence to Jasper, but Bella might trip and start bleeding, and instead of trying to help her or keep Jasper back Emmet would sit back and laugh while Jasper… I cant even think about it.

Any way in the end Esme and Carlisle thought it would be a good chance for them to bond since they would soon be related. It was agreed along with these conditions: they must all get along and must not force any one to do anything they don't want to do.

As I was leaving my parents had came up with a new condition, which I heard from the thoughts of Esme:

"Edward since your two brothers have a condition, I believe you should have a condition too. At least under the circumstances. I believe you should trust your brothers, because if they do anything wrong there will be a grave punishment from each person in this house hold. Including Bella seeing she will be apart of our family soon. But I say she already is."