It was the year of my Madonna phase. Eddie and I were driving around, but I don't remember were it was at, and we saw this this costume store.



Pleeeeeaaase! If you don't I'll tell Rose it was you hid her car!



(In the store)

Eddie decided to go to some stupid bookstore across the street. So it was just me and five other shoppers and 2 workers in this best store ever!!! And no one was there to watch me.

I was going through the costume rack, which had the usual costumes on it (witches, princesses(I wore a princess one on Halloween the year before), teachers, etc.) but at the very end of the rack was a Madonna costume. One with a cone bra.


I guess I said that out loud 'cause everyone is staring at me like I'm a dummy. Oh well who needs humans anyway. I should get a wig to go with this beautiful costume! Should I get blond, red, or brown? I'll go with blonde (since it will remind me of my beautiful angel… my dog rover, who I ate last month. Oh well Esme told me not to get it anyway). But the tough thing to decide was if I should get a curly, straight, long or short blonde wig? So I just decided to just get one of each just in case I changed my mind!

So I went to check my stuff out at the counter since Edward was going on the hunting with the family at 6pm today. I couldn't go with them because Edward hid Rose's car and blamed it on me, so I had to stay home and clean the house, garage, and all the cars. But how could they not believe it was Edward and not me who hid the car?

When I got to the car Edward was mad because I only took 3 hours in the store, and now it was 8pm.

I'll post more when I get home from the movie's(my nephew's party). I hope you like what I have so far.