Naruto with Space Marine traits given to him by Kyuubi. Forces of Chaos follow…


What would happen if the Kyuubi was really just a new and improved process for making Space marines, gone wrong? Naruhina, W40K/Naruto Xover, Rated M, for violence…


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Anyway, already sidetracked, so lets get back to business… Um, whatever business that might be. This is going to be a Naruto gains Space Marine Abilities story. (But not all of them, who needs Progenoid glands when there is no chapter to support, or need a black Carapace?)

Of course, this is all experimental, and will also have some needed reviews from you guys, who I hope will become a great fan-base… like those other authors have. Massive, unneeded Ego aside, this also means that Naruto will get a photographic Memory… because Marines live for how long?

Anyway, I'm sure you all want me to stop talking (Despite the fact that I'm not actually speaking) and get on with the show, eh? Well then, here we are. I bring you,

Naruto: Genetic indifference.

It was the tenth of October.

The Kyuubi was sealed within Naruto Uzumaki, upon the boy's birthday by his own father, who gave his life to stop the beast from destroying Konoha… But what is the Kyuubi, really?

He is a demon, or in the alternative tongue, a daemon. A beast and entity of unimaginable power from another dimension entirely; the dimension that held the Imperium of man, the last stand against the hordes of the traitors, heretics, xenos and mutants.

There is just one thing to realize in the first place, however, and that was the fact that Kyuubi was created by Man, as an experimental Space marine making process, designed to improve the way they get their marines implanted and sustained, a new and efficient process that adds a twentieth phase and alters the eighteenth phase of implantation so that the body does not need any maintenance or chemical therapy, and so there is no gene seed, giving this new process a much improved security system against theft, and to make the age of implantation much more earlier…

The 'at birth until thirteen' kind of earlier. It was going to be a great discovery…

… One that gained a mind, a body of Warp, and left, never to be seen again by the Universe of war, but to be followed by evil anyway… What made it get a mind, however, will probably never be known… until it is too late.

Prologue. The boy of two hearts.

The dank corridors of the space research facility where lit in a grey glow, detailing the mood of the scientist and Adeptus priests working on their projects.

All but a few in the Classified areas, room nine, had this mindset. But for those few who didn't, like the ones in Room Nine, they had glee, for they where just now finishing their whole objective, with what they had in technology gathered from the great foundries of Mars and the Galaxy around them.

They where going to improve on the original design of the Space Marine, making the process of induction more safe and with a better turn out rate, to stop the unnecessary deaths that kept on occurring due to rejection by the body and mind from the now realized unsatisfactory standards in many of the implantation processes…

"Mechanica Priest Henry, we have just finished the final test piece, and the whole operation is ready for the Test of Fire." Said one of the Servitors, it's Vox box sounding in a lobotomised even tone as it bowed to the great red robed and hooded figure.

"Good, the Grey Knights have just arrived with their representative and test subject. Ready the chamber for the ritual-", the hooded figure's pasty voice was cut off as a sudden explosion ripped through the station, and klaxons bellowed their warnings.

The station and the guests, Grey Knights with their battle barge class ship, where under attack by some force. It was the Chaos.

A tainted ship ripped through a sudden tear in the fabric of reality, near the station as it took out the Grey Knight's ship in a charge. There was but a single figure hopping out of the ship, through the vacuum to collide with the station, and all was silent.

Back in Room nine, the robed figure was met with a man in powered armour, a great Halberd in one hand, and holding a baby in the other. His bolter was currently holstered.

He was about to speak when suddenly, the baby blew up in a shower of blood, the armour of the Marine splattered as evidence. The smoking barrel of a Chaos Sorcerer's Tainted Bolter pistol was visible as he turned the corner, aiming for the Mechanicus priest. The Marine charged at the sorcerer with rage, channelling the power of the warp as the Sorcerer channelled warp unto his shot, and they both collided, creating a whirlpool of battle when they came back to consciousness.

The Priest had already gone to work on protecting the device that was to be implanted, encasing it into a warp protective device. Unfortunately, the man was struck down too fast by the Sorcerer before he could finish, who then went to kill the marine charging behind him, and was met with a Halberd through his chest. The marine smirked in victory, but it was short lived.

In a final act of desperation, the Sorcerer let loose the powers of the warp within his mind, corrupting everything as it went. The marine knew what the taint was, and knew his training. He could do nothing but avoid contamination of his mind.

Solution, get rid of the item to be tainted.

He placed his bolter pistol's barrel below his chin, aimed up, and pulled the trigger, ending his life in a shower of blood and a resounding boom as his head disappeared into the pink mist.

The taint reached the device, that was not totally protected against it's effects, and the box it was in glowed, before growing a dark red to crimson aura.

Outside the station, the Chaos ship was readying it's forces to take the station, until the rift the Sorcerer had opened pulled the station in upon itself, dragging the ship with it to wherever the warp was taking it… The box was then surrounded in a faint glow, and then disappeared, lost forever to the beings in that universe…


One eon later within a new dimension.

The being known as Kami held the box, and saw the device. She knew what must happen with the thing, and of it's origins. She gave the tainted object life, and a form. It had the room marking upon it.

The box transformed, and the new being awoke, fully aware of what had happened to it…

"What am I called?" It asked.

Kami replied, "You are henceforth known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Your taint marks you as a demon, but your power shall be of a King."

The fox with nine tails tilted its head at the lady, "Wait… why?"

She smiled at the curiosity… "Because, they need to be ruled by one…"


Another eon later.

The Kyuubi sat upon his throne, curled up with his tails displayed to the others. They where simply talking of small matters, and simple diplomacy with other beings of the Demon court… also the fact of how they where going to get some of the other sealed Beings back, like the lost biju, Ichibi. Shikaku of the Sand…

But for Kyuubi, something was wrong…

For one moment, he was discussing if they even wanted the Crazy Raccoon back, and the next, he was outside a village, a trail of destruction in his wake. There, he saw their Kage. It was a Ninja Village. This was not a good thing, for Ninja's usually had sealing abilities, and he had obviously been controlled to fight them, as if someone either wanted the village of leaves destroyed or wanted him sealed.

Either possibility was true as he spotted the various ninja headbands, the Konoha leaf symbol etched upon their surface, many of them where thrown across the field as carcasses and many others where wounded severely…

He heard a noise, and with what he heard from one of the Ninja below, he was about to be sealed…

By this time, the smoke had cleared, and a giant frog stood there… ah, Gamabunta from the toad summons plane of existence… This kept getting worse, as all the summoners of that plane where famous seal masters.

Low and behold, it was the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, the Yellow flash, who stood upon the massive toad, a small bundle in his arms…

"Kyuubi no Kitsune, you have attacked my Village, the Village of Konoha, without reason. Leave now, or be sealed…"

Kyuubi went to say something, but found that there was something wrong… he saw a shadow below him, and that it looked like he was attacking the Hokage… it was all an Illusion, however, but only the Kyuubi could see it… It was designed to affect everyone but him…

Three seconds later, and the Fourth had done hand seals, the presence of a great death washing over the battle field… The Shingami.

The death god itself. The only being other than Kami that Kyuubi feared and respected for the fact of the power and rank they gave him. The being reached down through the blond Hokage's chest, and the chakra hand shot out to the Kyuubi, pulling him to the man out of his body… not like it actually was a body, but anyway… Soon enough, both Minato and the Kyuubi where in a room… a grey nondescript room of medium lighting… this was the Grace period that the two souls had, before the action of 'Seal' would happen.

"So… mortal, you seem to have bested me as I regain the proper thought and control of my mind and body."The Demon lord, king of all the others, stated. This confused Minato for a second, before he realized just what had happened.

"You where controlled… who by?" He asked.

"I have no recollection, all I remember is the fact that I was at a meeting with my council of the Demons. I then found you summoning the boss of the Toads. Something has happened."

"No shit… that means there is a third party. I hope that the Sandaime can take care of my boy…"

The Kyuubi's eyebrows shot into the air… "The boy that you had with you is your child?"

"Yes… his name is Naruto Uzumaki, named after his mother." Minato's face gained a sorrowful expression, as he remembered the fact that she had died in childbirth…

The Kyuubi nodded his respects to him and his wife's memory, before stating words that would change many things… especially the boy's fate.

"As the one who has been defeated, I shall do as you ask… I assume that you wish for me to assist the boy when he is ready?"

Minato looked up at the demon fox, and smiled… "You had better do that… don't kill him. Or I shall have fun with you when you get drawn into the Shingami's stomach…"

At that, both beings had a friendly chuckle… "Do not worry, but I must inform you that because of where I really come from, the boy may get altered, or become changed… into something different. Something more improved. Something more… likely to survive my shadow."The Kyuubi said, before the demon fox suddenly was wrenched from the room by a hard Vacuum, ripping the beast through a small hole in the wall.

'Naruto, my son… be safe.'Minato hoped within his mind, hoping that his son would be ok from a future he knew would be a tough one.


Sarutobi, an old man with balding grey hair and a goatee, walked up to the body of his successor… and predecessor. He saw the man's son within the man's arms, holding the boy protectively like a father.

Soon enough, a strange sheen came from the dead man, flowing into the boy and he screamed in pain from such a process… somehow, his chest then moved in a way that was not though to be good at all, and Sarutobi, the newly reinstated third Hokage, picked the boy up and activated his healing jutsu, the one he learnt from his student, Tsunande Senju, the woman responsible for forming the medical wing of the village's Ninja system.

Taking a scan of the boy's anatomy, he knew that this new turn of events was going to be a big and sudden hammer to everything. Why?

Because the blond boy with blue eyes, and whisker marks upon his cheeks,

…Had just grown a second heart.


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