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Oh... and due to how much I have missed, and the fact that the layout didn't contain the 'curriculum' that was Naruto's projected educational story line... I shall skip a few years... especially as I have just recently learnt that the Memory gaining through eating thing actually works through eating a brain for actual vivid memories... youch!

Naruto: Genetic indifference

Chapter four.

The human body is a wondrous thing. The ability to survive a wide variety of environments with the use of the developed brain, and opposable thumbs, the Human animal has survived for quite some time, having not needed to evolve for quite some time. Much like the great white shark. The fact that the race known as 'Humans' have discovered and after many years of war and fighting amongst each other, perfected the usage of Chakra in the human body and beyond.

The heart is what keeps the blood pumping throughout the human body, getting oxygen from the lungs that draw it in from the air. The rest of the human body then gets the needed energy to continue working. A secondary source of energy, one used not in just maintaining and keeping the body working, but letting it grow, the Stomach and intestines, known as the 'digestive system' processes matter consumed by the body, spreading it out as backup energy and growth material for the body in general.

As for the brain, the most complex part of any body, a collection of neural bundles and electro-signals between nerves to make up 'sentient thought', it is what keeps things running in an orderly fashion. Keeping the heart pumping in even beats, making sure the lungs draw in air, then exhale. Keeping the muscles around the stomach, intestines, oesophagus, and other areas in motion. The brain is the control centre to the base. CEO to the organisation. Mayor to the town. Emperor to the Empire.

'Kage to the Hidden Village.'

'Wow!' Naruto thought, reading a book on anatomy. 'Thinking about it in that way, the human body makes sense so much more!'

Yes, Naruto was reading up on anatomy in his spare time, as it was the holidays, and he had nothing better to do at the moment. He had already done his physical training for the morning. As to why he was even thinking of reading about anatomy?

He was curious as to how different he was to a normal chakra-using human.

What he found made him wonder if he even needed stealth.

'Wait, stealth isn't just for my safety, so it would still be quite necessary…' He thought to himself, before taking a look at himself again.

'Then again, if I'm this tall already at this age, then I am going to have trouble. I wonder if there are any ninja who are incredibly large and still capable of being shinobi?' He thought to himself, putting down the book as he had finished it. It was the fourth very thick book in the pile, and he had taken the afternoon and night to finish them.

'If there are any large ninja-to-be students in the academy any time soon, I am so going to ask how they do it… wait, better yet, ask the big ones who have already graduated… if there are any.' He then continued in his head. He had sadly never heard of the Akimichi family, and the fact that the well fed clan of eaters where also masters of destruction with their fists, feet, and rolling 'meat-tank' and 'meat-shield' tactics.

If he met them when he was older, he would stare eye to eye to them, and then grow taller. But he didn't know that right now, so it would be saved for later.

Taking a look out the window, he saw what time of night… no, time of morning it was. Yeah, he had read through the night again. With his Catalepsean Node in the back of his head, the sleep deprivation issue was not really an issue for him… at least, not for a while. Eventually he had to sleep, but only if he really had to.

As of now, he was currently not even 24 hours awake, and still not even tired.

It was five O'clock in the morning.

Exercise time.

"THE FIRES OF YOUTH SHINE BRIGHTLY IN THAT BOY, KAKASHI-KUN!" Stated… no, Bellowed the weird black-greasy bowl-cut haired man wearing a green leotard. And nothing but a Green Leotard. Well, other than a Konoha Forehead protector.

Wrapped around his waist like a belt.

It was horrible.

The real problem with it all?

If Maito Gai decided to follow you, he would follow you. Outrunning him would be next to impossible, and simply stopping would not work, as he would then be next to you talking about the fires of youth. The 'springtime of youth', as it were… forever.

Well, seemingly forever...

As for Naruto, this was his main motivation to keep running, as he would at least do something with the last few moments of his mental sanity.

'Oh great, now I'm hungry.' He then stated. Sure, he had a good breakfast at his apartment, with the money he now had since last year, but still…

Out in the outskirts of the village, with a man following you that you do not want to have the knowledge of the location one sleeps at, and you had a small problem.

Then again, running for seven hours straight does that. It was midday.

For Sasuke Uchiha, the day was... weird.

He knew that father was in a clan meeting, but everything about the Uchiha district just felt... off. Wrong... like there was something here that just wasn't... Right. The most weird part?

Sasuke could actually spot when it had actually started, and who it was.

It was some very odd looking man, with a hood on, with his father right now. His eyes... they were yellow. Yellow! More importantly, Sasuke could see that there was an eyelid on his Forehead! What... a 'third' eye, or something?

Everything about him just didn't make sense. Not his walk, not his mood, not even his voice... his coat just oozed shadow...

… maybe he was a ninja? That HAD to be a Jutsu.

Sasuke ignored it, deciding to continue on with his training, even during the holidays.

… He had a sibling to catch up to!

He had a sibling he no longer understood.

Sasuke was cut, deeply, by the fact that Itachi had just killed his parents. Their parents... but, that wasn't the odd thing about it.

He'd also killed that odd looking man... the odd looking man who was making all of his nightmares come true! It was... not right. He had made mother try and kill him! Her own son! It was when his third eye opened that things started not making sense!

It was like reality itself was no longer present... Sasuke couldn't have been sure if it was a Genjutsu or not. It was impossible to tell. Then, Itachi had killed mother, then father... this was after Sasuke had walked home after school, as Hyuuga-san had told him to be very careful for some reason. She looked scared.

'Probably with good reason' he thought, as he had spied the bodies in the clan grounds. 'Probably spotted something with her Bloodline...'

He then made the connection that they where his clansmen, and he started breaking down. Running, he tried looking for his parents... only to find them laughing, looking about. He saw his mother...

"Mom!" He called out. She saw him, and walked to him with an odd look in her eye...

The man's third eye opened...

"Is that you, son?" Fugaku, his father, asked...

"Yes... why?" Sasuke answered, unsure on what was going on. It felt like gravity was both heavy, yet light...


"You... why did you kill everyone?" Motoko asked, much to Sasuke's shock. What?

"What?" It was at this point, that she roared bloody murder, and charged at him. His own mother, at four fifty-five in the afternoon, tried to take his life. Itachi cut her down. Sasuke didn't even see him appear.

Then, Fugaku tried to kill them. Itachi cut him down, too...

The man looked at Itachi. Itachi looked back. The man laughed. Itachi seemed frozen...

And then the man looked to Sasuke, with all three eyes...

… he felt unmistakable fear grip his very soul, like something was killing him from within.

Itachi had killed the man, blowing him up with several explosive notes. But there was still the fact that it was reportedly Itachi who had killed most of the clan...

Sasuke wasn't sure what was going on... not even the words of his brother were making sense.

'Become strong. Do not use hate. In the manor, there is a scroll hidden in a basement who's entrance is hidden by a loose plank. There, you will find the original reason for the Sharingan. From it, you will find the hidden meaning. Get strong, brother... there is more at stake here than the Ninja Village.' This part, he could half understand. He didn't get the part with the scroll... just where to find it.

'Find the scroll... from it, get strong. Get eyes like mine...' As Sasuke sat on the hospital bed hugging his knees, he made a realisation about what he knew of his family and it's secrets.

Nothing made sense any more.

Years passed. Naruto still felt pain, he still grew things that seemed inhuman. The Hokage's doctor had begun filling out new books on medical knowledge, based on what he had learned from Naruto's physique, and had started improving much of the already low medical standards in the Shinobi hospital...

Sasuke continued to become anti-social, reverting to just training himself into the ground, thinking nothing of family or friends. Only the next lesson. Only to train and get stronger. No hate, no love.

The psychiatrist wasn't sure on what to do about it. Perfect mind for a Shinobi. Not for a kid...

Hinata, well... she wasn't sure what was going on. Sure, some pain, here and there... but she attributed it to her growth. Things didn't seem right in the world. Nothing did. Sure, she could hit harder, for longer. She could recover faster than her fellow clansmen... she still felt down about how alone Naruto looked. But Why? Why did he interest her so? Was it the way he kept getting back up?

… no. It was because of one simple fact.

She couldn't read his mind, like she could do to most people.

She wasn't sure what had happened, or how she had somehow became related to the Yaminaka clan (Who also, coincidentally, she couldn't read the minds of...) but now she could read minds. Small visions of the future, maybe... but she could read minds. Emotions, surface thoughts, whatever. She could tell when people would look at her pervertedly...

Naturally, she started with the baggy clothing to stop that. This was before she found that baggy clothing hid weapons well.

Still... Naruto could be nice, and still kick someone's ass. Hinata couldn't bring herself to hit Hanabi, her younger sister. Father called it a waste.

Still, school would continue. They had lost their teacher one day, as he had gone on a mission, and died protecting some kids who reminded him of his students... Iruka took over, and began to try and teach this bunch of kids like his own. Hinata noted that Naruto failed his graduation the first time around. With that, she saw Iruka, who had previously seemed to hate the boy in the next class, only half-laugh.

How Naruto had failed, he wasn't sure. He had tried to make the clone Jutsu, but he was struck with a moment of monumental pain in his chest at the moment of focus.

Then, the next year, he failed again, this time being that the Clone Jutsu had a major amount of chakra charged into it. There was a moment of monumental pain, again, but he had ignored it successfully! Iruka hadn't laughed then. He had started talking to Naruto about how he could improve... she could tell from the teacher's surface thoughts...

… Now, it was the start of a new year, and this time, she'd see the boy-man she had been watching all this time finally start in her class level. She wondered what it would be like. He was currently the same height as Iruka...

"Class... CLASS!" Iruka gained the attention of the classroom, his newly minted 'Big head Jutsu', which, basically was a Genjutsu, quieting down the students quite effectively...

He finally got to the new year's announcements. What they'll be studying, what they'll be learning... and that this was their final year. Graduation was at the end, if they passed. And then,

"Also... another announcement is that we'll be having another student in this class... sure, we have the two carry overs from last year, Uchiha and Aburame... however, this one was last minute."

He turned to the door... "Ok, come on through."

"Hi, sensei." said what appeared to be a teen of 17 years of age. Scratching his blonde hair, he took stock of the students. Spotting the Uchiha, Aburame, and several clan heirs and heiresses, he smirked. Interesting.

Standing in Combat boots, his legs were bound in green cargo pants, strapped where needed by bandages at the ankles and lower legs. His upper body was clad in a green shirt, with a grey-brown jacket over the top. There was no discernible muscle on his person, besides that which was on his neck.

Stepping next to Iruka, Naruto introduced himself.

"Greetings... my name is Naruto Uzumaki, the kid your parents have been told to avoid!" he announced, grinning.

The class was silent. Even Iruka. He honestly had not even thought Naruto would have said such a thing, but judging by the reactions of most of the class, it was also a true fact.

What the hell... was he ever this bad at some point?

… Iruka chose not to answer himself.

Suddenly, one of the students spoke up from the back.

"Kid? You ain't a kid... you're too old to be here... go back to work, old man!" He joked, and caused half of the class to laugh.

"Nope. I'm only twelve." the class became quite silent.

"Bull." Said the same kid.

"He grows fast. I saw him three years ago. He looked twelve then... at age nine." Shino stated, silently. The whole class heard him.

"Bullshit, bug boy... I don't buy it." Said the same kid again, and he leant back in his chair...

"What have I said about language in this classroom?" Iruka asked, an odd smile upon his face. Suddenly, that very same kid paled...

People in the class could not deny it. Naruto may be large, he may be difficult to hide, but he could keep going, going and going...

It was three months into the final Academy year, and everyone was on a trail of traps, the objective being who got to the end first... or at all. That is, to say, who got to the end without ending up pink.

Several people tried to tease some pink haired girl about this, her name was Sakura. She charged forwards, trying to keep up with Sasuke Uchiha of all things. It turns out, there was a massive fangirl group over the last Uchiha's existence, all of them wanting him in one way or another...

Naruto didn't bother thinking about it for long, as he continued to run through the course, trees racing by his vision, having seen most of the traps that others could make. He had helped make them for when the lower grades would be running as well, after all. He had done this twice before.

Still, his size proved to be the downfall in this test, as he found there were enough strings ahead on his path that he couldn't fit through them with any sort of angle of attack... cutting them would trigger it, as would touching them. Jumping was out of the question, as it would slow him down, and he might land on another trap beyond. So, he tried to stop, in order to gauge what was beyond it.

His size proved to be the problem, as he planted his feet in the ground, the ground giving way as he slid. Creating a minor foot deep trench with his weight and mass, his shin made contact with one string as his forehead made contact with another.

Bang. Pink mist... well, paint, actually. He was out yet again. Hang on... this trap looked familiar!

Looking about at the trees around him, with all the strings attached, he realised who must have planted this trap. He remembered earlier in the day, what they were doing before running the test...


"This is the standard trap run, but, seeing as you're all in the last grade, we make things interesting!" Iruka shouted. They were outside, in the nearby academy forest, where they usually made such activities work.

"Instead of another grade making the course, you will all be making you're own way through his course, to make you're own traps for others!" He announced, bemused.

"Wait, sensei? Wouldn't that mean it's easier for us? We'd know where our own traps are!" Some kid in the back shouted.

"Yes... so you've got to be extra careful! You get caught looking at anyone else setting a trap, you don't get to run!" This whole thing sounded odd... Iruka never usually said 'get caught', but several students didn't catch it. Obviously.

"To beat this course, you have to look underneath the underneath!" Iruka stated, and there were several smiles all around.

Later, Naruto had just set up his trap, a set of pressure strings rigged to set off the pink mist from both sides, and just below the ground, when... he sighted a kid with black hair done up like he was a pineapple. The kid had a sort of sleeveless vest on, that didn't really cover much, over a fishnet shirt.

Shikamaru Nara. That sleepy lazy kid. Was he doing anything? No... just drawing something into the ground as he meditated... no, he was just sleep drawing!

Flashback end.

Thinking back on it, he realised that this trap looked very much like that drawing. He just got taken out by some sleepy lazy kid!

… there was something more to this... there always was! The kid must be some sort of genius or something. Naruto couldn't tell.

But still, as he made his way out of the course with half his chest covered in pink paint, he took note of who had 'fallen'.

Ino, a blonde Yaminaka mind reader who was bitching to another pink covered lady, Sakura, was complaining about her hair. It was only half blonde...

Looking around, he spotted a fellow giant pink blob... that was Chouji. "Ah, another of us battle-giants have fallen, eh?" Naruto joked as he walked up to the boy. Chouji grunted in acknowledgement, pulling out a bag of chips and munching away...

Another sudden crack, and a cry of indignation was what preceded a pink dog and his owner charging out of the course.

"Dammit! Who set up that pressure system five minutes near the end?" Kiba demanded. Naruto turned around, staring him down.

"... never mind." Kiba gulped, scared. This guy was BIG...

"Winner, Sasuke Uchiha!"

… well, THAT wasn't so hard to predict, was it?

"Second, Hinata Hyuuga!"

Ten minutes later, Shikamaru came up to the finish line, walking... casually. Slowly.

"Third place, Shikamaru Nara." Shikamaru looked to the referee at that.

"Third? Damn, I was aiming for fifth... now mother's going to yell at me as to why I wasn't first..." He mumbled, Naruto hearing him clearly.

"Lazy bastard..." Naruto muttered under his breath.

It was now six months into the year, and Naruto was feeling unimaginable pain across his torso... he couldn't hold it in, moaning as he lay on his floor. He would have had a bed, but he'd recently fallen on it too hard, breaking it. So, now he only had a mattress.


Getting up, he fought through the pain, as usual whilst he worked through his morning routine...

Kunai throwing was the usual lesson after warm-ups, much to the student's chagrin. Most had been wanting to be inside today, as it was hot. But, no... Iruka, ever the sadistic teacher from hell, had them throwing knives at targets.

Even Sasuke was looking like he was feeling it.

But not Naruto.

No, he seemed unaffected by the heat, or the sun... his only issue was that he had a distraction, constantly. His chest was hurting like never before, and he couldn't tell why!

Once the session was over, the students were ordered into the classroom, where they would read, and recover from any potential heat stroke. Water was provided. Well, all the students, bar Naruto, who Iruka kept back to question.

"You seem a little out of it today, Uzumaki." Iruka mentioned.

"Yeah... just the heat." Naruto replied.

"Bullshit, Naruto, you were clutching your chest three minutes ago. That's not a heat based issue. That's your torso... you're going to the nurse's office." Iruka ordered, seeing through Naruto's bluff.

Naruto's eyes widened a little. "I'm under direct orders from the Hokage to NOT go to any other medical centre other than the Konoha Hospital and the Hokage's personal staff... it's a hidden medical issue... same level as my secret that you know of." Iruka's eyes now did what Naruto's did, albeit wider.

"... you know? About... it?" Iruka asked, suddenly worried. The kid knew... he knew about the beast hidden within him? … it made Iruka wonder if Naruto must be tougher than he looked, to be able to handle that... kind.. of... Hang on... this kid was twelve, but was looking Iruka IN THE EYE... of course he had to be tough...

"How much are you holding back, Naruto? You could go so far..." Iruka asked, just as he noticed Naruto clutching at his chest again.

"D-DAMMIT!" Naruto gasped, suddenly doubling over. Iruka immediately leaned down, and attempted to pull Naruto's arms from his chest. That proved to be almost impossible! The kid's muscles were made of Steel or something!

"Damn, Naruto, what's going on?" Iruka was panicked. He had just started on the idea that Maybe Naruto wasn't such a bad person that everyone else said him to be... and now said 'kid' was on the ground, in pain. He couldn't help the kid, because the kid was honestly stronger than himself! And, not only that, but Iruka could feel the boy's pulse! It didn't feel natural... it must be in some sort of fibrillation!

Eventually, Naruto stopped grabbing at his torso, and calmed down...

"Fuck, I hate it when that happens..." He mentioned, lifting his shirt up to assess any potential outside changes.

"Wait... this is a common occurrence?" Iruka asked, shocked even more. That's when they both noticed a cosmetic change on Naruto's torso...

It had darkened considerably around the entirety of it, like it was some sort of bruising. As Naruto applied some force to it, he found it was harder than usual... but still flexible.

"Hang on..." He said, pulling out a Kunai. He made to apply some force with it, and found difficulty. Iruka was already backing up, worried over his student now attempting to cut himself.

… and he thought Sasuke was going to be the one going suicidal!

"Hmm... Seems I'm even more damage-proof than before..." Naruto said, taking the Kunai away and re-sheathing it.

"... I think I need to speak to the Hokage about you..." Iruka casually mentioned, before leaning on a wall. He felt a headache coming on...

"I was thinking of still calling you human, and not a demon... but now it appears you're something else entirely..." Iruka only realised as he thought back on things, that when he felt Naruto's pulse, it wasn't the rhythm that suggested a heart attack... the pulse was more like two.

As though Naruto had Two Hearts...

"... I mean, after all, we were hoping on Not having to tell you about this, Iruka-san..." Sarutobi admitted, just before taking a massive drag from his tobacco pipe.

Iruka, sitting in front of the Hokage's desk, had wide eyes. His jaw was still slack, and his head tilted to one side.

"Yes... Naruto is turning into some sort of Super soldier... and the process is more painful than you could ever imagine." Lord Hokage clarified, as Iruka's head tilted to the other side.

"... do you require a glass of water?" Sarutobi asked, humoured by Iruka's expression.

Iruka fell off the chair, hitting the ground with a loud-

-THUMP went the chakra, as Naruto, yet again, messed up the Jutsu. It was, yet again, graduation tests, and he had just overloaded another set of clones. None of them even formed, having exploded and thrown Iruka off of his feet... Mizuki, the new Teacher assistant, had seen fit to take cover behind the desk...

"We're sorry, Naruto." Naruto understood completely.

Walking out of the classroom, he took to the tree next to the swing. Had he been a normal kid, he might even be able to take a go on the swing... but, naturally, he would be too heavy for it. He heard Mizuki approaching.


"Naruto-kun... how are you holding up?"

Watching from the side, Hinata held her headband in her hands. Recently, she had taken to wearing a bandanna around her forehead, as though to hide something. But, she was still apart of the Main Branch, much to the confusion of her Clan Members.

'I will walk a day like my servants, to understand the gap between our families! Only then we can repair what this failing situation is turning into!' she had announced at the latest Clan meeting. Many had been quite surprised at her sudden courage, but she had chalked it up to her admiration for Naruto that powered her. She had even gotten some smiles from her clansmen, much to her happiness...

Of course, then there were the killjoys, members of the clan that looked down upon her even more... One such person was Neji, her cousin. She didn't like the way he would look at her like trash... even if he was one of her servants. Of course, the rest of the clan didn't know what to do! Her father included. He, for once, held a surprised expression..

So, she had lived a day without her servants, which wasn't really that different, and done things herself... which wasn't really that different. It just appeared more publicly that she was independent in her own way...

An independent Heiress... she liked that title. Of course, to live a day like a clan member servant, she needed to have the bandages around her forehead as though she had the seal. It was mixed in it's reception, as she started getting massive headaches all of a sudden. But, after the day was done, she had decided to keep the bandage, mainly as a reminder to the clan for what she was trying to do.

Well, officially, anyway, six months ago...

She looked back to Naruto sitting by the tree, alone. She would have gone to help him, the one person who's mind she couldn't read, when all of a sudden, Mizuki had arrived next to Naruto. She wondered what this Naruto hating teacher wanted, as she had heard his thoughts since he had started in the classroom a few months back...

They spoke for a while, and Hinata decided to find out what they were discussing. Disappearing from the crowd, she went back inside the academy to one of the high windows, where she hid. Looking down to where Naruto and Mizuki was, she took off the bandage somewhat.

As the bandages fell away, she focused. There was some sort of line of skin on her forehead, like a slit, horizontal.

Focusing, she discreetly dived into Mizuki's mind... opening her third eye.

End of Chapter Five.

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