Summary: At night, Willow dreams about Tara.

Pairing: Willow/Tara, hinted Willow/Kennedy (eeeewww)


Willow smiled in her sleep. Kennedy watched her with a smile on her own face. They had been going out for over a month now and she believed deep down in her heart that the red head was right for her. She believed foolishly that she had been the one to tame the evil inside of Willow, that it was her that the girl tried so hard to change for. She would be upset if she knew Willow was currently dreaming about the real person.

Willow was holding Tara as the girl was singing to her. Things were back to the way they should be. Amy was in her cage nibbling on cheese, Dawn was at school learning about math, Xander was planning his wedding with Anya, Giles was taking care of the shop, Spike was sleeping peacefully alone, Buffy was in Heaven without a worry, and Willow was holding the girl she fell in love with. All was right with the world as far as she was concerned. No nerds to kill, no ubervamps, Spike wasn't stalking anyone, Dawn wasn't stealing, Anya and Xander were still together, Buffy was still in Heaven, and Willow had her girl.

"You look happy."

Tara had stopped singing minutes ago and had been watching Willow.

"I am. I've never been happier. I probably never will be."

"I-I don't think that that's healthy. I mean, you not trying to be happier. Be a-as happy as possible."

Willow laid her head on Tara's shoulder. This was a position they were use to; Laying on a bes snuggled together. They were use to Willow's beautiful, red hair splayed across Tara's shoulder or chest. It was familiar. It was warm. It was perfect. It was the way things should always be.

"I am. I'm happiest with you. It's always been that way."

Willow sat up a few seconds after the dream ended. She dreamed of Tara more and more often.

"You looked pretty happy. Dreaming about me?"

Willow looked over at the sound of her lover's voice. It was so different then Tara's voice; It was more sure, more demanding than her first girlfriend's voice was.

Willow didn't want to lie, but she didn't want Kennedy mad either. So she did the other thing she could think of; Lie.

"Yep. Sure was, little missy."