Title: If Only
Author: kirin-saga
Rated: PG
Pairing: Implied Eject/Rewind
Summary: Soundwave regrets his choice.
A/N: Companion/Sequel to Who They?

There were few things Soundwave regretted. In his long life, he could only recall three instances where he truly wished he had done differently. The first was losing contact with his creators and then later learning they had been killed in an accident at their place of work. The second was neglecting his bondmate in favor of his work only to find one day that his mate had left and he hadn't been told so much as goodbye. And the third...

The third was the irrational anger he had felt when he had learned that his creations, his oldest set of twins, had created a new spark of their own.

Eject and Rewind had been young, past their sparkling days but not yet adults, when they had shared their news. They had looked so happy. So proud when they had told him of the beautiful little spark they had created. And Soundwave had been furious.

He had yelled, actually yelled at them. Told them how disappointed he was, how angry that they had thrown their future away in one moment of stupidity. He had told them to get rid of it; not to terminate the spark - oh no, even at that moment the thought had never occurred to him - but to give it away. And when they had refused, he had threated them. He had actually threatened his own children.

And yet they had still refused. And they left; he had told them to leave. He had regretted his words almost before they had walked through the door. And yet he had still had not called them back, had not apologized when he still had had a chance of making it right. And now he would never know what might have been had he stopped them from walking out that door.

Because Soundwave had learned, long before he had first looked across the battlefield at the grandson he had never known, that sometimes it was far too late for regrets.