"What are you doing in my room?!" Troy Bolton exclaimed.

The intruder whipped around, his shaggy brown hair swishing to the side. His eyes widened in surprise; both from embarrassment of being caught and in awe of the basketball god standing before him.


"I'm gonna ask you again...what are you doing here Rocket Man?"

Jimmie grinned sheepishly and looked at his feet.

"I just wanted to see where the captain of the Wildcats lives..."

"Is that a camera?!" Troy asked incredulously.

"And I wanted some ideas for my own room. I wanna be just like you..." Jimmie responded.

Troy sighed. Sure Jimmie could be annoying, always coming on way too strong. But underneath it all he was just an innocent guy, idolizing a hero. Troy couldn't be mad at him for that.

"Look, sorry I yelled at you," Troy apologized. "It's fine that you...wait...is that my underwear?!"

Jimmie cast a worried glance at his pocket. Sure enough, a pair of red checkered boxers were hanging out. He had been in such a panic when Troy entered the room that he wasn't able to conceal them properly.

"Um...no...of course not...these are mine!" Jimmie said nervously.

Troy stepped toward Jimmie and tore the boxers from his pocket. He recognized them as the pair he had worn the day before. Jimmie had gone through his dirty laundry and was stealing his worn underwear!

"Jimmie, what the hell is this?" Troy asked. "Why would you want my dirty boxers?"

"I uh...I just wanted..." Jimmie stuttered. "...well ya see, I was wondering what kind of underwear I should wear since I'll be basketball captain soon..."

Troy wasn't an idiot. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Jimmie had a crush on him. He knew it should weird him out that this boy was stealing his underwear to do God knows what with it. But in reality, Troy was kind of flattered. It felt nice to be adored. Plus, Jimmie was kind of cute, in a geeky sort of way. And he didn't know if it was his hornyness taking over (Gabriella barely let him touch her), but he kind of wanted to have some fun with this.

"Well Rocket Man, if you really wanna know, I wear boxers for every day use. But for games...well, maybe I should just show you," Troy offered.

Jimmie let out an audible gulp, "Show me?"

Troy went to shut and lock his bedroom door. He figured with the party still going on downstairs, no one would bother them. Troy turned back to face Jimmie with a seductive look in his eyes. He gently rubbed his hand across his stomach before letting it trail down to the button of his jeans. With a flip of his wrists, the button came undone and he slowly eased his zipper down. Jimmie was breaking into a sweat which only made Troy feel friskier.

"You know...maybe I should take my shirt off, so you can get a better look."

Jimmie had to steady himself on the edge of Troy's bed as Troy grasped the hem of his shirt and lifted it up over his head. He shook out his hair and tossed the shirt aside. There on full display was Troy's unbelievably well-defined torso. His perfectly shaped pecs, washboard abs, and just a slightest of happy trails leading down to his open jeans.

Troy could tell Jimmie was liking it from the bulge that was forming in the young teen's flimsy pants. Troy was also getting hard, a fact that would soon be on full display.

"Should I keep going?" Troy asked, knowing what the answer would be.

Jimmie's mouth was dry, so he couldn't even manage a response. He simply nodded, eyes not tearing away from Troy's body.

So with that encouragment, Troy took a hold of the waistband of his jeans and bent to ease the fabric down his muscled thighs. He kicked the jeans off and stood up straight again now in nothing but a pair of the tightest, skimpiest black boxer-briefs Jimmie had ever seen. They hung very low on Troy's waist, accentuating the V-shaped muscles that disappeared into the waistband. And they barely came down to his midthigh. Most notably though was the ever expanding bulge that stretched out the center, threatening to tear a hole right through the tight material.

"These give that extra bit of support when I'm playing. What do you think?"

Jimmie swallowed again, "Th-they're n-nice."

"You should come take a closer look. And feel how soft this fabric is," Troy practically ordered.

It was an order Jimmie was happy to obey. He nearly stumbled over his own feet getting over to Troy. The adonis looked even better up close. There wasn't an imperfection anywhere on his perfectly tanned skin.

"Go ahead...touch it."

Jimmie reached forward with a shaking hand and stroked the side of Troy's thigh.

"They're really soft," he noticed.

"I know right? Check out the back," Troy said, turnind around.

Now on display was his delicious ass packed tightly in his briefs. It looked like a plump peach and Jimmie couldn't keep himself from giving each globe a tiny squeeze.

Troy smirked to himself as Jimmie felt up his butt. This was almost too easy. And the real fun hadn't even begun yet.

Before Jimmie could retract his hands, Troy spun back around causing his now monstrous bulge to fall right into Jimmie's hands. Both boys froze, the younger one now holding onto the older's most prized possession.

"Ya know, they only bad thing about these is that when you get hard, it practically suffocates your cock."

Jimmie involuntarily twitched and ended up squeezing the bulge at the sound of Troy using such graphic language.

"Would you mind giving the little guy some air?" Troy asked sweetly.

"Little?" Jimmie scoffed.

Troy grinned proudly. The Rocket Man's hands, having lost most of their shakiness, moved to the top of Troy's boxer-briefs. He deftly slipped his fingertips under the waistband. Jimmie had to pull the bad outward quite a bit just to get it over Troy's engorged member. As the tiny shorts fell to the floor, Troy's erection bounced up to greet Jimmie.

To Troy's surprise, the younger boy wasted no time in wrapping his hand around the thick flesh. Troy inhaled sharply at the touch, a small shudder going through his body. Jimmie's hand began to move up and down, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. He couldn't help but notice a small bead of precum shining at the purple tip. On an upstroke, Jimmie swiped his thumb over the head, which sent another shiver down Troy's spine. Jimmie used the little bit of lube to coat Troy's shaft before stroking faster.

"Feels soooooo good." Troy breathed, his eyes closed, head practically falling back.

Jimmie couldn't believe what was happening. He never would have guessed that by the end of the night he would have his idol's dick in his hand, slowly but surely bringing him to completion. Now that he had his mind wrapped around the situation, he figured he should milk it for all it's worth.

Troy didn't even see it coming when a pair of wet lips wrapped around the head of his penis.

"Holy shit!" he screamed, bucking his hips forward.

The sudden intrusion in Jimmie's mouth caused him to choke a little bit. But once he regained his composure, he was able to take more than half of Troy's thick seven inches. Whatever he couldn't fit in his mouth, Jimmie stroked with his right hand. Meanwhile the left hand slid down to fondle Troy's low-hanging balls.

"Where did you learn to do this?" Troy wondered aloud.

Jimmie laughed a little to himself, the vibrations trailing down Troy's manhood. Truth be told, Jimmie had never done this before. But he'd watched enough porn to know the ins and outs.

And he knew enough about his own anatomy to notice that Troy's balls were tightening up, which only meant he was about to blow. Jimmie squeezed the balls gently as he pulled back to focus on the head, all the while continuing to stroke in earnest.

"Jimmie...I think I'm...I'm gonna..."

This only made Jimmie work harder. And sure enough, the first shot of cum hit the back of his throat just as Troy let out a scream of pleasure. It was like a dam had broken, Troy's essence just kept on shooting out. Eventually Jimmie had to pull off, only to get the last few squirts right in the face. Troy was trying hard not to collapse, panting heavily.

"Rocket Man...you...are...a god..."

That was music to Jimmie's ears.