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"Ryan! Wait up!"

Troy hustled to catch up to the blond boy, while the majority of their classmates rushed to class before the tardy bell rang.

Ryan turned to face the oncoming teen, "Troy. To what do I owe the pleasure."

"I actually wanted to ask for your help on something."

"Oh yeah...I seem to recall the last time we 'helped' each other out," Ryan winked.

Troy just gave his trademark smile, "I was hoping you could help me out with the chemistry homework. I'll never pass next week's test without some assistance."

"I guess I could tutor you. What's in it for me though?"

Troy playfully rolled his eyes, "I'm sure we'll think of something. How bout you come over to my place today around 6? My parents will be at a banquet so we'll have some privacy."

Ryan felt his pants tighten a little at the thought of being alone with Troy at his house. His sister was stressing him out with rehearsals all week. He could use a good release.

"I'll be there at 6 sharp," he promised.

Troy smiled and turned to walk away. His smile soon morphed into a wicked smirk.

"If you only knew what we have planned for you..."


Ryan spent the whole day counting down to his 6 o'clock rendevous with Troy Bolton. The school day dragged on forever. But it was the 3 hours after school that never seemed to end. He tried to occupy his time by showering and getting gussied up. Sharpay was a curious about her brother's strange behavior.

"What's with you? Do you have a date or something?" she asked him.

"Or something," Ryan grinned.

Ryan had to laugh to himself thinking about the fact that his sister's crush had fucked him senseless recently and hopefully would be doing the same that evening. True, Sharpay had gotten there first. But clearly Troy was migrating over to his side of the fence.

When the clock struck 5:30, he couldn't take it any longer. Ryan hopped in his car and made his way over to Troy's house. He was a bit early, but didn't think it would be a problem.

Walking up to the Bolton's door, Ryan rang the bell. No one answered for several moments. Maybe Troy wasn't home yet?

Just as he went to ring the bell again, the door swung open. Standing before Ryan was a dripping wet Troy with nothing but a white towel wrapped dangerously low around his waist. He must have run down the stairs because he was breathing heavily, every breath making his hard abs flex.

"Ryan, hey! You're a little early," Troy greeted.

"" Ryan was at a loss for words.

"It's cool, come on in."

Troy stepped back and let Ryan enter the house. He noticed Troy's towel wasn't even properly secured, as the tanned boy had to hold it with one hand to keep it from slipping.

"I was just taking a shower. I guess that's obvious. Here, come on upstairs."

Ryan followed Troy up the stairs, all the while staring at the white fabric pulled tightly over Troy's delectable tush. He could actually see the muscle flexing underneath the towel.

They eventually made it to Troy's bedroom. It was pretty minimalist in decor. Ryan expected tons of basketball memorabilia everywhere. It was basically just furniture and a few random paintings. To each his own.

"Have a seat," Troy instructed. "Let me throw some shorts on."

Ryan sat awkwardly on the edge of Troy's bed, eyes never leaving the other boy as he walked over to his dresser. With no hint of modesty, Troy let the towel drop to the floor. Ryan could barely suppress a small gasp as the golden globes were revealed to him. Troy stood there completely nude as he rifled through his drawers looking for some shorts. Finally he found some red basketball shorts and bent to slip them on. As he bent over, his ass was fully exposed to Ryan just begging to be fucked hard. Ryan could even see Troy's low hanging balls between his legs. He just wanted to pop them in his mouth.

Unfortunately, the eye candy was suddenly covered. But since he hadn't bothered with underwear, as soon as Troy turned around, Ryan could totally make out the shape of his manhood pressing against the flimsy shorts. Even soft, it looked menacing.

"You ready?" Troy asked.

"Oh yeah..." Ryan moaned. "I mean...yes. Ready to do chemistry."

Troy smiled. He sauntered over to Ryan, standing right before the blond boy.

"Do you think we have chemistry?"

"What?" Ryan asked flabbergasted. Sure he and Troy had hooked up before. But he had practically blackmailed Troy into it. He didn't expect Troy to ever wanna do anything again.

"Hmmm. Looks like you're having a reaction," Troy laughed, his eyes locked on Ryan's crotch.

Sure enough, his designer shorts were tented up after staring at Troy's naked ass. Could you blame him?

This was really happening. Seeing that lustful look in Troy's eyes woke Ryan up. He was a confident, sexual being. If this fine male specimen wanted some action, he was more than willing to give it to him.

"Ya know Troy, I gotta say I'm a little surprised. I mean, I could tell you enjoyed getting it on with dudes. You're not that good of an actor. But I didn't figure you'd come back to me for more. Not that I can blame you," Ryan said with a smirk.

"What can I say," Troy said stepping in between Ryan's legs. "It was some of the best sex I've ever had. Why should I deny myself of that?"

Ryan's smile only grew. He leaned back on the bed, resting on his elbows. "Then by all means..."

His erection was practically sticking straight up in his shorts forming a small mountain. Troy placed his hand on the protruding muscle and gave it a firm squeeze.

"These pants seem a little tight. Better get them off."

He made quick work of Ryan's button down shorts. The blond lifted his hips just enough for Troy to slip them down his legs. Looks like Troy wasn't the only one going commando. Ryan's six and a half inch, ridiculously thick cock slapped up against his stomach. Troy hadn't gotten a good look at it during their last encounter. It was a beast, looking slightly out of place on the boy's small, delicate form.

Kneeling between Ryan's legs as the hung off the edge of the bed, Troy came face to face with the throbbing appendage. He wrapped a hand around the shaft, pulling it up to a vertical position. Then he trailed his tongue along the underside, from base to tip, before sucking gently on the head. Looking upward, he made eye contact with Ryan. Seeing Troy's mouth wrapped tightly around his cockhead immediately caused a spurt of precum to flood Troy's mouth. He used his tongue to lick the slightly salty liquid from Ryan's slit.

Troy then took the dick into his mouth, sliding his lips as far down the shaft as he could before the head was lodged in his throat. He swallowed hard, fought off a gag, and then slid back up releasing the head with a soft pop. To Ryan's disappointment, Troy released him and stood up. The disappointment quickly faded when he noticed Troy's own shorts were being stretched to the breaking point.

"I have a fun idea," Troy said. "Take off your shirt. And slide up to the head of the bed."

Ryan wasn't one to ask questions. He quickly stripped off his shirt. He wasn't as muscular as Troy, but his years of dancing had given him a lithe, toned little body that he was proud of. Troy had to admit, he enjoyed the view as Ryan sat at the head of the bed.

"I can't be the only one naked here," Ryan teased.

Troy rolled his eyes playfully, "Fine, fine...I'll play fair."

Troy slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and forcefully pushed them down. They fell to his feet, leaving his rock hard cock fully exposed, pointing straight at Ryan.

"Damn..." was all Ryan could say.

Troy smiled and kicked off the shorts before crawling up the length of the bed til he hovered over Ryan, their swollen cocks finally touching. Troy grabbed Ryan's wrists, pinning his arms up before descending for a kiss. Ryan was caught off guard. Kissing was more intimate than anything they'd done before. Having Troy's soft lips pressed against his while their hard-ons grinded together, precum pooling on their stomachs, was one of the hottest things Ryan had ever experienced.

Lost in the moment, Ryan was shaken back to reality when he felt cold metal latch onto his wrist.

"What the-"

Troy sat up, revealing to Ryan that someone else was in the room with them.


The younger boy was smiling as he secured the handcuff to the bed frame.

"Hey Ryan!" Jimmie beamed.

"What are you doing?!"

Troy got off of Ryan, moving to the opposite side of the bed from Jimmie.

"Don't worry dude. We're just getting a little insurance," Troy insisted.

He grabbed Ryan's one free arm and forced it to the bedframe as well, attaching another set of handcuffs. Ryan tried to fight it, but Troy was just too strong.

"You guys are crazy!" Ryan yelled, struggling to free himself.

"We're crazy?" Jimmie asked. "You're the one who blackmailed Troy into having sex with you. And then used that to blackmail me!"

"Yeah, we're sick of your little games Ryan," Troy chimed in. "So we're gonna play a little game of our own."

Ryan rolled his eyes, "What are you fools gonna do? Fuck me?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, we are," Troy assured.

"Oh no, poor me...that'll show me the error of my ways. Please. Don't."

"But first," Jimmie said. "We need to get a little blackmail of our own."

With that, he whipped a camera out of his pocket and quickly snapped a photo of the nude and still aroused Ryan.

"Hey! Stop that!"

"Oh, you're right. This isn't your best angle."

Jimmie moved to the foot of the bed and snapped a few more pics.

"What is this really gonna accomplish?" Ryan asked, though his voice was tinged with fear.

"Well for starters, these pictures will ensure that you never have power over us again. No more blackmailing us into sex. And no more threatening to expose our secret. If you talk, these pictures will be posted all over school. All over your parent's country club. All over the internet. And sent express mail to Juliard. And any other college you might apply to."

Ryan gulped. While he could probably get over the school seeing his naked form (he was proud of his body after all), something like this could really ruin his future career.

"Wait a minute..." Ryan thought out loud. "Aren't people going to be a little suspicious when they see me tied naked to YOUR bed Troy."

Troy laughed, "Do you think we're that stupid? Come on, clearly this isn't my bedroom. It's just a guest room. And we've changed the bedding and even the pictures on the wall. No one will recognize the setting."

They had him. It was the perfect set up. Both Troy and Jimmie could see the defeat in Ryan's face.

"Cheer up dude," Jimmie said, still taking pictures. "As long as you keep your mouth shut, these pictures will be strictly part of our personal collection."

"He's right. And don't worry, we're not gonna leave you high and dry today," Troy grinned.

Troy walked over to Jimmie and grabbed the camera, putting it down on the dresser. He then grabbed the boy by the waist, pulling him into his still nude body. Their lips crashed into one another, initiating a passionate kiss. Jimmie reached for Troy's erection and stroked it with his feather-like touch. Ryan was forced to watch these two hot boys going at it, which made his dick start throbbing again.

"Suck me?" Troy asked between kissses.

Jimmie simply smiled and began moving his kisses down Troy's tanned body. He paused at Troy's chest to give special attention to the nipples, then continued onward, kissing each individual ab muscle. Finally, down on his knees, Jimmie inhaled Troy's penis.

This was killing Ryan. He wanted desperately to touch himself and ease the pressure in his groin, but his hands were out of commission. It was so frustrating! He would give anything to be that mouth latched onto Troy's god-like dick. Or to have his own cock lodged in Jimmie's cute little mouth. He just needed to be touched and soon.

The situation wasn't helped when Ryan saw Jimmie's hand reach around to Troy's backside. It was unmistakable the moment his finger inserted itself in the tight hole. Troy groaned and turned to make eye contact with Ryan. The blond boy nearly came right then and there.

"I think Ryan's feeling kinda left out," Troy said. "He looks a little hungry."

Jimmie pulled his mouth off of Troy and stood, "Well we should do something about that."

In record time, Jimmie removed his clothes. Then each boy walked up either side of the bed toward Ryan's head. They eased onto the bed on their knees, positioning themselves so their hard-ons were pointing straight at Ryan's face.

"Go ahead," Troy ordered.

Ryan didn't need to be told twice. He just had to decide which treat to taste first. Troy's was closest, so Ryan leaned to his left and licked the head. It was still moist from being in Jimmie's mouth. Troy inched forward, pushing himself into Ryan's waiting mouth. He threaded his fingers through the blond's hair and pulled the head back and forth on himself.

Feeling left out, Jimmie grabbed Ryan's hair as well, and rather forcefully pulled it toward him. Barely able to catch his breath, Ryan's mouth was quickly invaded by Jimmie's slender dick. The younger boy was being kinda rough, thrusting himself deep down Ryan's throat. If he hadn't had so much practice, he surely would have gagged.

Ryan moaned around the cock in his mouth when he felt a strong hand wrap around his own member. Troy was now expertly jacking him off. It felt so good to finally be touched, he was afraid he would cum in an instant. Troy could sense this though, so he was careful to go slow.

Ryan pulled off of Jimmie and said, "If someone doesn't fuck me soon, I'm going to explode."

The other boys laughed. "All in good time," Troy assured.

Troy hopped off the bed and searched through the nightstand drawer, pulling out some condoms and lube. While he went to work preparing himself, Jimmie moved down and got on his hands and knees between Ryan's legs. Wanting to return the favor, he wrapped his lips around Ryan's thick cock and took in as much as he could.

Ryan, enjoying himself immensely, watched as Troy moved to the foot of the bed, positioning himself at Jimmie's upturned ass. He fingered the youngest boy a little, but it didn't take much to prepare him. When Troy entered Jimmie, it caused him to clamp his mouth down on Ryan. A collective moan came from all three boys.

"Fuck him hard Troy," Ryan egged him on.

Troy followed orders and started thrusting roughly into Jimmie. Each time he drove himself fully inside the hole, Jimmie would grunt, sending vibrations down Ryan's member. Having already been on the edge, this was all it took to send Ryan over.

"Holy fucking shit!" he screamed, his lower half practically launching off the bed, jamming his cock into Jimmie's throat as he shot his load. Rocket Man was caught off guard, but he quickly swallowed the hot liquid that flooded his mouth, rubbing Ryan's balls all the while, milking him for all he was worth.

Ryan's whole body slumped on the bed, exhausted. Troy was still going to town on Jimmie's ass, while the younger boy licked Ryan's cock clean.

"Who knew you were such a cum slut," Ryan noted.

Jimmie grinned, "We'll see who's the slut." He turned his head and gave Troy a look. Troy nodded and pulled out of Jimmie.

Ryan, still basking in the after effects of his orgasm, was only slightly aware of what was going on. Troy came to lay beside Ryan on the bed. He used his strength to lift the dancer up off the bed just enough for him to slip underneath the blond's body.

"Now what?" Ryan asked.

"I already told you we were gonna fuck you," Troy reminded, lining his cock up with Ryan's hole. "Now just relax."

Troy, with his hands gripping Ryan's tiny waist, eased the boy onto his erection. Troy always found it fascinating that despite Ryan being loose enough to easily take a cock with no problem, he still wrapped around Troy like a tight glove.

"God, I forgot how big you are," Ryan groaned, forcing himself downward until Troy's entire seven inches were inside him. With his hands still bound, all Ryan could do was bounce his bottom half up and down on Troy.

Ryan, who's eyes were rolling up in his head, barely noticed when Jimmie got in between both Troy and Ryan's outstretched legs. But as soon as he felt something besides Troy's cock at his ass, his eyes shot open and locked onto Jimmie. The brunette had his now condom covered cockhead rubbing against where Troy and Ryan were connected.


"Relax Ryan," he cooed. "Don't you remember? We said WE were gonna fuck you. That was the deal."

Ryan knew he should say no. He should try to fight it. But a bigger part of him wanted it to happen. He'd bad both of these guys separately. Now he had the chance to have them at the same time.

"Just...go slow," he gave in.

Jimmie nodded. Troy pulled out til just his head was inside Ryan, allowing more room for Jimmie to join him. With their dicks lined up together, they gently pushed forward, slowly stretching Ryan more than he'd ever been stretched. It was a bit uncomfortable, but the brunettes were doing a good job of being gentle. They moved back and forth slowly, each time easing more of themselves inside Ryan's ass. Before he knew it, he had a collective thirteen inches of hot cock inside him.

"Are you okay?" Troy asked.

"Yessssss...god, just move," Ryan pleaded.

And so they both began rocking. They didn't need to thrust in and out. Simply grinding against each other was enough to pleasure themselves. And each time they moved, even slightly, their cocks rubbed against Ryan's prostate.

Ryan whined with pleasure, his penis once again rock hard against his stomach. Becoming more comfortable with the double penetration, Ryan began rocking his hips as well. He flexed his inner muscles tightly around his intruders.

A sweating Troy was ready to cum. He unconsciously thrusted upward rapidly a few times, eliciting more high pitched moans from Ryan. With a shudder, Troy came hard, still inside of Ryan. His body continued to spasm, causing more pressure on Ryan's sweet spot. Without anyone even touching his cock, another orgasm racked through his body and jizz flooded out onto his stomach. With Troy's hard-on deflating, Jimmie took that time to pull out of Ryan. He removed his condom and stroked his red dick a couple times before unloading shot after shot of cum onto Ryan's body. It covered the blonde's stomach and chest, some even landing on his cheek.

The groans and heavy breathing within the room were enough to wake the dead. When all was said and done, all three boys collapsed onto the bed, Ryan still handcuffed to the frame.

"Alright..." Ryan breathed. "You win. Pictures or no pictures...after that? Your secret dies with me."

Troy and Jimmie exchanged smiles.

"Thanks Ryan," Jimmie said.

"Yes, thank you," Troy agreed. "But there's something else."

Ryan looked curiously at Troy, "What?"

"Someone else knows about Jimmie and me. Whoever had your hat that day saw us in the locker room. I keep hitting dead ends. Will you help us figure out who had it?"

"Hmmm. Well it might cost you..." Ryan chided.

"I think we can make it worth your while," Jimmie assured.

Ryan looked from Jimmie back to Troy, and then down at their naked forms covered in cum.

"Gentlemen, I'd say you have a new partner in crime."


AN: This was one of those cases of, what can I do that I haven't done before. I've done a threesome. How about some double penetration? Haha. Trying to keep things interesting. Now that Ryan's gonna help Troy and Jimmie, I think this story might start winding down. I'm kinda ready to move onto something new, a different fandom maybe. Any suggestions?