Airnaruto45's future stories

Disclaimer: None of these ideas are mine they are owned by their creators and I will do them when I get the chance to.

Authorship Down: When a small band of authors leave their warren to avoid being destroyed; TLSouldude and his brother Lunatic121 must lead their friends to a new home and set up base there, and defend it from the militaristic General Darkstar. Based on the animated movie of the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams


Hazel: TLSouldude

Fiver: Lunatic121

Bigwig: Darkmagicianmon

Dandelion: Nukid

Keehar: Rolf (Ed, Edd, N Eddy)

Holly: Ranger24

Clover: Whiteling (A/N: What She Likes Watership Down)

General Woundwort: Drake Darkstar

Hyzenthlay: Hanabi Hyuuga (Naruto)

Blackberry: Airnaruto45

Pipkin: Timmy Turner (Fairly Odd Parents)

TPI: (Total Parody Island): What happens when Airnaruto45 invites 22 of his favorite characters to camp Wawananka for 8 weeks to fight it out for 1 million dollars? Answer: All hell breaks loose. Based on TDI and I will not be using Chef Hatchet (TDI is owned by Teletoon in Canada)

TOH (Toons of Honor Wrestling): If you're sick of sports entertainment and want to see the true athleticism of cartoon wrestling, well then my friends prepare to meet the alternative this is TOH wrestling. (Roster has not been determined yet)

Naruto vs. Yu-gi-oh universe: My parody of the recently released Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe video game. When an inter-dimensional crisis occurs, both sides must gather an army of good and evil characters to stop the Kombat rage and save their worlds.


Naruto (Mortal Kombat end of the story)

Liu Kang: Naruto Uzumaki

Kitana: Sakura Haruno

Raiden: Jiriaya (Well his name means young thunder right?)

Kano: Hidan

Jax: Chouji Akimichi

Sonya Blade: Ino Yamanaka

Baraka: Kimmimaro Kiyuga

Shang Tsung: Kabuto

Quan Chi: Orochimaru

Shao Khan: Pein

Scorpion: Sasuke Uchiha

Sub-Zero: Neji Hyuuga

Yu-gi-oh: (portraying the DC side of the story)

Superman: Yugi Moto (Original Yu-gi-oh)

The Flash: Yusei Fudoh (Yu-gi-oh 5Ds)

Deathstroke: Zane Truesdale (Yu-gi-oh GX)

Batman: Bastion Misawa (Yu-gi-oh GX)

Captain Marvel: Jaden Yuki (Yu-gi-oh GX)

Cat woman: Mai Valentine (Yu-gi-oh classic)

Green Lantern: Joey Wheeler (Yu-gi-oh classic)

The Joker: Weevil Underwood (Yu-gi-oh classic)

Wonder Woman: Alexis Rhodes (Yu-gi-oh GX)

Lex Luthor: Seto Kaiba (Yu-gi-oh classic)

Darkseid: Bakura's dark half aka Zorc (Yu-gi-oh classic)

Dark Khan: PeinZorc (A/N: It was the best name I could come up with for a combo name)

The Sitter Whisperer: When Timmy gets sick of Vicky treating him like dog, he decides to fight fire with fire or in this case fire with fleas by calling in Caesar Milan aka The Dog Whisperer to put Vicky through a strict rehab for the sake of himself and her family.