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Chapter 1 Happy

"No Alice!"

"Please Edward! No one else wants to go with me."

"Then go by yourself Alice! I went with you last time!" Why can't she just leave me alone to mope? I just wanted to stay up here in my room and listen to my music.

'Edward,' she yelled at me in her thoughts, 'watch this.'Alice ran through her memory of the last vision that she'd had earlier this morning.

It started with me walking out of the mall behind Alice. I had a huge smile on my face… I looked truly happy. Alice turned around to me and said 'I told you,' with her smug smile plastered onto her face as we walked back to her car. Then she skipped ahead of me and I turned back towards the mall entrance to wave at someone.

Alice's vision ended and I was stunned for a moment. What was that? Why was I smiling? What… who could've possibly made me happy at the mall? I turned my attention back to Alice who was bouncing hopefully on her toes, her eyes pleading.

"Alice. That was extremely strange. What do you think is going to happen?" I couldn't believe I was about to do this, but that was just too… intriguing. "Ok. I will go with you."Alice's vision had piqued my curiosity. I was so tired of this sad, pointless life. I wanted to be happy, and if going to the mall withAlicecould give me that, even for a short time then I would take it.

"Thanks Edward! But if we want what I saw to happen, we should go right now."

"OkAlice. Let me just get my wallet."

Forty minutes later we were stepping out ofAlice's flashy sports car and heading into the mall. I wasn't sure what to do, so I followedAlicefor a while. We walked through the toy store to get to the other side of the mall quicker andAlicewent into a dress store while I waited on a bench outside of it. After she browsed through nearly every dress, she dragged me over to her favorite shoe store.

"Edward, what do you think of these?"

"Umm, those are men's shoesAlice."

"Yes. And I do believe you will need them." She shoved them into my arms and turned me in the direction of the counter.

"Why? I have some perfectly fine shoes at home. You should know- you bought them. And besides, those shoes look like cheap replicas of the ones I already have." I tried to hand them back to her, not understanding why she wanted me to waste money on something so unnecessary.

"Yes, but you need them. So go buy them right now." She the shoes back into my arms and stalked back up the women's shoe isle. I walked over to the cashier, a plain looking woman whose face I knew that I would not be able to recall once I left the store. I put the shoes on the counter, and she smiled timidly at me.

"Will th-this be all?" she stumbled to ask.

"Yes, thank you." I reached for my back pocket and found it empty. I sighed. "Actually, I guess I won't be getting these after all. Sorry, I seem to have lost my wallet."

"Oh. N-no problem." Her thoughts were as nervous as her voice. She was debating whether asking for my phone number would be too embarrassing if I rejected her. I made the decision for her, and walked out of the store.

I figured I'd just have to retrace my path through the mall until I found my wallet seeing as there were too many scents for me to pick out my leather wallet from the rest.

I headed back down the walkway to the bench I had been sitting on whileAlicewas dress shopping, searching the ground around it but there was no wallet. Traveling back to the entrance of the toy store, I searched the ground with no success. I almost gave up when I spotted a small, leather square on the floor about fifteen feet into the toy store. Relieved to be through with my search, I picked up my wallet and turned to head back to the shoe store whereAlicewas perusing the shoe racks.

Before I had taken two steps toward the entrance, I smelled salt water. 'What a peculiar smell to find in a toy store' I found myself thinking. Then I smelled something… else. It was the sweetest smell I'd ever encountered, like ambrosia, and it was calling to me. I hadn't realized I was following the scent until I was in the middle of an isle filled with dolls, with the source of the scent standing in front of me.

I stopped before I brought my nose to her skin. After I gave myself a mental shake, I realized that I was looking into a pair of eyes welling with tears. The girl my nose had delivered me to was crying. I stepped back startled out of my trance.

I looked down at her, studying her. She was wearing a pair of stylish blue jeans and a white t-shirt layered under a bright blue hooded sweatshirt. I noticed the color contrasted greatly with the sweet smelling, pale skin of her neck. She looked to be around thirteen, but I'm hardly one to judge the age of a child. I moved my curious gaze to encompass her face. It was angelic.

Her pale skin was rosy, and her hair was thick, falling beatifically around her face in waves. Her eyes were still a bit puffy and red from her crying, but they were quite beautiful. Her brown eyes seemed to have an unusual depth to them, like jars of tea left to stew in the summer sun. I could plainly see the emotions she was feeling like I was seeing directly into her soul. She was undoubtedly a beautiful child. And then I noticed that she had stopped crying completely as she studied me too.

"Hello. Why are you crying?"

"Am I dead?" She looked startled as the question left her perfect lips.

"Of course not! What would make you think that?" I smiled, shaking my head.

"I just... You look like an... angel." Her porcelain cheeks grew rosier.

"You are calling me an angel?" I chuckled at the irony. I tried to hold back my laughter at the absurd conversation.

"Umm. You are so...you just look like an angel. Sorry." She mumbled while looking at her feet and blushing again.

"Don't apologize. I should thank you for such an… interesting compliment. My name is Edward, and sorry to disappoint but I'm no angel." I laughed again. "What is your name, and why is such a lovely girl standing alone in a toy store, crying?"

"My name is Isabella Swan, but my mom and… my dad calls me Bella. Uhm, I'm here because it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm turning thirteen. My dad brought me to help pick out a birthday present; he seems to think I'm still seven, but when I came over here to look at this doll," she pointed to a doll that looked like a porcelain version of Alice, "I lost him and now I've been here for nearly half an hour. I thought he'd come back to where he lost me… it's hard for me to search for him with all the… noise. Will you help me find him?" Bella babbled, speaking fast enough to compete with Alice.

"Sure. I'm sure we could get someone to page your father at the information desk. Are you hungry? We can wait at the food court for him." I suggested.

"Ok." She looked back at the doll once and then she startled me by offering her hand for me to hold. I grabbed it after a second of contemplation.

"Bella, is this doll something that you want for your birthday?" I pointed at the doll she seemed to favor.

"Yeah," she blushed, "it was kind of a tradition for my mom to get one every year for my birthday, but it costs fifty dollars." I grabbed the doll and pulled on the hand she had offered. She looked a little confused but she followed.

I walked to the cashier and paid for the doll as the cashier put it into a shopping bag and then handed it to me. I looked down at Bella and she smiled up at me. Her smile grew when I handed her the bag.

"Happy birthday, Bella, now let's go page your dad."

"Thank you... Edward." she looked down into the bag and then back up at me. I felt light and happy as she smiled at me. I couldn't believe I had made her face light up like that.

We walked over to the information desk at the food court, to a woman sitting behind the desk searching through some papers. I stood at the desk with Bella at my side, gripping my hand tightly with hers. It had tightened further when we arrived at the desk. The woman looked up and her eyes grew wide at the site of me.

"Can I help you?" she asked, finishing it with 'into my bed', in her head. She licked her lips in what she thought was a suggestive manner. Couldn't this woman tell that I was only fifteen... or at least that's what I was trying to look... maybe I'm not doing such a good job at it. I shook my head and looked pointedly down at Bella.

"Yes. I found this young lady who seems to have lost her father. Can you page him for us?" I had let go of Bella's hand in favor of putting my arm around her shoulders and squeezing her lightly into my side. The woman looked at her and sneered. Oh great- another sniveling brat to look after. Why can't parents just keep up with their stupid kids? This woman was not planning on being nice to Bella when I left.

"Sure. What is your daddy's name?" the woman asked with an obviously false sweetness.

"Charlie Swan." I looked back down at Bella, surprised. Bella is Charlie Swan's daughter? Why didn't I put this together? I've seen him at the hospital where Carlisle works and now that I was looking for it, Bella definitely looked like his daughter. That means Bella lives in Forks. That's... interesting. Bella was looking at me, and I couldn't be sure, but she seemed to nod her head very slightly. I must have been mistaken.

"Alright, you can leave her here with me and I'll take care of her. We'll make sure she gets back to her daddy." Snot nosed kid.

"No! Edward, please don't go!" Bella turned into my side, wrapping her arms around my torso, and hid her face in my shirt. I put my finger under her chin and lifted her face up so I could meet her eyes. Bella looked so innocently gorgeous. I just found her so intriguing, and the thought of leaving her with that look on her face made my stomach twinge horribly, so there wasn't much of a chance of me leaving her at the moment.

"Umm, miss? When he gets here will you let him know that we are sitting over there?" I pointed over at a table in front of one of the restaurants. The woman nodded at me and I tried hard not to read her thoughts.

I picked up Bella's doll and walked Bella over to a table. As we moved to the table we heard the announcement over the loudspeaker, "Charlie Swan. You're daughter is at the information center. Charlie Swan your daughter is at the information center."

"Bella, you can let go now."

"You're not going to leave?" she whimpered. I couldn't leave her even if I wanted to.

"No Bella, I will wait here with you until your father gets here." Her arms relaxed a little but she still did not let go of me. I moved my chair out so she could sit down on my legs. She let her arms relax and rested her head on my chest. I was a little surprised that I was comfortable holding her in my lap, as normally I kept my distance from humans. Bella was just so different from anyone I had ever come across. Bella was special.

While I was lost in my thoughts, a man came running to the information booth. He asked the annoying woman something and to answer, she pointed at me and Bella. He looked toward us and managed to relax enough to walk to us… barely.

"Bella, your father is here." I whispered to her. She didn't stir but to move her head in her father's direction.

"Oh thank God. I thought I'd lost you this time. I looked everywhere." Charlie said as he stopped at our table. He finally seemed to notice where Bella was seated and his face started to tint a bit red.

"Hi, Daddy. I'd like to introduce you to Edward. He found me in the toy store, panicking, and had the great idea to come down here to page you." Bella said, giving him a look that seemed to calm him down. Charlie sat down across from Bella and I, reluctantly, and put his head in his hands. "Are you ok, Dad?"

"Yes, though I nearly had a heart attack." He wasn't exaggerating. I could hear his heart stressing in his chest. He looked at me and gave me a wary look but decided to placate his daughter and introduce himself to me. "Thanks for helping out my Bella, son. I'm Charlie, and you are?" He asked.

"I know, and I'm Edward Cullen." Charlie raised an eyebrow in question. "I live in Forks, sir." I supplied.

"What'd you say your last name was? How come I haven't seen you around?" He questioned suspiciously.

"It's Cullen, sir, and I was home schooled this year, but next year me and my brothers and sisters are going to go to Forks High. I will be entering the ninth grade." I said while I tried to make myself look as young as I could. I think I blended in well with the crowds of kids that were here hanging out and whiling away this summer, but there wasn't really a way I could hide my explained it away by telling stories of his son's 'rapid growth spurt over the summer' at the hospital before I started school anywhere. It helped us if Alice and I could enter school in the ninth grade, while Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie could barely pull off entering as sophomores.

"Oh you'reCarlisle's kid. Well now I'm glad you found Bella. Anyone could have just scooped her up and carried her off!" Charlie started to get upset again.

"Don't worry Mr. Swan. She stayed in the same place she lost you, so she at least followed all those safety drills we learned in school as kids. Here, you must need to be getting home. Bella told me about her birthday tomorrow and I figure you have a lot to do before then." I said, tapping Bella's side to signal her to stand up. She had been watching Charlie intently for his reaction to me. I think his reaction could have been a bit better if he hadn't come to find his barely teen-aged daughter sitting in some strange boy's lap. I looked at Bella and smiled at her sadly as she blushed, already feeling like I missed her before she'd even left.

As we got up and I grabbed Bella's bag under the table, I suddenly had a crazy idea pop into my head. I didn't want to let Bella go yet, seeing as being near her brought me the sense of calm and content I had been searching all this time for; she was just so sweet and so very interesting. I decided I'd see if I could somehow get one of them to invite me to her birthday party so I would get to see Bella again.

"Here, Bella, don't forget this. I hope you have fun at your birthday party." I smiled charmingly at her. Charlie turned and saw the expensive doll sticking out of the bag.

"Wow! That's a really nice doll. How much did it cost?" Charlie pulled out his wallet, to pay me back.

"No Mr. Swan. It was a present for Bella. I was happy to buy it for her, seeing as she's the first friend I've made in Forks."

"Oh, umm... Okay. What do you say Bella?"

"Will you come to my party?" her face lit up with hope. That made me smile.

"That's not what I meant Bella." Charlie chastised.

"Thank you. But will you?" Bella asked again. "I mean you could meet my friends and get to know some of the kid's you'll be going to school with. Wouldn't that be nice Dad- to introduce him to some kids in Forks?"

"If it's alright with your dad, I would love to." I said, helpfully. Bella turned to her father with a pleading look.

"I'd be really grateful, since I haven't had much of the chance to meet any other kids around town." I directed at Charlie, with my own, more subtle, pleading look. "And my twin sister Alice could come to help set up. She loves parties."

Oh My God! Is he offering to help? I will have help? Renee was the one who usually handled Bella's birthday parties. Calm down Charlie, you don't want to scare him away. "Alright Bells. He can come. The party starts at one." Charlie said, while thinking of his gratitude toward me.

"I can come earlier with my sister if you need help setting things up. We don't mind helping out." I didn't want to wait that long to see Bella again. I just want to be near her. For some reason, just being near her gives me the same feeling like when Jasper is leaking his love forAliceall over the place. That is something I have never felt on my own before and I never wanted it to go away.

"Sure, sure. We'll probably be up and getting things ready at ten or eleven. You can come by around then." Charlie was already planning all of the things he was going to have me doing to set up. I didn't care as long as I got to see Bella.

"Ok. I will see you tomorrow then. Bye Bella. I think my dad will be able to tell me where you live." I waved to Bella as I walked toward the waiting just outside the door.

I stepped out and I couldn't help the grin that was plastered on my face. I was so happy and all because I met a human girl. It was all so very unusual. I've met many women before and none have ever sparked my interest, but I meet a beautiful young girl crying in a toy store and I can't keep away.

I suddenly wanted to know what Bella thought of me. I walked along withAliceand reached out with my mind, back to where Bella was with her father. I heard Charlie thinking about the jobs he was saving for me to do tomorrow but I couldn't hear Bella. I turned around to see if Charlie had lost her again but she was standing next to her father waving back to me. She was there, why couldn't I hear her? I waved to her, keeping my smile on my face.

"I told you. Oh, and I'm so excited for tomorrow! You should see the clothes I got Bella. She's going to love them."

"Alice. I can't hear her!" I interrupted her.

"Of course you can't. She's all the way back there."

"No Alice, I mean I can't hear her thoughts." I persisted through her obliviousness.

"Good. At least someone around here will get some privacy." Alicesaid lightheartedly. Should I be worried about this? I thought. It's just that she affected me so strongly. It's weird, I feel like I have changed, but vampires can't change. It's impossible. Bella was just… fascinating and now I can't hear her thoughts on top of that. I know one thing for sure. I want Bella to be part of my existence. I want nothing more than to make her happy and see her beautiful smile light up her face.

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