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Part 1: Risk and Rejection

Shawn Spencer had been around long enough to know that when Carlton Lassiter had an arm around him, leading the way to where no witnesses could see, inevitably pushing him against something and giving a threatening warning, he was in trouble. Out of the corner of his eye, Shawn could see that angry 'I don't know what I'm going to do with you' look that innerved him a little. Still, he didn't protest against the head detective dragging him into the next street. This scene had happened a few times before, he could handle it.

Just as predicted, Carlton pushed Shawn against window of a closed dress shop. "Just what the hell did you think you were doing?"

"I don't know, how about helping you catch the bad guys." Shawn explained before his sarcasm turned serious. "Relax Lassy, no-one got hurt, the guys were caught and everything is right as rain. We cool?" Shawn raised his hand up for a fist bump.

Lassiter looked at the fist like it was infested with germs before smacking it away. He opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it again. After a minute of pacing, he looked to speak again but once again shut his mouth.

"Listen, if you've just brought me here to watch you pace and convert oxygen into carbon dioxide, then I think I'm going to go."

Before Shawn could even think about it, Carlton grabbed his arm and kept him firmly against the window. "You could have gotten yourself killed, do you know that? Do you think before you do any of the stupid things that you do?"

"I'm alive another day for you to yell at me, Carly. Take a chill pill." Shawn suddenly noticed the look in Lassiter's eyes. It wasn't anger, at least not all of it. There was worry present in those blue orbs. "Wait a minuteā€¦"

As if predicting what the pseudo-psychic was getting at, Carlton snapped. "Shut up."

A grin spread across Shawn's face. "You care about me. Lassy-face cares about me."

"Spencer I am warning you. You pull another stunt like this and I am not going to be so lenient. Understood?"

"Lenient? You pulled me out of witness sight. You want to kill me because you think you don't like me but deep down you kinda sorta like me." Shawn poked at Carlton's shoulder to emphasise his point.

Lassiter shrugged the reaction off. "When you're around someone so much, you develop a tolerance for even the most annoying of people." As he said it, his resolve was cracking.

Still in a joking around mood, Shawn hugged Lassiter. "Finally, you warm up to me and admit that we're friends."

Lassiter felt awkward in the hug and wanted to get out, but after what had happened that night he took it as a sign. His reserve disappeared and emotions he had denied for too long started to surface. Suddenly, Carlton's arms were involuntarily wrapping around Shawn and pulling him close.

"Woah, Lassy-face I didn't know you were so frisky." Shawn was still joking, not aware of how earnest the older man was.

Lassiter pinned Shawn to the window, he saw the flash of confusion and discomfort in the fake psychic's eyes, but he didn't care. He needed this. It was the perfect time to finally do it. He didn't know if and when he'd get another chance.

Carlton swept in, his lips hitting the intended target. Not even giving the younger man a chance to register what was going on. His desire burned as he continued devouring Shawn's lips. The head detective was almost bruising Shawn with his intensity, but he was too hungry to stop. Nibbling, sucking and kissing those pink cushions caused a weight to lift of Carlton's shoulders. It reassured him that Shawn was still there, still alive and he could take the risk and feel for another person again.

Shawn however was not experiencing the bliss that Lassiter wanted him too. He was shocked and scared. After a moment of paralysis, he tried squirming away. Not only was Lassiter another man, but one he worked with regularly. Plus the desperation was hurting him. He felt his lips being abused by another pair of lips and wanted out. The moment he felt Carlton force his mouth open, Shawn pushed him back roughly.

"What the hell are you doing?" Shawn made sure to get some distance between them, just in case Lassiter tried to kiss him again.

The head detective's hair was messed up; tears of rejection were filling up in his eyes and his mouth opened in shock. He turned from Shawn, unable to believe what he had done. Carlton panted heavily, trying to hold his dignity up and failing.

Seeing how upset Carlton was, Shawn ran his hands through his own messed up hair. "Lassy, were you really expecting for me to kiss you back?"

"You know what Spencer, I don't know what I was expecting." Carlton's embarrassment was being replaced by defensive anger. "You're a psychic aren't you? You should have seen it coming."

"Look, it's not my fault that you made something out of nothing." Shawn tried to be sympathetic, but frustration was clearly seeping through.

"Nothing!" Lassiter snapped back, his blazing eyes locking on Shawn. "So it's nothing when you happen to touch me strategically during your little fits. That you insist on being around me no matter how much I have tried to avoid you."

"I'm sorry that you saw that as more than it was, but it was just fun. Besides, I can't control what the spirits make me do." Shawn noticed a single tear track down Lassiter's cheek making him regret lying just a little.

"Cut the crap!" Lassiter was completely back into anger mode now. "So you get under my skin and then just get off scot-free. It all just comes easy for you, doesn't it? Walk around without a care, flirting and flailing like a maniac and leading people on with your act." Carlton shook his head and began pacing again. "See, I knew it too. I know you're just a good con artist, but I believed you. I guess I underestimated you. Good one Spencer, you got me."

"Make judgments all you want but you're the one that walks around taking everything so seriously." Shawn stopped the other man in his tracks with his anger. "I help you out, but since it's not all about you your pride gets wounded. You're so into your job that the most excitement you've had in years is fishing with my dad. Heck, even your marriage, two years and you were still trying to fix it instead of getting the hint."

Even before the slap to the face, Shawn knew he had said too much. As smart as he was, many times his head never caught up with his mouth, especially in the heat of an argument. He could feel Carlton's heavy slap burning his cheek. Watching the other man walk away, looking so defeated it actually broke his heart a little, Shawn kept holding his face.

Taking a few deep breaths, he figured he should get back to Gus before any suspicions were roused. The way he saw it, Lassiter would be over it soon enough.

NOTE: Poor Lassy, putting his heart on the line only to be dissed and dismissed :-( However, this story isn't over. So tell me, who wants to see the rest? Wanna know what happens next? Soon, can't say exactely when, but soon enough.