NOTE: So I decided to edit this fic a little and actually give it an ending here. I know that some readers may have been hoping for more, but I was just not inspired to continue this. It was only meant to be a side fic in the first place but the ideas came which seemed good at the time but just weren't really clicking.
I didn't want all the people who read this to be left without some kind of conclusion, that's just not fair. I know I hate reading a good fic to find it hasn't ended and will likely never be updated.
So I tweaked this chapter a little so this fic could have an ending. It was either this, or keep you waiting. All I can say now is that I hope you like the story the way it is. Thank you for reading this story, I appreciate the support. It was just unfortunate that I got writer's block.

Part 8: Romantic Resolution

It had been a long time since Carlton had woken up on a hard floor. Nevertheless, that morning found his body protesting to waking up on the ground. If only he had taken a moment to pull out the couch bed, he would have had a more comfortable morning experience. Unfortunately, there had not been a free moment since him and Shawn kissed each other into exhaustion.

Carlton remembered the night before with a smile. Making out with Shawn had been even better than his imagination. As Shawn had undone every button of his dress shirt, he'd been exploding with lust. Sure, he'd kept things above the waist in order for Shawn to ease into his new attraction to a man, but how Carlton had wanted to go further. The cravings had nearly driven him mad with passion.

He'd woken up around the same early time he usually did, while Shawn kept on sleeping beside him. Lassiter had managed to lift his half naked companion onto the couch without waking him. At least one of them should wake up on a comfortable surface.

After a stretch and a shower, Carlton slipped on a pair of pants, laid out a shirt on his bed and proceeded in making breakfast. He figured that Shawn wasn't a huge fan of bran flakes, but spying a stray pineapple sitting on one of the counter tops he figured that adding a few chunks of the fruit to the cereal would please the pseudo-psychic.

About halfway through cutting the pineapple, Lassiter could feel a presence behind him. For a moment, paranoia gripped him and he eyed the nearest gun hiding place. Then he remembered that unlike many times before, he wasn't alone.

"A man after my own heart." Shawn picked up the uncut half of pineapple and motioned that he would cut the rest. "Go make some toast."

"Did you just order me?"

"Yes I did." Shawn turned to Carlton and grinned. "Because I know I can get away with it."

Shaking his head, Carlton popped some bread into the toaster. He could feel Shawn's eyes on him as he did so, unable to stop his face from positively beaming.

"You look so sexy when making toast." Shawn slid an arm around the older man's waist, pulling him close and pressing a kiss to his lips. Then out of the corner of his eye, Shawn noticed the bran flakes.

"Oh come on, with the amount of sugar you put in your coffee surely you have some better cereal."

"I was going to put pineapple in it for you." Carlton explained, wrapping Shawn in a tight embrace.

Now completely ignoring the contents on the counter top, the two men became absorbed in each other. They moved so close together that air could not fit through their naked midsections. Shawn couldn't remember the last time he'd been so nervous while against someone. His heart was beating fast.

"Maybe I could just eat some pineapple chunks off your sternum bush." Shawn whispered seductively, claiming Carlton's lips again while fingering a few chest hairs.

The kiss deepened into something intense. Carlton pressed Shawn against the counter top, practically forcing him onto it. Shawn didn't seem to mind at all, grabbing and tonguing his desire with a passionate hunger.

A slight background noise pulled Shawn from the kiss. He eased off with a couple of light pecks.

"Toast is ready." He grinned, turning his attention back to making breakfast.

"Spencer, are you trying to be a tease?" Carlton asked, watching the pseudo-psychic put the toast on a plate.

Shawn proceeded in buttering his toast. He knew that his mere presence was driving his Lassy crazy, as he was also tempted to get back into the kiss. But playing Carlton had always been too entertaining to pass up.

"If I were you I would start calling me Shawn, lest you're talking about my Papi." Shawn turned back to Carlton with mock surprise on his face. "Oh my god. That's it, isn't it Lassy-face. This is some sick game to get to my dad, the real Spencer of your affections. Oh and to think I really thought we had something here. What really happened on those fishing trips?"

Carlton rolled his eyes, practically tackling Shawn in order to get the man back into his arms. "Do you ever shut up, Shawn?"

"Only when my mouth is occupied by other things. Like kissing a hot older man who just happens to be a sexy Irish cop with striking blue eyes." Shawn wasted no time in making out with Carlton again.

Carlton's lust wanted to keep going, but his internal clock and the one on the microwave nearby told him it was time to get ready for work. Reluctantly he stopped kissing his new partner.

"I have to go to work. You can show yourself out right?" Carlton headed off towards his bedroom to put his shirt, holster and jacket on.

Shawn would have none of that. "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. You do not just kiss and run. It's cruel. So how about you grab life by the little Lassiter's and take a personal day."

Carlton sighed in reply. "You know I can't do that."

"You can, and you will." Shawn picked up the receiver to Carlton's phone and handed it to him. "We have all this lost time to make up for."


"I don't hear dialling." Shawn commented, tapping his foot to show his impatience.

"I want to stay here with you, but unfortunately crime doesn't take a personal day." Carlton went to put the receiver back, only to have Shawn snatch it from him.

"Come on." Shawn looked at the head detective with a pleading pout which soon turned into a grin. "Then I'm not going to kiss you until you call."

"Call me sceptical, but I don't think you'd hold out on me." Carlton moved in with a smug look, swiftly mouthing a particularly sensitive area of Shawn's neck. He nibbled the skin until he was sure Shawn was melting.

Shawn let out a light moan of lust. "Okay, you win. I can't hold out on you." He gave the impression of defeat before quickly snapping right back into alert mode. "But I can call the chief for you and tell her you won't be in."

Carlton jumped back from Shawn, eyes wide with disbelief and annoyance. "Don't you dare." No matter how deep his feelings for Shawn were the man still got under his skin that way.

Shawn began dialling the number on the phone. When Carlton tried to snatch it, he darted out of the way.

"It's ringing." Shawn threw the phone to the head detective.

Carlton's lips tightened into a thin line as Karen Vick's voice greeted him through the phone. He tried for a moment to resist, but Carlton knew the moment Shawn had kissed him that morning that a day off work was inevitable.

"Yes, Chief Vick. This is Lassiter. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it in today." He turned to a grinning Shawn, directing the next statement to him more than his boss. "There's some annoying stuff I need to take care of."

The moment his personal day was given the okay, Carlton put down the phone and locked eyes with Shawn. He began stalking towards him, looking ready to pounce.

"Call me annoying all you want but you took a personal day all for me. I really should have taken a picture of this Kodak moment. It's one for the books, don't you think my precious?" Shawn backed away slightly, looking for stuff to hide behind.

"Precious?" Carlton asked incredulously before shaking it off. "You are dead."

He leaped towards Shawn, only to have the younger man move out of the way. Carlton chased him, all while being told how much of a good step this was and how much fun they could be having. Any irritancy at Shawn manipulating him was overtaken by playfulness.

Shawn ducked into Carlton's bedroom. "Please just think about this Lassy-face. We mean too much to each other now, there's no need to hurt."

Carlton stood outside the door, knowing what would likely happen if he crossed the threshold into his room. He wanted Shawn like this, often fantasising about the younger man in his bed. But Carlton didn't want to scare him away by moving too fast.

However, a second later showed Carlton that it wasn't going to be his decision to make. Shawn stepped out from hiding behind the bedroom door and grabbed the head detective's toned biceps. He leaned in as though he was about to plant one on Carlton's mouth.

"Has anyone ever told you that you think too much?" Shawn whispered against Lassiter's ear. Barely giving the older man a second to process the question, Shawn pulled him into the bedroom and practically threw him on the bed.

"What in the world-"

Shawn pounced onto the bed, smothering Lassiter's chest in kisses. "I know you don't just call a personal day for all the boys."

"Shawn, listen." Carlton sat up and ran a hand up and down his companion's arm. "I know last week I scared you off. I don't want to do that again by moving too fast."

Shawn laughed before swiftly pinning Carlton to the mattress. "You know, I am a big boy…in more ways than one. You don't have to fight this."

"You're really ready to do this?"

"How about you channel the crazy roaring lion instinct you had last night and just stop thinking and analysing." Shawn touched Carlton's cheek.

"I don't mean sex Shawn, I mean this. Us."

Shawn looked in Carlton's eyes and could only nod in reply. "Now stop thinking and analysing and do what you really want to do."

"What I really want to do is kiss you until everyone from Gus to Henry to McNabb knows we're together." Carlton confessed. "But I don't know how it will work with the cases, and the department..."

"Hey, even if we can't work on cases together I still get to be with your where it counts."

Carlton chuckled. "But Shawn…"

"But nothing!" Shawn interrupted again, pressing his face to Carlton's. "Seriously, I nearly gave you up because of all those 'buts' you're referring too. Lassy, we're not going to be fighting this anytime soon and call me crazy but I don't want to. Not anymore."

"Yes, I seem to recall you did reject me." Carlton teased.

"You're not going to hold that against me are you; because there's only one thing of yours I want held against me."

Shawn pinned Carlton down, taking in every inch of his face. Capturing the only lips he wanted to kiss from that moment on. He couldn't believe he had nearly let this wonderful man slip through his fingers.

"Do me a favour. If I ever try and push you away again, can you handcuff me to this bed?" Shawn asked it was a playful yet somewhat serious question.

Lassiter grinned and ran his fingers through Shawn's hair. "Oh you can count on that."