Christmas Dinner:

Ravi and I stayed in the garage apartment until like 7:00pm. We were making our new (temporary) home more comfortable and more like us. We celebrated Christmas, we just did it differently. Ruthie came up when it was time for dinner to get us. She a looked a little excited and yet a little nervous.

Ravi was wearing his best suit and I was wearing my best dress. It was the dress my father had picked out for my 'coming of age' party. For the Jewish religion, males have a Bar Mitzvah when they turn thirteen. Because my father and I didn't have a set religion, my 'coming of age' party consisted of every religion and custom we had ever come across. All the people that came had come from all over the world. My dress was of the Indian and Pakistan culture. It was dark pink for the skirt with a light pink top that had jewels sewn onto both the sleeves and neckline of my top and the hem and seam lines of my skirt. I had two different Saris', one was maroon with gold and silver threads bordering the hem and ruby's sewn into the middle of the white gold flowers. The second was a light blue with gold and silver flowers woven on it with crystals in the middle of the flowers. There was also gold coiled thread sewn around the hem of the Sari.

Ruthie was surprised to see us dressed so elegantly. Apparently nobody dressed like that around here. Here hair was as curly as it had been this afternoon; the only difference was that now it was in a ponytail. She smiled at us as we moved towards her. My skirt jingled from the bells that I had personally sewn onto it to make it more me.

"You know, none of us are as dressed up as you are."

"Yes, well, we like to represent ourselves at every holiday that we celebrate."

"How many holidays do you celebrate?"

"We celebrate every holiday in every religion we've ever come across. And that goes for the customs too. My father and I don't have a preferred religion, but Ravi is Hindu so he celebrates mostly the Hindu religion. I've adopted the Hindu religion as one of my many religions, but I still like to celebrate other religions as well." I said.

"Hmm…very interesting. What was your favorite place to live?" Ruthie asked as we walked down the stairs from the garage apartment and towards the house. Selna was in my arms and Solon was with Ravi.
"My favorite place that my father and I ever lived would have to be Inhambane, Mozambique. My father still lives there and makes sure that the guest house is open whenever we go visit. We haven't been back lately but we plan on going back soon. My father's new wife is about to have a baby and we wanted to be there for her."

"Your father just got remarried?" Kevin asked as we walked in the back door.

"No, this is his sixth wife. In Inhambane, Mozambique, you can have as many wives as you want. And normally if the husband and wife get divorced, the husband keeps everything plus the kids. But my father has only been divorced twice and I was the only child he kept. He has shared custody with the mother of my sixteen-year-old half brother and sister. They're twins and twins are considered a blessing to most families."

"You look beautiful. You'll have to show us how to beautify ourselves without any hassle. How long did it take you to get ready?" Lucy asked.

"Only about thirty minutes. But I've been dressing in different cultural clothes since I was six-years-old. When I went out to play with my friends, I wore whatever clothing was worn by the local people."

"Sounds like fun. Why don't we eat now?" Annie said pushing everyone into the dinning room. As we moved, my skirt and Saris' jingled. The twins Sam and David were trying not to laugh.

Dinner went by fast and then it was time to read the 'Christmas Story' out of the bible. Ravi and I changed into our PJ's and sat with the rest of the family. A new day would bring Christmas and the rest of the year would bring things to do with my new siblings.