May 14th, 2006

"Things are going really well for us at the moment. We had a wonderful honeymoon in Kyoto and have just started to settle in into the apartment. Both of us are doing fine at our jobs as well."

Tohru paused in her writing and then returned back to her journal.

"Everyone in the Sohma family is doing well too. Yuki has gone back to Kyoto to finish up school and Machi has transferred to a girls college that is pretty close to him, so they can be together. Momiji has decided to go abroad with Andie and her father for awhile now that he has graduated high school which his father is all for. Momo is a little sad but she understands considering that she knows he will come back like he promises. His mother still hasn't been told about Momiji yet but Mr. Sohma assures me that it won't be long till be does tell her the truth now that Momiji is no longer cursed. Hatsuharu is also doing good playing in his band. Rin has joined the band too which is great since I didn't know that she had quite an exceptional singing voice as well. They have even been asked to sign a record deal if they are interested. Kagura is finishing up her last year of college. She still hasn't found true love yet but I know it will only be a matter of time till she does. Kisa and Hiro are doing fine. They actually start high school soon and have become an official couple. They spend their time taking care of Hiro's younger brother, which is so sweet of them. Shigure and Aoko have moved in together and are doing just fine. They haven't decided if they are going to get married yet but they are talking about the possibility. The same for Uo and Kureno. She has moved into the main house with him permently since he needs to still stay by Akito to help him get his strength back. Akito has also been told by Hatori and Kureno about his relationship with them and is taking it considerably well. Kandis of course is still by his side and assists everyday to help him recover."

Tohru paused again as she heard her husband shuffling in the bedroom. Then she continued to write.

"Rebecca and Ritsu have already moved back to the hot springs to aid his mother in running it. They still are getting married in the winter and are very excited. Ayame and Hatori are also doing well. As far as I know Hatori still attends to Akito but it is not so demanding and he and Miss Mayuko have decided to get married soon themselves. Ayame is still Ayame. Doing what he loves the most."

Tohru looked up and pondered out loud.

"Let's see have I forgotten anyone?"

Then she returned once more to her journal.

"That's all I really have to say for now," she wrote as Kyoko jumped up onto the desk to get petted, "Kyo and are doing wonderfully and can't wait to begin our new life together."

"Hey Tohru" Kyo said as he came over, "What are you doing honey?"

"Just writing in my journal."

"Your journal?"

"Yes. I want to have a record of my life with the Sohma family. So I decided to make a journal just for me."

"Oh Tohru" he embraced her from behind, "I love you so much. You got the best heart of anyone I know."

"Thanks Kyo" she nodded patting his hand, "But the truth is I was taught to be this way."

"Oh yea. By who?"

"By the one person I shall never forget" she looked on the desk at the photograph of Kyoko, "My mom."

"Yea" Kyo nodded embracing her even tighter, "I know exactly what you mean" he kissed her cheek.

"You see mom," Tohru thought, as they looked at the picture together, "It was always you who got me through. It was always you who told me how special I was. And if I didn't have that experience then I would never know the joy I know now. So thank you mom" she closed her eyes contently, "For everything."

(Scene zooms in on the smiling photograph of Kyoko Honda)

(To be continued..)

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