This is my first fanfic. It's Based on The Crow: City of Angels, and what Ashe thinks near the end of the movie.


"Sarah, don't leave, I love you", was Ashe's thought right after defeating Judah Earl. But, it came at a huge price, as Ashe lost his true love.

"Oh God", his worse dreams have came true. Sarah is dead. The crowd is stunned, because the have just seen the impossible. Judah Earl's reign of terror is over.

Ashe is in a deepening depression over what to do with Sarah. Either he can Bury her next to Danny, or he can take her to the church we Ashe learned how to worship.

After leaving the church, he meet a drug free Grace. " I wanted to thank you, where are you going to now?"

" To A better place." But little did he know where that is.

Ashe Took off on his Harley and drove south towards where he took Danny when they were alive. He was almost there when he drove in the yellow fog.

But, after driving into the fog, he crossed over . On the other side was Sarah and Danny. "We've been waiting for you" said Sarah. Ashe got off his bike and gave Sarah a kiss. "I'm sorry' said Ashe, "Don't be, I've been wanting to be here since is was a kid". After finishing their picnic, he took Danny on walk in the pond and gave him a hug. Ashe was happy, it's all over. He was finally with the people he loved.