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InuNama stirred the stew for their supper, thinking about the events of the day. She sprinkled some herbs in, along with carrots and some of the rabbit meat InuYasha brought home for them that night.

"Smells good," InuYasha said, slipping into the house.

"Hope it tastes good. I don't cook much, guesswork mostly," she said.

"Feh, neither could your mother. She usually brought those noodle cups for us," InuYasha said, trying to sneak a taste of the stew. InuNama popped his claw so swiftly he almost didn't see it.

He shook his head, "Just like your mother."

"Strange. She says I am just like you." I saw him smile and smiled back.

"When is supper gonna be ready?"

"Few more minutes," she said, glancing up.

"What's wrong, InuNama?" he asked, moving to her side.

"Huh?" she glanced up suddenly, "Oh nothing. Just thinking, that's all."

"That can be dangerous," he laughed. InuNama just stared at her stew, stirring it every now and again. InuYasha was beginning to get worried about his daughter.

"InuNama, tell me. Maybe I can help fix it."

"I doubt it. I can't explain it, really…it's just…confusing," she said, glancing up at her father. He cocked his head at her as if trying to understand through her stammering. InuNamma just shook her head and returned her attention to her cooking.


InuYasha left later that night, going to the village to talk to Sango. She knew about girl stuff maybe she could help with his daughter dilemma. InuYasha dashed silently to the village and to Sango and Miroku's house. He slipped around back where he was met by little Kirara.

"Hey, Kirara, would you mind getting Sango for me? I need to talk with her," he said. The little demon cat mewled and made her way into the house to get her mistress.

Moments later a groggy Songo stepped out from her family's home, "InuYasha?" she said sleepily. "What do you want this late at night?"

"It's InuNama," InuYasha said.

That woke the slayer up immediately, "Is something wrong? Is she hurt? She isn't sick is she?"

"No…nothing like that. At least I don't think it's anything like that," quite frankly the poor inu-hanyou was confused.

"What is it then?" Sango said.

"She is hiding something…I don't know what but she is holding something back and I am worried. She is always sad. Has been since she picked up Tetsaiga. Do you think she saw something?"

"I don't know, InuYasha. Maybe you need to ask her about it."

"That's the thing, she won't talk to me. She just says she is thinking then goes back to her chores and brooding," InuYasha said slumping to the ground.

"Maybe she misses her mother?" Sango said, softly. InuYasha sighed softly and it did not go unnoticed by the slayer. "What's the matter InuYasha?"

"I just wish I could have been there for her when she was a pup. I would have loved to have seen her as a little thing, learning her powers. It's like I missed her whole life and only get to see her as a woman, not my little girl."

"Maybe you should tell her that."

"Feh. I know she wouldn't care or think I was soft in the head or something. She has that much of me in her," he said.

"Yes but she has her mother in her, too. InuNama needs to hear how much you love her sometimes. Take her off to do something fathers and daughters do that doesn't consist of ridding villages of demons," Sango knelt by his side resting a hand on his back. He sighed and nodded.

"Thanks, Sango," he said. She nodded in response, patting him on the back before returning to her bed leaving InuYasha to return to his home.


The next day InuYasha met InuNama in the herb field with Kaede picking some herbs and discussing the best ways to make them into poultices or medicines.

"Your father approachth," Kaede said to the girl, tilting her head in InuYasha's direction. InuNama glanced at the elderly priestess then to her father. She stood, dusting off her hakama and made her way over to him.

"Demon?" she asked bluntly. InuYasha felt his heart pang. Had her life here become this predictable?

"No, nothing like that," he said, "I was hoping we could go to the forest and… I don't know… talk," he said. InuNama tilted her head, much like a confused puppy and then turned to Kaede.

"I still have chores I need to get done," she said. InuYasha felt his heart drop. Had the well opened too late for him to ever get to know his daughter?

"Well I'll be at the Gishinboku if you change your mind," he said dashing off. InuNama stooped to finish gathering herbs for the day. Suddenly something whacked the young hanyou over her head. She turned to Kaede surprised.

"You are a fool if ye do not go to speak with your father. He is rarely this kind. Ye should enjoy it whilst it lasts. He is merely concerned for you," the priestess reprimanded.

InuNama blinked her big amber eyes in surprise.

"Go," Kaede ordered. InuNama dashed off with the speed of a youkai. Kaede shook her old head, "Just as dense as her father."

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