Working on some class work and decided to waste some of my time. I'm a huge Tyzula fan, ridiculously so. Seriously, there are not enough fics or fan art out there of them. Anyway, here's this delicious lemon scented fic. Be nice though, I normally don't write this kind of stuff and this was just a kind of stream of consciousness fic.

Warning: This fic is kinda saucy, I mean, at least I think so, BEWARE!

It was official. Being the friend of a member of the royal family was great, and she loved her friends dearly, but being able to soak in a tub big enough to fit a pair of komodo rhinos in with room to spare for a couple of people at any time she wanted was bliss. Ty Lee hummed to herself in the large tub, hand maidens about in case she needed anything. She was expecting to hear Azula come into the room at any moment, so she was trying to finish up. While she was allowed to bathe whenever she wanted, it was a big no-no to use the tub when Azula wanted it or was in her room.

With a bit of a whine, the acrobat extracted herself from the warm water and wrapped her slim form in a deep red towel. She had just begun to grab her robe to put on before she walked through the palace, but the sound of the door to the room slamming open caused her to jump and look. Azula marched past Ty Lee, pulling off her armor as she went, tunic following as she stepped behind the separating wall to the bath.

"Get out!" She roared to the maids who quickly scampered out of the room. That wasn't something Azula did unless something had really made her angry.

So, against her better judgment, Ty Lee, still wrapped in her towel, walked back to the raised bath. The maroon curtain had been drawn around the bath, another bad sign. "Azula?"

"What?" Snapped the pale teen in the bath. Golden eyes looked up to the part in the curtain as Ty Lee's head poked in. "What is it?!" She growled.

"The umm… Meeting didn't go well did it?" She asked cautiously.

Frowning, Azula moved over in the water towards the circus performer. Using a finger, she motioned for her friend to come closer. When close enough she snatched the long braid and pulled the girl into the tub.

Once she broke the surface of the water, Ty Lee pouted. "That was mean Azula!"

"What about it?" She shrugged and went back to sitting against the wall of the tub, enjoying the warmth. "It went well enough. War Master Qin was blamed for the failure of the invasion of Ba Sing Se."

Moving to sit beside the Princess, Ty Lee smiled. "He was funny."


The two soaked in silence for a nearly half an hour before Ty Lee thought of something. "Hey Azula?"

"What is it?" Responded the firebender, angry at the interruption of her peace.

"Why aren't you yelling at me or shooting fire at me for being in here with you?"

Shrugging, the princess pulled herself out of the tub, her friend watching in curiosity. "Come over here."

Without a word, the agile girl slipped out and onto the dark slate tiled floor beside her mistress. "What is it Azula?" She was confused as a cloth was placed into her hand, a bowl of thick, clay-like soap being slid over to her.

"I'm weary and need someone to wash me." She informed, pointing to the spot behind her.

Grinning happily, Ty Lee was all too happy to follow he indirect order. Kneeling behind the slightly older girl, she scooped some of the thin clay into the cloth, working it into a lather before apply her soapy hand and cloth to the flawless back. "Azula, your skin is to smooth and silky." Ty Lee innocently commented as she applied her knowledge of musculature to add in a soapy massage, the knotted up muscles in the firebending protégé's back loosening up.

"Of course it is." Smirked the princess. A shiver passed briefly through her as Ty Lee's fingers began to work passed her sides, Azula's hands halting their movement as she threw a stern look over her shoulder. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Washing you of course Princess, why?"

While she had had servants wash her back before, they never tried to wash her front for her. She was taught in the Fire Nation Academy that that was a place only reserved for their spouse. But when did she ever care about that?

Turning around, the teen took a small wooden stool and sat on it, her stomach at eye level with her friend. "Be sure to clean me well."

"Of course Azula!" Giggled the acrobat as she leaned forward to nuzzle the Princess' navel.

Azula smirked and closed her eyes, the feeling of her friends hands along her stomach causing waves of pleasure to pass through her.

"Remember when we would all bathe together when we all stayed here for awhile?" Ty Lee mumbled as she worked her way up along the Princess' body. A light groan made her continue. "After a day of training together, you, me and Mai would all bathe in here." She arrived to Azula's small, but pert chest and looked to the girl's face for any signs of her supposing to stop. Seeing the smirk on the girl's lips, she continued. "You'd be so sore after training with me; you'd have me message you for hours." Cupping the round breasts, she gently soaped and washed them, listening to the soft, approving groans from her mistress. "I enjoyed that. Mai would go off to find Zuko and it'd be just you and me." Pausing for a moment, she looked at the soft, pink nubs on Azula's breast. She let her right hand's thumb brush over the left nipple getting another light moan. "Sometimes you'd be so tired; I'd be able to convince you to strip down so I can do it easier." Giggling, she ran a finger down the well toned stomach, drawing a circle on the pale teen's lower stomach. Pausing, she looked up again; this time a bit longer.

Without even opening her eyes, Azula frowned. "I don't remember saying stop."

"Yes Azula." Hummed the teen as she lightly soaped the rag once more, using her other hand to push against Azula's lower back, causing the relaxed teen to slide to the front of the seat. She began at the well kept feet of her mistress, giggling. "You'd wake up after a massage and get so mad, thinking I might have tried to pull a trick on you or something." Ty Lee noticed a deep scent beginning to mix with the steam in the air. She was well aware what her Princess was feeling. "Do you want to know what I would do when you fell asleep?"

That line caused one of Azula's eyed to open as she watched the girl slowly work her way up her left thigh. "… What did you do?"

Grinning, Ty Lee brushed the cloth slowly over Azula's smooth flesh between her legs, listening to another soft groan. "Most of the time I just looked at you, since you're so beautiful. Other times I'd nap with you."

"That's it?" Asked with a light groan as she began to push her hips into the hand.

"I think I kissed you once." Ty Lee giggled as she began to pour warm water along the body to wash off the suds.

Opening as eye as the hand left her, she frowned. "So, you stole from me?"

"Just a kiss." Dismissed the acrobat as she finished up rinsing the girl. "That's not that bad." Looking up, she tensed as she watched the hand approach her. Was she really in trouble?

Cupping Ty Lee's chin, Azula guided her up to meet her, kissing the acrobat roughly. Once they parted, Ty Lee panted softly, looking deep into the honey colored eyes. "Dry off and go get in the bed." Ordered the firebender in a low growl of a whisper.

Bowing her head, Ty Lee did just that.

I'll probably add more onto this, but since isn't really a place I consider in need of mass amounts of smut, I'll consider posting it elsewhere. Don't expect a whole lot more from me, as you may have noticed from the wonderfully huge lack of updates on other fics. As someone accurately put it, life kinda smacked me in the face, only it was with a pick axe.