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Summary: What would it be like if Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan were human during the birth of Renesmee? All Human

*Warning: Pregnant Bella might scar you for life.

Chapter 1: Going into Labor


Tick Tock

Drip Drop

Thump Thomp

What is with all these sounds?

Grrrr Grrrr. My stomach.

"EDWARD!! I'M HUNGRY!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

You see Edward is my husband and the love of my life. My soul mate. He is sweet, well-mannered, fun, loving, caring, and of course absolutely gorgeous. He has massy bronze-colored hair and emerald green eyes. He is about 6'2 and has a toned body and guess what?

He is all mine.

I heard as his feet descended down the stairs before he appeared in doorway of the living room. He was wearing a dark blue button-up and dark wash jeans that hung low on his hips.

Yummy. I thought. If I wasn't so hungry for food I would be hungry for something else…

"Bella, you know you don't have to yell, love," he said in that amazing velvety voice of his.

"I'm sorry Edward. I was just getting really annoyed by all of these little noises around me I just lost it."

He walked over to me in a seductive way. I had no idea whether or not it was intentional.

He sat down next to me on the couch and pulled me onto his lap. I turned around so that I was straddling him and started playing with the top buttons of his button-up.

"It's okay, love," he said wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing me softly, "So, you said…well yelled that you were hungry. What do you want to eat?"

"I am craving some eggs," I said looking at him suggestively, smiling.

You see when Edward and I went on our honeymoon to his parents' personal island, Isle Esme. Yeah you heard right, his parents' personal island, the Cullens are rich, but I would love him even if he was poor.

Anyway after few weeks of bliss, I got this weird cravings and all I wanted to eat most of the time were eggs. That is when I found out I was pregnant. On our honeymoon and probably the baby was conceived on our first time. I know great timing right?

Now I am 8 ½ months along and we couldn't be happier. We found out it was a girl and decided to name her Renesmee Carlie Cullen. The first name is a combination of my mother's name (Renee) and Edward's mother (Esme). The middle name is a combination of my father's name (Charlie) and Edward's father (Carlisle). Creative huh?

"Oh eggs you say," he said amused, "That brings back some great memories of the Isle. Why don't we relive some of them," he winked suggestively, leaning forward to kiss me.

I turned my head to the side letting his lips go to my cheek. When he pulled back I turned my head to face him and saw him pouting.

"Sorry, babe, but I am really hungry," I rubbed my baby bump, "The Renesmee wants food."

"Fine," he sighed standing up from the couch with me still in his arms.

"Edward. Put me down I am pregnant and heavy," I said.

"So…" he trailed off.

"So, I am going to break your back," I said matter-of-factly.

He chuckled and kissed me on the tip of my nose, "Silly Bella."

I was too hungry to argue so I let him carry me into our spacious kitchen where he sat me down on a chair. He walked over to kitchen and started pulling out the necessary items just as the doorbell rang.

He was about to get the door when I stopped him, "I got it," he looked at me with an eyebrow raised, "Gosh Edward I pregnant not inept. I can get the door just have those eggs on a plate when I get back," I warned him playfully.

He chucked, shaking his head before resuming his cooking. I got up slowly from the chair so I wouldn't hurt myself and wobbled to the door.

I opened the door and revealed Emmett and Rosalie standing outside.

"Hey guys," I said opening the door wider, "Come on in."

They stepped inside and I closed the door behind them.

"Hey Bella," Rosalie said swiftly kissing me on the cheek before heading off to the kitchen to say hello to Edward.

"Hey squirt," Emmett said ruffling my hair before bending down toward my stomach, "Hey Nessie. When are you going to pop out soon?"

I smacked him in the head, "Em her name is Renesmee and eww…pop out…gross."

I turned and walked toward the kitchen where I found Rosalie and Edward sitting at the table drinking coffee. I sat down next to Edward and he slid a plate of eggs toward me.

"Thanks babe," I said leaning over to kiss him.

He grinned his dazzling crooked smile, "Your welcome, love. Now eat up so we can relive some of those memories we were talking about earlier," he said yet again winking suggestively.

I rolled my eyes, "Gosh Edward that is why I am pregnant right now. You are too frisky."

He laughed loudly throwing his head back, "You know you love it," he said after he calmed down.

I opened my mouth to reply when a loud cough interrupted me. I turned to face Rosalie and Emmett who looked amused.

I blushed, "Oh. I forgot you guys were there," I said scooping up some eggs and putting them in mouth.

Wait why are they here?

"Wait why are you guys here?" Edward asked speaking my thoughts.

It's like he can read mine sometimes. I thought.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "Uh guys remember we (a/n "We" means Alice & Jasper, Rosalie & Emmett) were going to open all the present from the baby shower last week today."

I remember now, "Oh yeah. Sorry I kind of forgot," I said finishing off my eggs.

"It's okay," Rosalie said, "Bella do you want me to wash that plate for you."

"No no, I can do it myself," I said proudly.

They all shared a glance. I sighed heavily.

"Oh come on. I can wash a dish myself. I am preg-" I was cut of.

"We know you are pregnant not inept," the said in unison.

I looked at them in shock, "Wow. Do I say that a lot?"

"Yes," they said in unison again.

"Ok stop saying things all together like that. It is creepy," I said before I got up cautiously and walked over to the sink to rinse of the plate.

I heard the 3 of them talking about how Jasper and Alice are going to be here soon. I bent over to put the plate in the dishwasher when I felt a sharp pain followed by a warm liquid flowing down my leg.

I gasped looking down.

O. My. Gosh. I'm going into LABOR?!

When another sharp pain jabbed me, I dropped the plate making it shatter across the hardwood kitchen floor.


"Bella!!" They all called out in unison.

I thought I told them not to do that any more.

Edward came running gracefully to my side and straightened me up. I hadn't realized that I leaned over do to the pain.

Emmett on the other hand ran over a little to quickly and ended up slipping in my fluid.

Crash! Boom!

"Ew!" he yelled, "I slipped and fell onto Bella's pregnant juice."

I started laughing along with Rosalie until another contraction turned my laugh into a grimace and a scream.

"Edward," I whimpered.

He wrapped a strong arm around my waist scooping me up bridal style.

"Okay. Rosalie help Emmett up and then run up to our room to grab the baby bag," he ordered.

Rosalie nodded and then helped Emmett up before disappearing up the stairs.

"Emmett grab our jackets and shoes and meet us in the car. There is a towel and a change of clothes in the back seat that you can use."

"Okay bro," Em said before also disappearing up the stairs.

Edward walked out of the kitchen with me in his arms before grabbing the keys and heading outside toward the Volvo.

Another sharp pain coursed through my abdomen causing me to whimper, "Edward it hurts."

"I know, love," he said as he opened the passenger side door, sliding me in. "Just hold on we are on our way to the hospital," he said before he kissed my forehead and walked over to the drivers' side.

Emmett and Rosalie walked out of the house after they locked the door and slid into the back seat.

After they got in Edward sped out of the driveway and down the street. He reached over and grabbed my hand where he rubbed soothing circles on it.

He met my eyes and I knew what he was thinking, because I was thinking it to.

We are about to have a baby. In a few hours we are going to be parents.

This truly is a special delivery.

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