Secret Agent Man

Okay, I couldn't help it. I was blindsided by this idea and had to write it. It was just too good to give up. Now, as for my disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, CSI, CSI:NY, NCIS or any other show that may or may not show up (I'm considering Stargate but haven't figured out how to do that yet…) Yes, it's a rather large scale xover, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy it. Please review if you read and let me know what you think.


Albus Dumbledore was smiling to himself. He had had to give up a good fighter, but Sirius's death was all for 'the greater good' after all. He needed to keep Harry in line long enough to do his job. After that, Dumbledore was free to take him down as a 'dark wizard' and take the glory of the war.

Sirius was a loose end. He had been advising Harry to take his own stand in this war; hadn't trusted the headmaster. As such, he had had to die. Remus Lupin would have been taken down as well, but he currently couldn't be found.

He had Harry though, that was good. Nothing would stand in the way of his plans. Not Harry, not Sirius, and definitely not a worn down werewolf.


Remus Lupin gave a small sigh, slumping to the floor of the small room in London he had rented for the weekend. Sirius having given him half his assets had given him enough money to run when Dumbledore had started his plan. But now…now he had to get in touch with the kids. Not Harry, but the others. The ones in the States.

He pulled out a cell phone, giving a small sigh. Never let it be said that wizards didn't know about technology and how useful it was. Most wizards, no, but the ones that were smart knew all about what the muggle world had to offer. And he and Sirius had known straight out of Hogwarts exactly what uses the technology could use. Common misconception: magic did actually with technology. Dumbledore didn't like it in the castle, and most wizards didn't know how to use it. They weren't incompatible at all.

With a deep breath, Remus gave in and called Greg Sanders.