Nineteen year old Harry James Potter Black ran through the halls of the British Ministry of Magic Building. He was late for his meeting with the Minister, but it really wasn't his fault, as he had gotten out of class late. He slid into the office and proclaimed, "I'm here."

"Really, Harry," Hermione smiled from behind the desk. "If you were going to be late, you could have just called."

"I know how busy you are," Harry grinned, waving to Ron as he passed. The redhead had taken over the Auror program, and was now the head. The entire ministry had been reworked for the better, and though it had taken three years, things were really beginning to pick up.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "How's life?"

"Great," Harry grinned. "Classes are going well, and I'm going to graduate early. Gibbs has already said I can have a job at NCIS if I want it." He paused. "Then again, Mac and Grissom said the same thing."

Hermione's smile widened. "What, House doesn't want you?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Come on, I'm not even going into medicine. That's Robbie's domain. Besides, I think House is afraid I'll out sass him or something."

"That man," Hermione murmured. She grinned. "Remus says 'hi' and that you boys had better not be ruining the house." The werewolf had gotten the job of Magical Creature Ambassador at the office, along with many other creatures. As such, he was trusting the five Black boys not to ruin Ravenshold or to get into too much trouble. He and Tonks had also hooked up and were expecting their first kid as well.

"We're not," Harry said petulantly. "Or, at least I'm not. Danny's kids…maybe." Danny and Lindsey had gotten married soon after the war had ended, and Lindsey had given birth to little Elizabeth soon after. Now, they had two boys as well, twins Sirius and Orion.

"Babysitting, Potter?" Draco drawled as he came into the office, files in hand. He had taken over the office for misuse of magic, oddly enough. Although his domain had taken over the Dark Arts practices as well.

"Of course," Harry grinned. "I love my nieces and nephews."

"And there's what, three more on the way?" the blond asked, dropping the files on Hermione's desk and smirking at her groan.

"Yup," Harry said happily. "Tony and Maria are expecting their daughter in two months," he said. "Greg and Susan just found out she's pregnant and due in eight months. And Robbie and Dominique have a kid on the way, but they want the gender to be a surprise."

"Give them our congrats," Hermione said, absently perusing the files.

Harry checked his watch and gave a groan of his own. "I have class in fifteen minutes." He stood giving Hermione a hug and Draco a handshake. "Tell the others I said 'hi' will you?"

"Of course!" Hermione said. "Don't forget to study for your exam!" she yelled as he ran out the door.

Yes, life had certainly become better.

And it's over. A year's worth of effort on the largest crossover thing ever! Never doing that again. I think this epilogue is kinda cheap, but it works. I'm done people! Done! Now...to finish The Blindside and Maxwell's Demon.

Ciao peeps.

Hikaru Kosuzaku