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Toby was crying. Wailing really. Sarah sighed and tried to focus on her homework. Why did she always put it off until the last possible moment? She groaned and tapped her pencil against her notebook, leaving a small trail of graphite dots. During a few moments of distraction her eye caught on a small red book lying on the surface of her desk. Oh yeah, that's why.

After a few more math problems she found herself staring up at her collection of stuffed animals. Suddenly she noticed that Lancelot, her favorite bear, had gone missing. This was not the first time one of them had gone missing but each time she got more and more furious with her stepmother.

Seething, Sarah stormed down the hallway and into her father's room. Lancelot was carelessly dumped onto the floor next to Toby's crib. Toby himself was standing, clutching onto the rails. His face was red, tears streaming from his eyes and his mouth open, a wailing sound emitting from it.

"I hate this!" She exclaimed, sitting down rather harshly on her father's bed. Toby continued to cry as she hugged Lancelot to her chest. "Do you want to hear a story?" She asked the crying boy. "Is that it?" Sarah stared him down before telling him a story similar, very similar, to the situation that she found herself in at the moment but adding ideas from her favorite book, The Labyrinth.

It used to be just Sarah and her father. They had made a good pair. After a little trouble staying financially secure he had found a steady job that would also allow him time to take care of Sarah. Once she was old enough to look after herself for a couple hours after school he'd work longer hours and bring home more pay.

Then he had to go and meet Karen. Two years later they wed and then in another year Toby came along. Sarah never got to see her father anymore because he was either working, out with Karen, or adoring his new son. Karen really didn't like Sarah but put up with her for my father's sake.

Rage boiled in the brunette girl's veins and she set Lancelot down next to her and really got into the story. Toby wailed even harder and she sighed, lifting him from his crib. "Come on Toby, knock it off." She bounced him on her hip. His small hand found its way around a clump of her hair and pulled. Hard.

"I'll say the words." Sarah warned. "No, I mustn't." Toby continued to cry. She silently tried to calm him while having an inner battle with herself. Even though she knew that she couldn't actually wish someone away, she wondered who she would wish away if she did have that power.

Certainly not Toby. Karen would hate her even more and Father would be so upset with her. Besides, when Toby wasn't crying, he wasn't all that bad of a brother. He'd barely had a chance at life. She couldn't take that chance away from him.

She could always have the goblins take her hateful stepmother. Again, her father would be upset with her and then Toby would grow up never knowing his mother. After living that experience she'd never wish it upon anyone else.

Her father was definitely out of the running so she sighed. The only way everyone would be happy was for her to wish herself away. At the moment it didn't seem like such a bad idea. Her father barely noticed her anyway.

Toby wailed loudly in her ear and she gave up. "I wish the goblins…" She hesitated. "I wish the goblins would come and take me away. Right now."

Lightning flashed outside the window immediately followed by earth shattering thunder. The power flickered then went out completely. Wind howled and pressed against the large window. Sarah turned around as she heard something crash and found herself face to face with whom she could only assume to be the Goblin King.

"Good evening Sarah." He said, a crystal held balanced on his fingertips. "Do hurry and say goodbye. It's an awfully long journey to the Goblin City."


A/n: So I changed up the beginning scene of the movie but it's basically the same plot. The story Sarah tells Toby is the same as it is in the movie, I just didn't feel like writing it all. Reviews are welcome!