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It was time. Jareth paced up and down the hallway, staring at the double doors leading into the bedroom every four steps. What was taking so long? Was Sarah okay? Was his child okay? What was going on? His pacing got faster and faster.

Finally the doctor he had hired came out of the room. "You may see your wife now Your Highness." He stepped aside and Jareth rushed into the room. The first thing that he saw was his wife holding two beautiful babies.

She smiled at him. "Twin girls." He looked down at them and wondered how he could have helped create something so perfect. His wife gently passed one over into his arms.


"I was waiting for you." She said. "But I do have a few ideas." Jareth nodded, still entranced by his tiny daughter in his arms. "The one you're holding I was planning on naming her Pandora and then this little cutie here would be Ariadne."

"How will we tell them apart?" He asked, running a hand over the blond wisps of hair atop his daughter's head.

Sarah laughed. "Pandora has your eyes and Ariadne has green eyes." With no answer from Jareth, Sarah smiled. "I have a feeling that these two will have you wrapped tightly around their fingers in no time at all."

--Four Years Later—

"Daddy!" Pandora squealed as she raced down the hallway towards her father, Ariadne following close behind.

"How are my daughters doing today?" They giggled and hugged his legs, for that was all they could reach. "Where is your mother?"

"She's in her room with Auntie Ilana and Lucina."

Jareth nodded, making note not to enter the bedroom until he was sure Ilana was gone. She was his best friend but when she and Sarah got together he got reeled into conversations that he'd rather not take part in. "How would you two like a tour of the Labyrinth?" He asked and Pandora cheered.

Ariadne looked up at her father, eyebrows scrunched up over her bright green eyes. "Mommy says we're not allowed in the Labyrinth until we're older."

Jareth knelt down and looked her in the eyes. "What Mommy doesn't know won't hurt her, right? If she asks where we've been we'll just tell her that we went for a walk in the gardens."

"Okay!" The twins chorused.


"Chilly down with the fire gang." Jareth watched as his daughters danced with the Fierys. The two girls giggled as the creatures began removing body parts.

When the song finished the trio continued on their journey through the Labyrinth. "Would you girls like to see an oubliette?" They nodded and Jareth headed for the oubliette occupied by Hoggle. "Now you girls have a choice." He stopped them right in front of the guarded doors. "You can either go down with help from the Helping Hands or you can come the easy way with me." Jareth greatly despised the Helping Hands, for reasons unknown even to him.

"Helping Hands!" Pandora and Ariadne cheered and Jareth led them to the doors. The guard, recognizing Jareth, stepped aside quickly to let them through.

"Now remember, the Hands will ask you which way you want to go, up or down. If you don't want to get lost you'll choose down." He kissed the tops of their heads. "I'll meet the two of you down there."

They looked up at him with wide eyes. "You're not going with us?" Pandora asked nervously.

Jareth sighed, "Do you want me to?" They nodded and he took a deep breath. "Okay, let's go then." The three of them didn't make it three steps inside the door before the stone gave way beneath them. Ariadne and Pandora shrieked as they fell until the Helping Hands caught the three of them and they started giggling.

The Helping Hands, as always, gave their whole spiel and asked the question they always did. "Down, down!" The twins shrieked happily. As soon as they were free falling Jareth grabbed onto his daughters so they didn't lose their balance when they landed. "Again, again, again!" They jumped up and down once their feet were on solid ground.

Shaking his head Jareth said, "Oh no, once is more than enough for one day."

Just then Hoggle's voice came floating through the darkness. "Who's there?"

"It's us Hoggle!" The girls ran forward and embraced the dwarf. "We got to use the Helping Hands!"

"Did you now?" He asked, a twinkle in his light blue eyes. "I thought your mother told you that you weren't allowed in the Labyrinth until you two were older." Hoggle looked up at Jareth questioningly. He had met both the girls and Sarah when he had stopped by the castle to report to Jareth and found himself right in the middle of the girls' third birthday party. Ever since then he was a frequent visitor, always bringing the girls a knick knack from someplace in the Labyrinth.

"Daddy says that we don't have to tell Mommy." Hoggle laughed and the four of them entered the main 'room' of the oubliette.


When they returned to the castle each girl had a sparkling new bracelet. As they entered the master bedroom Sarah was just placing Lucina in her crib. "Did Hoggle stop by?" She asked as she spied the jewelry.

Jareth took a sharp breath as Pandora opened her mouth. "Yeah, he stopped by when Daddy took us to the gardens." The Goblin King relaxed. For a few moments there he thought he was in deep trouble.

"Did you pick any flowers?" Sarah asked, an eyebrow rose in Jareth's direction. Maybe he wasn't out of the woods yet.

"No," Ariadne piped up. "But we'll pick flowers for Lucina tomorrow." The blonde girl climbed up on the stool next to the crib so she could look down at her baby sister. "Do you think she'd like roses?"

"I think she'd love roses." Sarah smiled. "Now why don't you two run off and find Picco so he can help you get ready for bed. Your father and I need to have a talk." Jareth gulped.

The twins didn't pick up on Jareth's silent pleas for help and ran out of the room. His wife turned on him, an evil glint in her green eyes. "You took them to the gardens?" Jareth nodded. "Really, now why don't I believe that?" Jareth shrugged and started backing towards the door as his wife advanced. "You're lucky I love you or you'd be sleeping in your office tonight." Sarah kissed him and Jareth let out a sigh of relief.

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