Prologue - First Awakening

When Harry Potter closed his eyes for the last time, he hoped that he would no longer have to open them again. He had seen the end of an old rotting world that no longer needed him.

Albus Dumbledore once said that Death is just another adventure.

And when the end came, Harry truly did not expect... this.

Sure, he was the Master of the Deathly Hallows but he certainly did not expect Death to greet him like he was above it.

He knew not how Death looked like, nor how it felt like but the moment that he laid eyes on the figure before him, he knew it was Death itself.

For some reason unknown even to himself, Harry found himself unafraid and almost unconcerned. That thought alarmed him a little. Though, nothing was more eerie that the appearance that Death had taken.

Hair as dark as the moonless night, with a pale countenance resulting from lack of sun and eyes so green that it could only belong to one person. (After all, how many times had he heard people telling him that his eyes resemble the most brilliant of emeralds?)

Harry was staring at a mirror reflection of himself.

What do you want? Harry found himself asking within his mind. He didn't bother saying it out loud. Death should not be hindered by all things physical.

Indeed, for though no words passed between them, understanding dawned on him. As if a little voice has switched on a light in his head.

This was his destiny.

His life.

His task.

His choice.

His chance.

Harry knew that he could have declined this mission but he could not dismiss the feeling of regret. He was so young when he died. The opportunity to live his life lost because of a wizard driven mad at the thought of possessing immortality.

Yet now, immortality was being offered to him. And he did not want it. He only wanted a chance to find something he did not have in his past life.

Death was offering him this.

But the price he had to pay... an eternity... possibly an eternity of loneliness.

Was it worth it?

When Harry finally opened his eyes again, he witnessed the beginning of a new world. Where immortal beings set foot upon the soils of Arda, where life is far, far different from the one that he had been born into but had been rejected from.

This was a different world.

And this would be his new home.

When Harry Potter breathed out his last breath at the end of the final battle with Lord Voldemort, Hariel took his first breath and opened unseeing emerald eyes to greet the newly formed Middle Earth.

End of Prologue

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