A light touch started from his forehead down to the tip of his nose to his lips, teasing. A smile twitched minutely at the corner of his mouth but he continued to feign sleep as soft lips replaced the gentle fingers, accompanied by the familiar feeling of soft tendrils brushing his face.


The golden elf hummed in contentment, unwilling to wake up from this pleasant dream.

"Open your eyes, my love."

Frowning at the tone in his lover's voice, the elvenlord opened his eyes to behold his dark-haired lover leaning over him. He knew then that this was a dream for Harry was elsewhere monitoring Sauron's moves. However, it did not stop him from automatically reaching out to pull the istar into his embrace but his lover straightened to a sitting position in his bed. Glorfindel too sat up, sapphire eyes never leaving Harry's distressed features.

"Harry? What is wrong?"

"I have to join the others," his lover answered him, characteristically cutting down to the chase.

For a moment, the elvenlord did not understand who Harry was talking about but it did not take long for him to realise that he meant the fellowship.

"What has happened?" Glorfindel asked, a foreboding feeling blooming his chest.

"Gandalf has fallen."

10 - First Appearance

Merely three days after the fellowship arrived at Lothlorien with one member short, a black-clad rider arrived with haste.

The archers fired a warning shot but the rider disregarded it, easily catching the arrow and discarding it with a flick of the wrist. From the swift and precise movement, the hooded figure was obviously not human. Haldir quickly jump down to accost the rider when all the shots from the archers were easily dodged by the darkly clad figure.

"Halt!" the blond elf called out in warning, unsheathing his sword.

The rider stopped short of running over the marchwarden. Without any word, a pale hand rose from beneath the cloak and Haldir tensed. But the hand only continued upwards to the rider's hood.

The dark cloth was pulled away revealing a face so fair that all the elves present wondered briefly if he too was an Eldar. But the pointed ears were absent and no elf on Middle Earth had hair that black.

"I am Hariel the Black. I need to speak to the Fellowship of the Ring."

"He is our guest, Hariel the Black..."

The sentinels would have denied access to the suspicious black-clad intruder if not for the message that their Lady suddenly sent through their minds.

The Black Wizard patiently waited for them to process the Monarch's message, before Haldir finally gestured with his hand.

"Please follow me, istar," he said cautiously.

The dark-haired beauty nodded and the horse that the wizard was perched upon obeyed his master's unspoken command, turning toward the pale-haired marchwarden.

Haldir quickly led the way towards Lothlorien, pushing away his curiousity and the thoughts on the beguiling wizard.

The dark-clad istari seemed to be examining Lothlorien with closed eyes, attracting elves with his dark clothing and peculiar behaviour.

Haldir himself did not let his eyes wander from the wizard for even a moment. Though still wary of the intruder's sudden appearance, he was also undeniably fascinated by this beautiful wizard that was clearly blind.

Then the arrival of his Lord and Lady interrupted his thoughts and the istar's perusal of the hidden city.

"Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel," Hariel greeted with his soft melodic voice. "Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo" (A star shines upon the hour of our meeting)

"Hariel the Black," the Lord of Lothlorien greeted as the Lady of the Woods surveyed the unexpected Wizard. Galadriel had anticipated many things when she had first heard news of the Black Wizard but she had never expected this unusual turn of event.

For the wizard's mind was totally silent.

"You cannot hear my thoughts, my lady," the istar said, suddenly diverting from Lord Celeborn's queries in favour of turning towards the Golden Lady, "because I am not projecting any."

Unlike the other elves present, Lady Galadriel did not look shock at all, just tilted her head in curiousity. Never before had she met a creature in Middle Earth that did not fear her ability, yet this petite being could not only block her powers but…

"-read your mind," he finished. The child-like being opened his eyes then, shocking the elves with their intensity. So green, it was like looking into the deepest of emeralds.

"Only because you project them so loudly, my lady," the black-clad istar said, soothingly. "Peace, my queen. I did not come here to bring discord."

Haldir and Lord Celeborn watched in amazement as a glow of delight and awe illuminated their Lady's fair countenance.

"It is you," she whispered in joy.

Hariel the Black smiled back and his beauty was lit aglow.

"It has been a long time, Lady Galadriel."


The black-clad Maia smiled gently at the Hobbits as they clustered around him happily.

Haldir tilted his head as he watched the event unfold.

He was still wary of the petite istar but he, himself, could not help but bask in his presence. Just like his brethen, all whom were coming out to glimpse at the young wizard.

"He is beautiful, is he not."

The marchwarden turned to the other blond elf that was also watching the preceding.

"He is. Unusually so," Haldir replied. After a brief pause, he finally voiced the cause of his uneasiness. "He is also... dangerous."

The younger elf looked at him in slight confusion.

"He reeks of death and darkness," the marchwarden clarified, to the prince's horror and confusion.

"But I do not sense any-," the Prince of Mirkwood was interrupted.

"Not of evil intentions," Haldir said, "if anything, the istar feels..."

"Pure," Legolas finished for him, "that's why the hobbits are so comfortable around him. Even Frodo who carries the ring."

"Yes, it is... as if he is the embodiment of mortality."

The elvenprince arched an eyebrow, then turned back to the party in front of him.

"The embodiment of mortality..."

The four littlest members of the fellowship were preparing to call it a night when they first heard it.

What they did not know was that the whole of Lothlorien had turned completely silent minutes before, their songs of mourning halting at the appearance of the Black Wizard. The black-clad istari stood in the middle of a parapet, a stark contrast against the glowing background.

The first note caught the attention of those who weren't already looking at him. A slow lingering note that stretched out before blending into a second note that evolved into a melody that spoke of grief and loss.

Only the elves, whose enhanced senses barely missed any detail, could see the slight tremble that rippled through the hands that held the instrument and the single tear that landed on the violin's polished surface.

The little hobbits, kindly creatures that they were, shed tears of sorrow throughout the soft requiem for Gandalf the Grey.

For it was that exact moment that the Master of Death retrieved the Grey Pilgrim for his final journey to the Blessed Realms.

"I am joining the fellowship," the green-eyed wizard said early one morning as they gathered around for their breakfast. His tone was almost nonchalant, as if he was talking about the weather.

The members of the said fellowship stared at him in startlement.

"As a replacement for Gandalf?" Pippin asked, quite tactlessly. A few of the members shot him annoyed looks but Hariel quite generously ignored the implications of his words.

"No, as extended help," the petite istar replied easily with an almost impish smile.

End of First Appearance

Author's Note:

1. I'm ashamed to admit that I've been neglecting my little love child (aka this fic). I'm afraid I've been having a little affair with another HP x-over that I fell in love with after watching BLEACH (anime) on the zanpaktou rebellion. Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to get back in the mood for writing this after I get it out of my system.

2. I have read somewhere before that says that Sleep is the cousin of Death, so I associate Harry with the ability to communicate with others in their dreams, kinda like how the deceased sometimes communicate with their loved ones etc. It is how Harry connected with Elrond.

3. In case, my beloved readers are curious as to how Harry and Galadriel met each other. Please read my other fic called 'First Meetings'. It tells of how Galadriel, still in Valinor at that time, met Death for the first time.

4. If movie-goers remember, Gandalf didn't immediately die after falling from the bridge. He fought the Balrog for days before succumbing to Death. Then, only later was he sent back to Arda.