(A/N: Okay, this takes place in episode 47 of the F-ZERO: Falcon Densetsu anime. Captain Falcon has used his third alias, Berserker, for some time now, and he has to choose whether to help Ryu or keep his identity hidden.)

Fate: Berserker Turns the Tables

Deathborn tossed Ryu into a futuristic sarcophagus-looking machine. The pilot of the Dragon Bird, 00, felt a sharp pain in his lower body, but didn't bother to react. In a moment, a glass covering unseathed itself from the top of the machine.

"I WON'T WORK FOR YOU!!!" He shouted. A green fluid filled the now enclosed chamber, but Ryu still found himself breathing normally. "W-what is this?"

Black Shadow, backed up by Don Genie and Deathborn, simply chuckled by his hostage's reaction. "Inside there, your brain will be cleansed until it's memory and IQ content resembles that of a human infant. All of your 'precious' memories will be gone. And this is what I think your heart hungers for most." He stopped briefly.

"I..." Ryu wasn't really in the mood to express his feelings with words, seeing that in the position he was in, he didn't want to stress himself out by being ridiculed by the Lord of Evil.

"Having being re-born into a world filled with so much pain, and all alone against your destiny...I do believe you've walked a very rocky path." Shadow stated. "You must be tired now, relax...think of nothing else. Leave it all up to us." Shadow's lips curled into a cold smile. "Relax...relax."

The ever-burning fire that was usually burning in Ryu's eyes...extinguished. "Relax...for a while..." Those four words spoken by Black Shadow were the last ones Ryu heard before entering a dream-like state.

Berserker crouched behind a door, watching the previous events. Ten robotic foot soldiers of the Dark Million Orginization were on the floor, broken apart by Berserker's strength. As you already may know, beneath that hood that Berserker wore, Bart Lemming's face sat. His expression was blank, but his heart was beating rapidly. Never before did Lemming see such a sophisticated method for getting rid of your sworn enemy.

Lemming lept to his feet, pulling out a key from his robes. He clicked a lone button on the key, and the Red Bull charged forward silently. The hatch door opened, and Berserker lept inside. After getting in the interior of his machine, Bart Lemming quickly rummaged through his various glove compartments in his machine's cockpit.

He found a red helmet with a visor attatched to it. On said helmet there was a golden falcon, Lemming's personal symbol. Berserker took off his hood for a split second, jammed his helmet on, and slid his hood back on. The jets on the back of the Red Bull burst to life as it worked it's way through the maze known as the F-Zero Headquarters.

Ryu's mind spun during his suspended animation. He heard a single voice after what seemed an eternal void of silence. "Ryu..." The voice was gruff and harsh, but yet...reassuring and supporting. It was the voice of Captain Falcon.

"W-Who is it?" He answered in his mind.

"Ryu..." the voice of Falcon replied, as though leading him deeper into his subconscious.

"Why is it called my destiny? You make it sound like you're the only one facing Dark Million!" The voice of Jack Levin asked him, his teasing tone was all to familiar. Ryu experienced a flashback.

Jack stood in front of him, his hands placed on his hips. "Just count on us for a while." Ryu's flashback turned into an image of Jody Summer, her smile made him pay full attention.

"Ryu, you're not alone against Black Shadow." Those words sent Ryu's mind off the edge, he remembered all that had happened that past year on Earth during 2201. The day he woke up from cryonic sleep, when he met Captain Falcon, when he met the entire Mobile Task Force, and pretty much everything else he could've remembered, aliens, hovercars, the dock....

His mind eventually regained control of his own thoughts. Ryu concentrated on stoping the flow of liquid from cleansing his brain. The fire was re-lit.

Black Shadow, who had been watching Ryu closely, was shocked to see his enemy revive. "WHAT?!"

Ryu's body shivered and lept back to life...his voice shook the glass covering of the chamber he resided in. "AAAAAUUUUGGHGHHH!!!!" The Dragon Bird's Reactor Mite channeled it's energy toward Ryu's entire molecular structure, giving him enough strength to destroy his chamber. "YACH!"

The explosion made Shadow, Don Genie, and Deathborn look away. "DRAGON BIRD!" Ryu yelled. The robot foot soldiers guarding the Dragon Brid approached the machine once it started glowing. It reared past them, plowing a few out of it's way. The Dragon Bird broke through a wall and stopped right next to Ryu, it's hatch opening.

Ryu jumped into his machine and began to drive for his freedom.

"Fool! BLACK BULL!" Shadow roared. A large set of doors that resembled gates opened, and the fearsome Black Bull machine burst through them. It pulled ahead of Ryu and smashed into him. "Did you really think you could've used a damaged Dragon Bird to escape?"

As Shadow said those words, the wall to his left collapsed from a powerful collision. The Red Bull drove forward, away from the debris...Berserker smirked.

"What?" "It can't be!" Shadow and Genie both yelled as they dove away from the machine's path. A powerful aurora beam shone from the Red Bull lit up the room. It's entire body composition changed, transforming from a red and frankly bulky machine, into a sleek and sky blue colored machine.

The number 77 that was painted on the Red Bull's sides was immediately changed into 07.

"T-The Blue Falcon!" Ryu said, completely overwhelmed in shock.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Shadow roared. The Blue Falcon did a 180 before stopping right in front of Ryu. The hatch door opened, with Berserker standing in the cockpit. For a moment, the Earth stood somewhat still as Berserker put a hand on his robes and tugged them off.

Captain Falcon stood triumphantly on the same spot where Berserker had once been. The golden Falcon gleamed in the dim light of the room. "Captain Falcon!" Ryu cheered. Falcon turned to smile at his ally. He turned again to frown at his enemies.

"I guess I showed you who I am now." He stated.

"So you're actually-" Genie didn't finish. Deathborn stared at it all, trying to put two and two together.

"Let's go, you think you can keep up?" Falcon asked Ryu.

Ryu couldn't help but smile. "No problem!"

"BOOST-FIRE!!!" the Blue Falcon and Dragon Bird were engulfed in blue flames as they flew up to the roof and burst through it.

There was a long and pitiful silence among the trio of villians. "I-It was my fault, it was me who truly allowed them to escaepe." Genie said, trying to admit that hiring Berserker was a bad idea to Shadow.

(Summary: Ryu has been held hostage by Black Shadow, who tried to steal him of his memories. Berserker came in to save the day, and revealed to everyone that he was Captain Falcon, and then boosting off with Ryu.)

(A/N: This was shorter than the previous chapter, but I hope this is enough for you people.)