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Just Being Together


He held her hand in his as they walked through the park. She smiled up at him. He loved her smile; it lit up a room when it was a real one. And her eyes, those endless brown orbs. That's what made him fall so hard for her. When she was silent, her eyes spoke volumes.

Her teasing was next. She helped him play pranks on Probie one day, than the next she would be scolding him for throwing paper air planes at McGee. It amused him to end. He remembered when she had helped him glue the sleeping McGee's face to the desk. They laughed for a long time, until Gibbs head slapped them both. They were quiet for sometime, before McGee's head flew up. Skin tore off his face, the laughter was hard to stop and even Gibbs cracked a smirk.

Her courage drew him in next. No matter the situation: bombs, firefights, terrorist, chasing a suspect; she always wanted to be there to make sure nothing bad happened to her family. She beat her-self up when Ari tried to kill all of them. She never really forgave her-self and Tony never thought she would, but she was moving on and that's all that mattered to them.

He intertwined their fingers as he moved their conjoined hands to his lips. She smiled again and kissed his cheek. They continued there morning walk in a comfortable silence.


He watched her watch their 'children' bicker in the bullpen below them. She was laughing at the current argument about online games. Tony was picking on McGee, while Ziva switched sides often. He looked at Jenny again. He still loved her and he knew she still loved him. It was in her eyes and if she knew how to catch a lie like he could, she would know that.

He loved her fiery red locks and her dirty green eyes. They made her pale skin lighten up a bit. He loved that she was well matched in wits with her and that they both had their surprises.

He walked up behind her and kissed her neck. She jumped as he had expected, but when she turned she smiled and he knew that smile. It was her 'reserved only for Jethro' smile, and he loved that smile.


He knew her better than anyone, even Gibbs. He knew she really did have a coffin but didn't sleep in it. He knew that she wanted all of their co-workers together and he knew she had a tattoo on her inner thigh and he loved her, but she didn't love him.

She had told him so her-self, just about Tom and Amy. He was disappointed, until he heard her talking in her sleep about getting married to him. She had a content smile on her make-up free face. He wasn't stocking her. Another pipe broke at her place and the nuns were full, so he offered his place.

He gave her the bed like any good gentleman would and he took the couch. When he went into the bedroom to get clothes, he heard her mention Ziva's name and something about her being a maid of honor. He was confused, he admitted that, but when she muttered something about Gibbs walking her down the isle, he was shocked. He crept closer to hear her. She whispered 'I do forever Timmy' and he broke out in a grin. He was going to get her one day.

Not today, but sometime in the near future. He kissed her cheek and walked to the bathroom.

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