Where Did I Fail?

"Faith, come on!" he pulls at her arm and tries to drag her away from the mangled body of the girl she had not been able to save.

She resists. Her eyes are darkened by her misery and a dark aching he's seen her wear far too many times before. Her jaw is set and a strand of hair falls over her face, obscuring his vision of her.

He reaches out, tucks her hair out of the way and gently tilts her head around to face him. "Faith. We have to go," he tells her. He nods once as he speaks and then continues to watch her intently.

A flicker of recognition passes over her face but is taken over quickly by her grief. "I couldn't... I couldn't save her."

"No," he agrees.

"I fight evil all the time and save lives all the time. Why did I miss this one? Where did I fail?" She sighs loudly and seems to retreat back into herself. She doesn't respond when he waves a hand in front of her face.

He grimaces and does the only thing he can. He tugs at her arm and when she takes notice, firmly tells her to quit it. Quit thinking. Quit remembering. Just move. "You did all you could do."

It takes awhile but she nods at him.

He can see in her expression and the way her body jumps to alertness once more that she's back in the present."Let's go," he mutters gratefully.

"Yeah." She sweeps her gaze once more over the dead girl and then looks at him. Her eyes are alight with determination. "Let's get the hell out of here and find the monster that did this."

A half hour later they're standing over the beaten and bloody body of the demon that killed the girl. It's a lot more messed up than usual and he almost feels sympathetic towards it for what he saw it go through. The sick satisfaction that it's now as dead as it's victims' is stronger, however.

"Feel better?" he asks her.

A grim but content smile tugs at the corners of her lips. "Much."