Short but sweet.

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Nessie had screamed with excitement when we told her. Charlie, who had also been there at the time clapped me on the shoulder and said, "I knew you were a good kid."

Bella hadn't wanted to make a big deal out of getting married, but between my mother, my sisters, Sue and Nessie she was convinced to have a ceremony. Alice and Rose did all the work. They had been toying with the idea of becoming wedding planers and were excited to have someone to try it out on. I had wanted the wedding as close to the 4th of July as possible, giving Rose and Alice only four months to work with, they were not to happy with me about that.

For Nessie's fourth birthday all she had wanted was for me to move in. She had begged Esme for her permission for weeks and on Nessie birthday Esme gave me to her, complete with bow.

Bella and I decided to wait until the wedding to sleep together. Although sharing a room made it extremely difficult we did need that time to become comfortable with one another in that way.

On July 6th Bella and I got married on First Beach down at La Push. We were supposed to spend the next two weeks in Brazil, but Bella and I agreed that we would be spending that night in our meadow.

I watched Bella dance with her father. She looked radiant. Every time she turned she would smile at me and make my heart clench. I got to spend the rest of my life with her.

Nessie was dancing with Jasper, standing on her uncle's feet. Alice had found Nessie the most perfect flower girl dress. Nessie had gone on for weeks about how pretty it was but that I wasn't allowed to see it until the wedding because it was bad luck. The light green dress made Nessie's copper hair almost look red. She looked like a tiny Anne of Green Gables.

When Bella and I got back from Brazil we had to stay home for a while. Rose and Emmett were getting married at the end of July and Alice and Jasper were getting married in the middle of August. We had staggered the weddings exactly three weeks apart from each other. After the weddings we were going to travel, Bella, Nessie and I. We hadn't planned it out really, we were going to start with Europe and see how far we could get before it was time for Nessie to start kindergarten.

When we got back Bella was going to go to the community college to get her journalism degree. I had offered to move anywhere in the country, but Bella didn't want to leave Forks. All our family was there and we already had the house that I had bought from Charlie.

Although everything was out of order, Bella's life and mine had come together perfectly. I knew in my heart that from now on we would always have each other. We would always be a family. Even though it wasn't what either of us had originally planned Bella and I were finally getting our happy ending.

The End

Happy ending with butterflies and bunnies! I just needed to wrap the story up. I'm working on something new which I will try to get up ASAP, but I usually have to re-read anything five or six times before I decide that it's good enough for other people to see.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for hanging in there with me. It's been fun! :)