Into My World

A Poem About Vampire Miyu~

By Starfaya967

Golden eyes with a sad stare,

a girl who does not age.

"Do you want happiness?"

With pale hands she beckons.

An invitation to follow.

"I offer it.."

Dried leaves, dead branches,

all color drained out.

"So bare?"

A sudden dark sky,

souls inside spheres.

"Wicked creature!"

A cross thrown,

a smile emerged.

"Arrogant hunter."

Drops of red spill,

blinded by thirst?


Footsteps unheard,

teeth piercing skin.

"Just a taste.."

A silent gasp,

a contented sigh.

"What you wanted.."

Closed eyes,

a let out breath.

"Is here.."

A vision,

one last thought.

"In my world.."

A soul caught,

another sweet dream.


She peers inside the orb,

holds it close to her chest.

"Another companion.."

Lifted up into her sky,

stars among the dark.


Just a little taste of a prosey poetry style I do sometimes. Inspired by re-watching episodes of VPM, I LOVE the opening theme so much! :D

Basically a hunter was enticed by Miyu's charm and follows her into a dead forest, then it changes and he's in her world. In outrage he calls her a monster and throws a cross at her. Blood spills but it is not hers, he gasps in disbelief and then she appears behind him and takes a taste of his blood. However this taste captures him and makes him apart of her world while he rests in eternal happiness.. (Don't ask why the hunter is a man even though I WAS thinking of Himiko when I wrote this. xD)

Also, I have a feeling a new chappie shall be added sometime soon for Vampire Prince ;D but for now sample on this short and sweet piece~

R&R por favor! O: