Author's Note: Yep. Been a while. But I'm having serious issues setting the tone for this chapter, especially since watching Miracle Day, Children of Earth, and the Matt Smith version of the Doctor. This is much more serious than he ever is, and secretly, I kinda like him better…I know, bad, bad me…but Eleven is much more "me." None of this "I'll give you a chance" crap, but more of a "I'm the Doctor. You already knew what was coming, and you chose to do it anyway. Now you're gonna get it." Anyway…let me know how this all sounds. There was so much dialogue, I feel like I didn't actually do much with the story, but you've all been very, very patient.


"It's called a subdermal governor. Time Agents pirated the technology and used them as sort of a prison work release program. The original design was for them was to be able to control behavior, through some sort of electromagnetic pulses," Jack explained.

They were gathered around the conference table, having left the Doctor to sleep over the rest of the sedative unfettered in the medical bay.

"So basically a shock collar for the brain," Ianto said.

"Yeah, they weren't really big on compassion. The Time Agency was a fan of them for their less than cooperative prisoners. It's original purpose was for mental patients, a way to control erratic behavior. However, the Agency wasn't exactly the humanitarian sort and used it as a form of torture to drive people insane," Jack explained. "It's like a radio transmitter. You can program it to interrupt thoughts, and insert your own. For a while they had programmable assassins."

"I thought you said he was a prisoner of the Shadow Proclamation. So the Time Agency was the ones who had him?" Gwen asked.

Jack shook his head. "I said they pirated the technology from somewhere else. Maybe it was from the Proclamation."

"Not to interrupt, but Jack…to your knowledge, did the governor act as a tracking device?" Ianto asked quietly.

Despite the low tone, everyone froze and turned their eyes to him. Ianto cleared his throat. "If they can track him, in not only space, but time as well, we might have to prepare for another incident like the hospital with the Jundoon."

"Is the Proclamation even capable of time travel?" Martha asked.

"Well, the Agency stole their governor technology. Maybe they stole the Agency's vortex manipulator technology."

"Or, that's exactly what they were after when they destroyed the TARDIS," Martha suggested.

"Her death could be accidental."

"I'm not so sure she's completely dead," Jack said. "Crippled, definitely. But she came here somehow, so she could just be…resting." He scrubbed a hand through his hair. "Dammit, I wish I knew more about TARDIS technology…"

"Why would she come here? Or was it the Doctor flying her here?" Gwen asked.

"I can't think of a time when the Doctor willingly went to someone for help, so my guess was this place was the only place she could think of where she could find people who could help."

"Or this was as far as she could get," Ianto said.

"Thank you, Mr. Grim," Jack said. "I think I prefer the help option. But I agree that we should prepare for something like the Jundoon to come looking for him. Maybe not anything as drastic as the hospital, but a smaller group – assuming that they can travel through time too."

"Or they could send a small contingent," Ianto said. "They wouldn't need an invasion force. Just enough to take out, or take back, the Doctor."

"What did they wanted him for?" Gwen piped up. "Did he say?"

Jack shook his head. "Not really. He tried, but that's when he started to freak out."

"Okay, so possibilities?" Ianto asked. "Why would the Doctor be detained, or even allow himself to be captured by an intergalactic police force?"

They were all quiet for a moment before Jack spoke up. "Do you remember when Davros and the Doctor were arguing? Right before Donna showed up and saved the world?"

Martha nodded. "Yeah…Davros called him something. The Oncoming Storm. Is that like a title or something?"

"Not so much a title as a warning…it's what people refer to him as when he's in a bad mood, from what I gathered while traveling with him for the little while that I did. But Davros renamed him, right?"

"Destroyer of Worlds," Ianto confirmed, mouth set in a tight line. "Maybe his new title is what got him into trouble? It may have been Daleks, but he did just commit mass genocide. And who knows what he might have done in his nine hundred years? Maybe the Shadow Proclamation decided he was too dangerouns to be left alone anymore."

"Like Torchwood?" Martha said, without any real venom.

Ianto nodded, idly tapping against the table.

"Don't do that," Jack snapped.

Ianto looked up in surprise, his fingers stilling. "Do what? Tap?"

"That rhythm. Beats of four. Don't do that." Jack glowered at the Welshman.

Ianto had the decency to look slightly sheepish. "Sorry. I didn't even notice."

"What if that's what they were trying to do?" Martha asked suddenly.

The three Torchwood members turned to her, waiting for further explanation.

"What if what the Doctor is hearing is something like that? Wasn't the Master always going on about the Drums of War? Something in his head only he could hear, and was driving him to his insanity? Maybe they're trying to drive the Doctor just as insane."

"What in hell would you possibly want a lunatic Time Lord on your hands for?" Gwen asked.

"Maybe not necessarily insane…but what if they were trying to drive him towards a purpose? Maybe they wanted him to do something that he would otherwise refuse?" Ianto suggested.

"The Doctor wants to help almost everyone. Hell, he even gave the Master another chance after all that he did to the Earth. To him," Jack said. "Everyone except Daleks and Cybermen. And maybe those guys just used up their chances before now."

"So what's something so horrible that the Doctor would refuse to help unless driven out of his rational mind?" Gwen asked.

Jack and Martha shared a disturbed look, before Jack finally sighed. "If he was asked to fight. If the Shadow Proclamation ordered him to fight, he would've never agreed."

"Wait a minute, I thought that's all the Doctor did – fight for the forces of good, but fight nonetheless," Gwen said. "Why wouldn't he fight for the Proclamation? They're the police. Doesn't that make them the good guys?"

Jack shook his head. "The Doctor doesn't choose sides. He does what he thinks is right. Not what others tell him is right. If they demanded he fight for them…I'm assuming lead them in battle, since he was a General in the Time War – not to mention he probably has more combat experience than any race combined…he'd turn them down, and probably not very graciously."

Ianto snorted. "I somehow can't picture the great and powerful Doctor flipping the authorities the bird."

Jack actually smiled at that. "Really? Because I can."

"But they had to have known that he wouldn't easily aquiesce to such a request," Martha said doubtfully. "Maybe it's not that they wanted him to do something, but that he'd already done it, and they were angry with him."

Jack sighed. "That could be it too…dammit, I wish he was awake and could talk to us. How long should he be out with that sedative you gave him?"

Martha looked at her watch. "I would guess probably another hour. I mean, that stuff could knock out a rhinoceros for six hours, so it should probably hold him for around two, knowing his metabolism."

"All right, so in the mean time…I say get some rest. We'll set up extra security for now to hopefully dampen any trace of a signal the governor might be giving out, and I'll take first watch with the Doctor, just in case he comes out of it early and tries to kill himself again with another 'cerebral recalibration' running himself into a wall."

"Come get me if he starts to wake up, yeah?" Martha said, as she stood and stretched. "The drive took forever to get here, and I know I'll like the nap, but if you need me…"

"We'll come get you," Jack assured her. "Don't worry."

"Come on, I can show you our guest quarters," Gwen said, and escorted Martha from the conference room.

Jack and Ianto both headed for the control room to check on their charge and set up the extra security parameters like they'd suggested, and Jack immediately headed for the medical bay.

The Doctor was still out cold, but his eyes still fluttered disturbingly, like he was fighting the chemical induced sleep the whole time. His half red eye looked even more bizarre when he was mostly asleep, and Jack fought the urge to push down on the lids like one would a corpse. He doubted the Doctor would appreciate the thought.

"JACK!" Ianto suddenly shouted from the computers, and Jack looked up to see the Welshman staring open mouted at the monitors in shock.

"What? Did the Jundoon find us already?" Jack demanded, taking the stairs two at a time. He stood beside Ianto as he looked for whatever it was that obviously distressed his lover.

"No…but…is that who I think it is?" Ianto asked, pointing to the security footage for the pier side entrance to Torchwood.

Jack leaned closer, and felt his jaw drop when he finally recognized the face. "What the…"

"Harold Saxon?"


Author's Note: I am SO not happy with this…but it feels like my brain is completely fried and I just had to get it out of my system. Thoughts, criticism, all welcome. Just please, if you read it, I would like at least one sentence saying what you thought. My writing lately feels…rushed…and without detail or emotion.