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Chapter 1:

Endless Time To Ponder, Hate, & Desire

She was his slave.

A slave bound to serve him.

And as each season changed to another, she was reminded of the words her father spoke to her so long ago.

When the seasons change, new colors burst into life. Yet each recurring season never tells the same stories or paints the same picture. Instead, they create new beginnings and people live to make more memories.

How ironic that with each passing season, with each new colors, her heart was yearning to leave this world and enter the heavenly realm where she could reside with her parents and little sister. But, if God wished that she stay as the slave to the devil, she could not harbor any resentment for Him.

Every day, she prayed for strength. She could not hide the fact that hatred had consumed her heart over the years. Her eyes were blinded by a passionate anger. She knew too well that a faithful servant of God should love thy neighbor, yet she could not.

In her heart, she could not love like she used to.

Thus, she asked Him often for forgiveness when her heart felt like it would burst.

Dressed in a simple blue ankle dress and a white cardigan sweater, she pulled her hair into a ponytail. Her snow-colored eyes stared into the mirror as she continued to pull long tresses of ebony hair up. After tying it swiftly with a black hair band, she exited her room.

When she was forced to live with him, he had offered her a luxurious room—as if he was trying to entice her with his riches. Immediately, she refused his offer and took residence in the smallest room of the mansion—one that was the same size of her old room, but in this mansion was used for storing cleaning supplies like bleach, mops, brooms, and such. She had told him that her wish was to be with her family. To him, it meant she wanted death, and he refused to allow her such a joy.

"I can't let you free without atoning."

Walking down the quiet corridors of the mansion, her eyes stayed glued to the carpeted floor. With her hands together, she knew her duties of cleaning the house and watching for strangers.

A loud scream resonated from downstairs.

Hinata's eyes perked up. Horror filled her as she immediately rushed through the corridors and down the stairs to where the noise was located. Turning a corner, the scream resonated again and she realized it was coming from the living room.

Covering her mouth, Hinata stared at the sight with fear and astonishment. Stiff as a stick, she took two steps forward at the bleeding woman lying on the couch. Her snow-colored eyes stared at the two punctures to the woman's neck.

"Clean her up." The voice was cold, uncaring, and demanding as he disappeared from Hinata's sight.

Hinata felt a swift gust of wind blow past her face and she could hear footsteps slowly echoing at the walls around her. As soon as the sound of his footsteps dissipated, Hinata quickly ran to the woman. Inspecting the bite mark, Hinata's heart beat rapidly as she buttoned up the woman's blue silk blouse.

Next, Hinata ran to the kitchen and wet a towel, running back into the living room. Dabbing at the bite mark, Hinata cleaned the blood off the woman's neck. She took out a band-aid from the pocket of her white cardigan and placed it over the woman's bite mark. Hinata positioned the woman so that she was sleeping on the couch. Then, Hinata walked over to the closet by the living room and took out a blanket to cover the woman. Now, it was time to clean the blood. Opening a closet in the kitchen, Hinata took out the bleach and went immediately to work.

Vampires are the ugliest things to walk this earth, Hinata. You will learn to harness the skill we Hyuugas have used to hunt them and kill them. They are desolate beings who will never stop their bloodlust; therefore, must be annihilated.

When Hinata was seven, she heard these words her father spoke to her with the utmost animosity. Her training had just begun when her family was murdered by a group of vampires. However, she had been spared and forced to live out the rest of her life in servitude to the leader of the vampire group.

The leader of the vampire group was named Uchiha Sasuke and he had become the master of her world.

"You really screwed up your morals this time, Uchiha," said Kabuto with his arms crossed.

"Get out of my room, Kabuto," said Sasuke, walking out from the bathroom with a towel around his hip and another around his neck. His pale skin and ebony hair shined in the morning light emitted through a French window in his room. His arm muscles flexed as he dried his hair with the towel around his neck. "Have you forgotten? Vampires have no morals."

Kabuto shrugged, curiosity gleaming in his eyes," Never has my lord spared human life after sucking their blood. Now, she is damned to be one of us."

"I know that very well," said Sasuke, walking over to his closet and opening the aged wooden doors. He took out a black suit, a white dress shirt, and laid them on his king-sized bed. "But only if she can survive being one of us."

Kabuto shook his head in disbelief," Never in these three hundred years that I have served you, have I seen you turned anyone into a vampire. Why now, here, and in this mansion?"

"Leave, Kabuto," ordered Sasuke, waiting for the silver-haired vampire to exit the room.

Kabuto ignored his master's request. Suddenly, it was as if he had put the puzzle pieces together. Widening his eyes, Sasuke noticed the cynical gleam in Kabuto's eyes which made Sasuke raise an eyebrow in caution.

"My lord, you're testing her, aren't you?"

"You're ridiculous."

Kabuto chuckled, looking away in shock, as he scratched his silver hair," I can't believe it…" He was completely surprised.

"Kabuto, you're trying my patience," said Sasuke, his voice getting harsher and sounding like a death threat. He had a meeting today with the board of directors of the Vampire Council.

"Wait, wait, I just need to know, my lord," said Kabuto, his eyes gazing back at Sasuke, but with more of a speculative stare," Why have you chosen her?"

Sasuke turned away from Kabuto. Throwing the towel in his hand to the floor. He reached for his white dress shirt and placed his arms through the sleeves.

"Does it really need an answer?" Sasuke said darkly, his eyes turning smoky. "I have waited and thirsted for her blood, yet she easily runs away from me." Buttoning his shirt roughly, he was imagining her face: Her delicate frame, pale skin like his own, and the snow-colored eyes that have haunted him for the past twelve years.

How could he expect her, a human, to love him, the murderer of her family?

What made him more upset was that how could he, a vampire, go after a human girl?

Kabuto listened to Sasuke's confession. As a servant to the vampire known as the 'Lonely Heir' he could only watch Sasuke suffer the damned nature of all vampires: Their bloodlust. There was nothing Kabuto could do or any other vampire out there in the world who could stop themselves or another vampire from craving blood. Their nature had been recorded in books, documentaries, and the media.

They were damned to this sort of life—and very few that they took in as 'fledglings' were damned to the same craving for eternity. Sasuke should know that by turning the woman in the living room into a vampire, she would have to be accepted by the vampire community. If not, she would be killed.

But wasn't that a blessing to the unfortunate girl if the latter occurred?

"My lord," spoke Kabuto, his voice like a cold breeze through Sasuke," if you're trying to stir up jealousy in her, it isn't going to work. We both know she hates you. Even with such a pure soul of having not killed herself living life like this and that foolish faith she has, she cannot love. You are only acting foolishly."

"Am I?"

"My lord!" exclaimed Kabuto, unable to keep his composure. His master was being too rash.

Sasuke dropped his hands to his side, his onyx eyes staring at the floor. "I am a monster, Kabuto, that I cannot change. This is my nature. You should know well enough that if I don't get what I want, measures have to be made. Sacrifices are needed. Pain and regret are inevitable."

Kabuto nodded and bowed to his lord before preparing to leave his master to finish dressing.

Sasuke heard the door shut and immediately, Sasuke smirked to himself. I am pitiful, aren't I? he thought to himself.

If it hadn't been for that time ten years ago, he wouldn't have to feel such burning anxiety whenever he was around her. When she had rinsed his bloody wounds long ago, he had been surprised by her actions. She should have killed him and saved herself from living a tortuous life with him. That day, he had gone up against a raid of Hyuga vampire hunters with his group of elite vampires. It was his duty, as given to him by the Vampire Elders and his desire, to hunt the Hyugas. It had been a strenuous battle in which he lost nine of his vampires and the Hyugas had lost fifteen men.

"Kill me," said Sasuke, his eyes staring tiredly at the nine year old Hinata," and you can go back to them."

Hinata was cleaning the cut on his arm with a wet towel. A basin of water by her side, as they stayed in his room—Sasuke on his bed and Hinata by his bedside..

"It is a sin to kill," said Hinata, her eyes staring at Sasuke's wound. " I will not kill you." Quickly after her words, she resumed to cleaning his wounds as Sasuke laid there, eyes opened, and accepting of her words.

From that day on, Sasuke watched her closely. He allowed her to attend school, but always either him or one of his vampires, would have to make sure she would not run away. She never did. When he attended parent-teacher meetings, he explained to her teachers that he was her older brother and that their parents had passed away. She never pleaded with the teachers about him. He attended her graduation ceremony and not once did anyone in the crowd look at him suspiciously. Hinata kept a grave secret very well.

And now two years later, she was living and breathing here in this mansion every day, servicing to his and his vampires' accommodations as the caretaker of this mansion. Yet, Sasuke could not feel satisfied with her atonement.

Hyuga Hinata was still not doing enough.

Uchiha Sasuke needed more from her. He needed to have everything about her. Her body, mind, soul.

If I can't have you, thought Sasuke, a dark smile forming on his lips as dark ebony bangs covered his eyes, knowing full well the darkness that dwell inside him, it will never be enough for me. I have lost everything because of the Hyugas.

Sasuke got dressed and left the room in a gust of wind.

Heavenly Lord, please watch over her poor soul.


Hinata opened her eyes and removed her hand from the woman's forehead. After cleaning the woman's wound and the blood on the carpet, Hinata wanted to pray for the woman. Even though Hinata was never able to master the art of combat against vampires, Hinata knew very well from her father's instruction that a human who survived a vampire's bite would eventually turn into a vampire. Moving strands of hair away from the woman's face, Hinata looked forlornly at the woman's sleeping expression.

Who knew how long the woman would sleep—days, months, years—if she wasn't killed already; her awakening would only be triggered by her body's acceptance of the vampire blood now flowing through her veins. If her body rejected the vampire blood, she would die in her sleep and the vampire blood would disappear from her body—giving the woman's death a likely diagnosis of a heart attack to any medical examiner.

All of this Hinata knew from the beginning of her training given by her father.

And yet, began Hinata, putting aside the information, and sitting by the floor near the woman's side, gazing at the woman's facial features, you'll turn beautiful. The kind of beautiful that has a dark luster of mysteriousness that will attract any humans to become your meal. Hinata sighed as she looked at her fingers resting on her lap.

I hate him. I hate him for turning innocent people like you into one of his kind. The beauty that he radiates is the worst of all I have seen.


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