Chapter 16:


Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.

- Helen Keller

The first Council of Vampires emerged during a turbulent era of disorder and chaos. Prior to such velocity of disruption, a beautiful Earth had prospered. There was no need to worry about beings called "bloodsuckers." Everything had seemed accordingly ordered. But slew of slaughters and wars developed when humans were being feasted by the "bloodsuckers." Ultimately, a group of vampires and their followers banded to initiate a halt to the destructive mess.

Encounters with the "bloodsuckers" later transformed into countless myths and tales told down from human generations. People laughed or feared the stories; nevertheless, thought themselves foolish to believe the absurd material could ever be real. However, when night naturally appeared, the absurd became the truth.

Vampires called the days before their birth "Eden." A term not uttered in conversation except for the purposes of high insult. No one wanted to believe the world was better without them.

The birth of vampires had always been a mystery. Some believed it was through God's wrath and hatred for all things evil that he sealed the worst traits imaginable into a blood thirsty creature. With all good things that came into existence, there was needed a balance of darkness to match. Vampires were the darkness of this world. Their life forever damned. No one could ever be as sinful as a vampire. No one could ever be as evil as a vampire.

The Council of Vampires wished to dissociate these malicious terms with their race. Their guardianship carried the hope that all vampires could someday coexist peacefully with the rest of life in this planet. The desires of the Council ran deeper than blood lust. Old age and wisdom they had acquired bred dreams for a future blooming of acceptance.

Centuries progressed into millenniums.

The oldest and wisest died without ever witnessing their whimsical dreams come alive. Consequently, new generations of vampires took over. Different factions set up in several countries that contained vampires were created. Many councils were constructed, providing ways, often unique from each other, of dealing with vampire inclusion into society.

And so it came to be that the dream died along with the First Council. The hope of peace which they longed for their kind disintegrated into a million ashes.

Once again, the era of disorder and chaos which they had loathed so much had returned to continue the cycle of pain and death, sacrifice and love.


The meeting was in session. Six well-respected vampires sat in the darkness of a grand room where they often conducted meetings with vampires who sought their attention. Perturbed by the engagement infiltration three days ago, the complexities in Japan were increasing. Safety was the main issue tonight as they conducted their annual annual council members' meeting. Two hours had already passed in which they discussed a decisive plan to quell the recent number of vampire deaths seen lately.

"The incident in Tokyo has put fear in the vampires through out Japan."

"If Hyugas can enter the engagement party of Lord Uchiha, the vampires are fearful their lives will be threatened also."

"Hmph! I did propose a challenge to those Hyuga infidels! We have one of their daughters, after all!"

"Oh, shut up! We must contact that Hyuga vampire."

"But she has amnesia. What information could she possibly bring to us?"

"Our community is in danger. We have no time to consider Lord Uchiha's feelings."

"I agree. It's about time she learned the truth of her birth."

"And who better to bring her to us than Lord Uchiha himself?"


Dr. Tomoe Shizune and Dr. Aburame Shino were shocked to find Hinata alive and well. Their assumption about her need of vampire blood disappeared once they saw her sleeping peacefully this very morning. Ino reassured both doctors that Hinata was in no state of danger. The human blood had done its job perfectly in assuring Hinata's survival.

Unfortunately, Ino could not account for the dry tears that had rested on the Hyuga's cheeks.

"Tears of joy," replied Ino quickly, "for living through the aftermath of a bloody nightmare."

"She can leave today," stated a satisfied Shino. He turned away from Hinata. He still did not like the fact that Lord Uchiha wanted her alive.

Shizune raised an eyebrow at Ino, but inquired no further as well. She left the room silently along with her comrade, Shino.

The silence once again saddened Ino's heart. She had been unsuccessful in comforting Hinata. Soon after hearing the news of Katsuya's death, Hinata cried herself to sleep. Unable to leave her side, Ino stayed by Hinata for the rest of the morning.

I wonder what she's thinking? Ino sat in the stool next to Hinata's sleeping figure. With a hand under her chin, Ino frowned. I've never seen you like this.


Ino closed her eyes tiredly and shook her head disapprovingly. Since her sleep, Hinata would whisper Lord Uchiha's name occasionally.

"Do you love him that much?" asked Ino, opening her eyes," Or are you attached to him because he's your master?" She curiously wanted to ask, but she knew Hinata would be immensely hurt by the question.

Not once have you mentioned Gaara. He clearly loves you, though the fool won't admit it out loud.

One of the sweetest vampires she knew was in a love triangle with the vampire community's toughest males. There was something enticing about this news.

What will you choose, Hinata – Heaven or Hell?


The apartment had returned to its usual silence. Gaara had turned on the television so that noise would reverberate throughout the rooms. He exited his bathroom, clothed in a white towel around his waist.

A week had already passed since Hinata's admittance to the hospital. She wasn't living with him at the moment. She had begged to stay with Ino. Not to worry, Gaara did not feel dismayed. He took in her gesture without offense. He could have any female he wanted at his place. He didn't need to feel bad that Hinata wanted to live somewhere else. She still came to clean the house and work at Naruto's noodle restaurant, but she just didn't come and sleep in his apartment anymore. Gaara was fine with her decision. As long as she found comfort, he would be glad to give her what she wanted.

Or was this what she needed?

The droplets of water dripped down from his skin. He stopped in the middle of the hall, thinking how everything would have been different right now. There would be no doubt.

When he had visited her at the hospital, she acted as though she had never cried out the Uchiha's name in such painful agony. The disappointment on her face the moment he entered stayed with him all these days, taunting him. To Hinata, he was not Sasuke. He was not the vampire who had turned her into a vampire.

Resentment...tch. Gaara cleared away the disturbing thought.

Hinata was completely clueless about his feelings towards her. If Gaara didn't know any better, it seemed like Hinata was ignoring him.

Gaara punched the wall in front of the bathroom, which formed a dent. He gritted his teeth. He had routine security duty tonight in Northern Japan, so he wouldn't be able to catch Hinata at work. He hated that she was doing this to him – having this effect on him like she was a sorceress or something. All he ever did at times was think about Hinata. He knew he shouldn't be holding onto her like this, draining the energy out of her by seeking her comfort. She didn't care for him. If this was any other female still hooked on her former lover, Gaara would dump her; he wouldn't deal with used goods.

No wonder she wanted to leave; Gaara was still a stranger in Hinata's heart.

Yet, Gaara realized he still loved her; the way she talked, looked, and protected those she cared. When he heard about her situation with the vampire boy, he admired her strength for protecting Katsuya. He knew many vampires who would have run away in that situation. He was even jealous that Hinata still carried strong feelings towards the Uchiha despite the fact that he was engaged.

She loves them to the point that it destroys her.

Gaara had never felt that emotion before. He never felt like desiring something so much that he had no idea it was killing him in the process. He detested that Hinata was turning into what he could not be. He hated that Hinata was dying before his eyes, and he could do nothing to prevent her.

He was so angry!

He couldn't bear the thought of it; the fragile thing was too damn precious to lose.


Ino tiredly walked up the stairs to the apartment that she now shared with Hinata. The very day Hinata found out the news of Katsuya's death was also the same day Hinata decided to leave the hospital.

"Ino, may I stay with you for a while?" Hinata's voice quivered, but continued," I-I won't be a bother to you."

"Why, Hinata?" Ino wondered, surprised by the question.

"I-I feel more comfortable with you." Hinata lowered her gaze immediately after her response.

"But, he took you to the hospital," Ino replied, confused. "Hinata, he saved you just like Uchiha-sama."

"I-I know. But still..."

A sigh escaped Ino's lips as she ran her hand through her blonde hair," Fine."

Relief flooded Hinata's face. She reached for Ino's hand and smiled thankfully. "Thank you, Ino."

It wasn't bad having Hinata live with her. Hinata cleaned up the apartment every day, was never really home during the daytime because of her job as a waitress and duty as Gaara's cleaning lady. Ino was exhausted. Several of the vampires from the hospital had gone home after two days. Their medical attention was cleverly covered. The paperwork was massive, however. She couldn't write the same symptoms and treatment for a bunch of vampires, so had to put down all different sorts of hush down.

Thankfully also, the Tokyo television station had recorded that the building which held the engagement party had been robbed. Everything was gone.

Life, supposedly, had returned back to normalcy.

Unlocking the door, Ino stepped inside to see a surprising sight.

"You're leaving?" asked Ino shockingly. Hinata was in the living room, zipping her suitcase.

Hinata looked up shyly with a smile," I'm going to Lady Sayori's boardinghouse. She may need help after all that has happened. I've already sent a letter of request to return."

"But you don't know if she'll allow you to return. I'm sure I'm not mistaken, Hinata, but you were given a duty by her to stay here," stated Ino. Walking to Hinata, Ino dropped her bag and keys on the kitchen counter nearby. "Hinata, are you running away?"

Hinata shook her head, her eyes downcast," No, I-I'm not."

"Hinata, tell me the truth."

"O-of course."

Ino furrowed her eyebrows," Lord Uchiha didn't come for you. Is that why you're heartbroken and choosing to leave instead?"

"Ino, you're mistaken. I-I wouldn't be angry at him. We're not-"

"I never told you what I heard that night of the engagement party did I?" Ino wondered curiously, with a hint of anger in her tone.

Hinata's eyes widened. "I-Ino."

"You cried out 'Onii-san' while you were dying, Hinata. You were calling for Lord Uchiha, weren't you?"

"What?" Hinata stared gapingly at Ino.

"And I heard that he turned you into a vampire. Technically, he's your master, you know. Your body is bound to him because he made you this way." Ino looked away in irritation," You may think you love him, but it could just be a false illusion. You may want to return to him, but it's only because you are his servant. Don't you understand? You're a toy. HIS TOY."

"I-Ino, p-please don't say that." It was beginning to hurt inside again.

"Why haven't you investigated the incident? A Hyuga is in prison right now! A Hyuga who is of your blood relation!"

Hinata was silent at the statement, while Ino chatted away.

"That human is your family! You share the same linkage! Yet, you're going to Lady Sayori? Why are you so stupid, Hinata?" Ino's voice bellowed into rage. "This is the first time I'm actually seeing how pathetic a vampire you really are! You love Uchiha-sama, who took you away from your family! You ignore that Hyuga prisoner, who is being tortured as we speak! Wake up!"

Hinata felt a rush of red color her cheek. Shame was the clear expression on her face. Her eyes lowered. Ino stood panting now, breathless.

"W-what should I do?" Hinata murmured.

Ino froze. Her eyes wide from the surprise question.

"W-what should I do to make things right, Ino?" Hinata's body shivered, her eyes gazed straight into Ino," I-I cannot stop thinking about Katsuya. I-I cannot stop thinking about Uchiha-sama. I-I want to see her. I want to ask her why she would kill a child. But I'm scared to know!" Hinata fell down to her knees. "I d-don't want to discover that everything I've felt has been a l-lie. This feeling…has kept me alive for twenty-five years, Ino. W-what do I do when there is no going back?"

Ino lowered her body to be eye level with Hinata. Her sympathetic expression watched Hinata's grievous face. Her soft hand patted Hinata's shoulder for comfort.

"You don't run away, Hinata. Trust me." Ino's eyes lowered," Find out the truth."

Hinata wept. Wrapping her arms around the Hyuga's shoulder, Ino comforted the broken female.


Daylight proceeded to slowly fall into darkness. Sasuke continued up the unpaved path to the boardinghouse that was protected by dense brushes of trees. He had come here a few times in his 375 years. The protection this boarding house afforded was indeed great. With his status as a lord, the bodyguards he had encountered along the way allowed him easy access up the path. They all had bowed low to his presence.

After the bloody aftermath in his engagement party, Lady Sayori along with her children and maids had set up a private funerary service for Katsuya. He heard that Hinata had attended the funeral along with Gaara, Naruto, and Ino. He wasn't pleased that Hinata had become so chum with them. She was gaining 'friends', one would say, but to Sasuke, they were suspicious vampires. Surely, they must know of Hinata's origins. Clearly, they knew that a Hyuga, under any circumstance, would never be accepted. This bond that glued the four together was fake that masked ulterior motives. Sasuke would never allow Hinata to fall under their trap.

Therefore, he returned to this boardinghouse to gain a perspective about Hinata's situation. Tonight, the VPU would work without him. Kabuto would lead, being second-in-command.

The front door also proved effortless for him. A maid allowed him to enter. He ignored the way she squealed delightedly when he handed her his black cloak. His onyx eyes focused on the interior design of the boardinghouse. He couldn't remember anything familiar.

Another maid came in hastily and urged him to the living room for tea. Lady Sayori was preparing herself as they spoke. Sasuke nodded and entered the large living room. Upon entering, he could hear faint children's voices.

"Where are the children?" Sasuke asked disinterestedly, more out of manners that he inquired upon their whereabouts.

"Oh, they're outside. The gardens are outside those glass doors." The maid pointed to white curtains that veiled two long glass doors. She chuckled as she poured the tea into his cup and another cup for Lady Sayori.

A normal human would be shocked that children would play during the evening. However, Sasuke wasn't worried, nor were the maids. Vampires had good vision at night. This was a good way for the children to practice their vision at night.

"Ah, she's here. I hope you'll have dinner with us! Every once in a while, the children demand human food." The maid chuckled, bowed, and left.

"Hn," grunted Sasuke. He remained stoic at the thought of eating with a bunch of rambunctious kids, flirty maids, and an old vampire with a vendetta. Not appealing, he imagined.

Seconds later, a woman sat across from him. Dressed in a silky black kimono, her brown hair was in a neat bun hairstyle. Her brown eyes gazed kindly at Sasuke.

"Lady Sayori." Sasuke bowed.

"Have a seat, Uchiha-sama."

Sasuke moved to sit across Lady Sayori.

"No, sit closer. Take this chair on my right."

Sasuke obeyed and sat down. He was used to dealing with old vampires. They were the most experienced at manipulation. He could tell when he was being coaxed.

"There, isn't it better to talk this way?" Lady Sayori held out a hand, as she smiled more lively," Like a son visiting his mother."

Sasuke remained stoic to her remark. It had been a while since he placed flowers on the graves of his parents and brother. He held her hand and kissed it. Pleased, Lady Sayori retracted her hand gracefully to rest on her lap.

"Now, Uchiha-sama, tell me why you are here." Old vampires enjoyed conversations, but they also liked to get down to the point.

"Lady Sayori, tell me about Hinata's time here."

"Oh, Hinata-san was a hard worker like the rest of my maids. She loved the children. However, I think I detected a bit of division between her and the maids. Besides one maid, the others didn't seem as close to Hinata-san. It broke her heart to leave the children. Now, the poor female wants to come back." Lady Sayori put on a sad face. Wiping her eyes, she shook her head," But no, I need her with my son Gaara."

Sasuke's eyes rose," She wants to return here?"His hands coiled into fists. Hinata would be returning to him had he not treated her cruelly. At least he realized Hinata had enjoyed her stay here.

"Yes. Pitiful, isn't it? Now that she realizes how complicated things have gotten, she wants to go back into complacency." Lady Sayori turned her attention to Sasuke once again," But I don't want her back here. She's already lost me Katsuya. I can't bear the thought of her carelessness again."

"Lady Sayori." Sasuke's voice rose. "What are your intentions with Hinata?" You still haven't told me why you wanted her.

Lady Sayori sighed," My intentions? I don't plan to reinstate myself in the Council again, I assure you. But if what I desire makes me a sacrifice, along with the rest of my followers and children, to achieve an ancient dream, I will not fail in my attempts."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow," What are you talking about?" His informality unintentionally came out.

Lady Sayori noticed, but enjoyed this different side of Sasuke. He always tended to be polite to older female vampires. She turned her eyes to the small photo frame hanging on a wall. A photo of herself and husband decades ago.

"Does Uchiha-sama ever wish he was human?" asked Lady Sayori softly. Her eyes drifted on Sasuke's stoic expression, but she could see the rage behind his onyx eyes. The same rage that mirrored her own just days ago when she held the funeral services for Katsuya.


Lady Sayori chuckled," Really? I guess we are more different than I imagined. In truth, I wanted to be human the more time I spent with met my husband. He was so fragile, yet brave to love a creature like me. He hated how I ate, but he never stopped caressing me. He hated how I suffered by his side, but he begged me to never leave him." She covered her eyes with her hand. The emotions getting the best of her. "In the end, he chose a forsaken life with me. He was the only one who could sacrifice what was precious to him. I could not."

We can turn them into one of us, but we can't turn into one of them. Sasuke listened intently. "What does this have to do with my life?"

Lady Sayori removed the hand over her eyes. Her brown eyes colored in tears, which surprised Sasuke.

"The gift of choice," replied Lady Sayori. "Humans can choose to change. We, vampires, cannot change our ways. We believe we can, but our lives are intertwined in a lust for blood. The closest thing we have to humanity is our form, our emotions, but not our nature. I want to change that fate. I want to create a community of vampires where there will be coexistence between humans and vampires. We accept each other wholeheartedly without having to sacrifice our loved ones."

"That is a radical, old ideal if you believe that the ancient dream will come true. Vampires cannot refrain from blood, especially a human's." Even Sasuke could not escape the torment his body endured because of his new found diet for animal blood, nor could Hinata escape it by ignoring vampire blood.

"Ah, but parts of it have come true."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "How?"

Lady Sayori, the proper vampire that she was, unexpectedly pointed a finger at Sasuke. "You." Formalities disappeared and she spoke as though a parent would to a child.

"Ridiculous," Sasuke scoffed.

"You love Hinata-san, don't you? At first, it stemmed from your blood lust. You wanted her because she was a difficult meal for you to kill. You enjoyed the sensation of her presence and the way she tempted your senses. Then, you realized she had more than just a body, but a conscience also. Soon the way she conducted herself looked attractive to you."

Sasuke's throat tightened. The images of Hinata saving him, hating him, all her feelings during their days together were returning like a flood.

"You may have turned her into a vampire against her choice. But she chose to live with you despite the hell she endured. That itself is proof that vampires cannot live without humans. When we think about it, humans are the superior race because if they die, we die also. They may not know it, but they could control us if they knew we were more than just myths and tales. That is why I want to ask you, Uchiha-sama, why do you love her even though she hated you?"

Sasuke refused to answer and stayed quiet instead.

Lady Sayori's tears dried, but the sadness in her eyes remained.

Before Lady Sayori could answer, Sasuke had already spoken it. Somehow, the images in his mind had triggered the word he had felt all along when he realized how deep his emotions had transformed for Hinata.

"Faith," he answered quietly. He never thought he would say such a 'pure' word. That she could someday love a monster like me, I…carried this faith…within me.

"Uchiha-sama's feelings have just proven that the ancient, old dream is still alive in many vampires. Faith is what guides us toward this goal. The present system is currently diminishing such a worthwhile dream, but I intend to fight for it. And so I have a question for you, Uchiha-sama." The answer to my revenge.

Sasuke looked up at Lady Sayori's determined expression.

"Will you fight for it, too?"


They all seemed like a family. Sasuke sat at the end, opposite of Lady Sayori, while the rest of the loud children sat on the lengths of the table, chattering excitedly about eating human food this month. All the maids appeared, bringing plates to the table.

"This looks delicious!"

"Fried fish and rice!"

"Is ice cream for dessert?"

Lady Sayori answered them with a nod, resulting in a loud cheer of hoorahs. Sasuke watched as the Lady Sayori's lips changed to a smile as she ate small bites. Sasuke wasn't surprised that Lady Sayori did not prefer human food. She was an old vampire, eating human food was just out of courtesy for disguise. Besides that, she didn't like to lower her standards one bit. Just another characteristic of a high-status vampire.

He ate his meal with small bites also. Even he acknowledged that the meal could not fulfill his appetite. Thankfully, he had already fed on some animals this past week. He pecked at his food more than ate it.

"Does Lord Uchiha not like the meal?" whispered a maid politely. She appeared next to him with a pitcher of water.

"Not really," Sasuke murmured.

"I can get Lord Uchiha something else."

"No, it'll be alright." He turned his attention away from the maid and looked down at his plate.

"Momma, who is he again?" asked a little boy vampire.

Sasuke's eyes widened. Hadn't I already introduced myself?

Lady Sayori grinned at Shin," He's Lord Uchiha…" Lady Sayori glanced up at Sasuke," He's Hinata-san's older brother."

Sasuke immediately glared at Lady Sayori, but said nothing. Damn vampire. He didn't like his business told out loud without his consent, especially in his presence.


"I miss Hinata-san!"

"How is she? Can she come back?"

Sasuke grunted, before answering," Hn. She's busy in Tokyo." Doing what, I know not.

"Aw, why didn't you bring her?" The soft female voice reminded of Hinata.


"Are you mad at her? Is that why she's not here?"

"Hinata-san never said she had an older brother. Do you know why she would not say that?"

"Are you her boyfriend impersonating as her older brother?"

What! He couldn't believe these kids were asking the most unrefined, personal questions ever said to him. He was angry, but amused simultaneously. The initial thought that this did seem like a family became more apparent to Sasuke that Lady Sayori had, in fact, raised a family of her own. These children seemed loved, and to be very happy in their state here. To think, that before their smiles, they had been orphans.

Just like yourself, Sasuke.

"Katsuya would have liked to meet you!"

Sasuke turned his attention back to Shin, the one who had initially asked about his identity. Suddenly the children's faces lit up.

"Oh, we all know he had a crush on her!" They giggled incessantly. The older vampire children; however, just smiled at their siblings.

"He might have asked Hinata-san's older brother for advice!"

"He thought he was Hinata-san's little brother."

"Yeah, remember when she left and he was really sad. Gosh, I couldn't stand it."

"How about the time I threw sand on his head at the beach and he didn't notice! I even put some in his shorts!" They roared with laughter, wiping the tears from their eyes as they thought about the event.

The atmosphere grew quiet. The children still wiping the tears from their eyes. Sasuke sensed this and he also frowned. They remind me of… No he didn't want to think about it.

"Sand…I think someone pulled that trick on me, once." Sasuke's lips parted a bit.


Sasuke nodded, giving a smirk. "Yeah. I retaliated by pushing the vampire in the water."

Small giggles arose. Sasuke turned to Lady Sayori to see awe in her expression.

"Hn." Okay, so he lightened up the mood. It wasn't that big of a shock.


"Damn." The female snarled angrily at the view of ashes on top of isolated dirt.

"Who the hell did this?" Another female vampire appeared.

"Isn't it obvious?" questioned Kabuto, his beady eyes trained on the completely annihilated vampires. "Vampire hunters. Who else?" He bent down to grab a pile of ashes in his hand.

"And I thought we had killed enough of them to make them stay away for awhile," inquired a male vampire.

Kabuto grabbed a lighter in the recesses of his dark cloak. He turned to one of his teammates holding onto a very injured Hyuga hunter. He grinned at the female hunter as he neared her. She sneered at him, but he could sense her nervousness. Her body shook while captive in Yusuke's grip. All of the faces of the elite vampires under the command of Yakushi Kabuto, for the night, had cold expressions on their face to mask their anger.

These vampire hunters had killed our colleagues. This thought ran through their brains as the hunter continued to shake involuntarily.

"When will they ever stop reproducing?" asked one of the female vampires with irritation," They go after us like we're animals."

"It's because to them we are animals," said Kabuto. He cocked his head to the side. His smile widened at the female hunter's glare.

"Ugh, it's annoying! I'm sick of watching our kind die."

"Shhh…" hushed Kabuto," Let the dead pass away in peace. We have to report this to the Council. Kiba, did you grab a scent for me?"

Kiba nodded. His thick brown mane of a hair, and red painted lines on his face gave him a ragged look. However, he enjoyed that his victims feared him because of it. "Hyugas."

Three figures suddenly appeared in front of Kabuto.

"What did you find?" Kabuto asked.

Karin, one of the three female vampires who had appeared, nodded. "They're 200 kilometers away moving at a fast speed."

Grinning, Kabuto pushed up his glasses, eyes never left the female hunter. "Good. They're close. It seems they're chasing after us. They want you, don't they, beautiful?"

Kabuto's eyes gleamed at the female hunter's frightened expression.

"They came sooner than I expected. It's too bad you can't say good-bye. You will never find your heiress this way, you know." Kabuto turned to another male vampire. "Suigetsu."

Suigetsu poured gasoline over the hunter's entire body. Kabuto flicked the lid of the lighter on while she choked on the poisonous hazard. Her screams echoed throughout the isolated parking lot as her body was lit to flames.


Sasuke never expected the vampire children to do what they did. They had hugged him as he left the boardinghouse. Sasuke often refrained from touching. He liked to be reserved, keep to himself. However, it couldn't stop the children. He was a guest, and rarely was he ever a guest at another vampire's home, so he allowed the children to "touch" him. He returned the favor, awkwardly. The maids chuckled while Lady Sayori bellowed in laughter. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Come back with Hinata-san okay?"

"Good night, Uchiha-sama!"

"Don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Each of the maid took the children upstairs to put them to sleep. The older vampires, on the other hand, could stay up as late as they wanted even though school was tomorrow.

"Lord Uchiha did very well. I never expected Lord Uchiha to show so much warmth in one day."

"Hn." Sasuke placed his hands in his pocket. "Thank you for having me today."

"My pleasure. I still haven't gotten an answer, yet."

"The truth is I don't know the answer."

Lady Sayori smiled, stepping close so that a feet separated them. She looked up into his dark, troubled eyes understandingly. "Uchiha-sama truly does not want to make a mistake, does he?"

Sasuke looked away from the old, beautiful vampire.

"Good-bye, Lady Sayori." He bowed to her and left.

Five minutes he was zooming down the mountain. He had gotten his answers, but in a fashion he did not expect. He only got more questions from Lady Sayori. Yet, he was satisfied with this visit. It was almost too perfect.

"Lord Uchiha!" A familiar voice shouted behind him.

Sasuke halted. He turned around swiftly and saw a blurred figure coming his way. His dark onyx eyes changed into red.

The figure before him was the maid who had inquired upon his meal. He didn't ask for her name.


"I…You…forgot this." She panted. As Sasuke watched her pull out the black cloak from her bag, she murmured incoherent words.

"Thank you." Sasuke took it from her hand cordially. He placed on the cloak and readied to leave.

"W-wait please."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, his eyes retained its flaming red color. He was outside now, in reality, and he would have to watch out for hunters.

"Does Uchiha-sama like the beach?" asked the maid vampire. Her amber eyes gazed at Sasuke curiously.

"Yes, I do."

She smiled at him softly," Hinata loved the beach, too. I guess that's why Katsuya always wanted to go there."

"Why do you ask?" This time Sasuke stepped closer to the maid.

The maid squeaked incidentally, a blush on her cheeks, as she answered back nervously," Are you really Hinata's older brother?"

"Yes," he lied.

"Is s-she alright?"

Sasuke was curious now about why this maid was so nosy. "What is your name?"

"I'm sorry. My name is Maki." She bowed to him. "Forgive me for not introducing myself."

"Tch. Why do you care so much about Hinata?"

"S-she's my friend, Lord Uchiha."

"Friend?" repeated Sasuke, with more sarcasm than he intended," Is that what you consider yourself to her? I heard she wasn't treated well by the maids. What kind of a friend allows this to happen?"

Maki bit her lip, before answering," I understand your rage, Lord Uchiha. But I only wanted to tell you something."

"What?" This time Sasuke held no softness like earlier. He was angry, that even though Hinata was happy here, there were still those who mistreated her.

"Don't let Hinata come back here."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Why? She liked it here."

Maki shook her head. "I spent twenty-five years working with her, talking to her." She looked up at Sasuke," She feels guilty, Lord Uchiha. She'll try to come back to repent for Katsuya's death. We abandoned Katsuya, while Hinata took it upon herself to protect him. She wouldn't have stood a chance against those Hyuga hunters. I know she won't be happy here. We all did the best we could to protect those children."

Sasuke understood Maki's intention. He knew how hard it was to race against time to save a live, only to fail at the end. "That's how stubborn she is." To put herself in painful situations to create order. Maki was intuitive about Hinata. He could almost trust this female vampire before him, but he very rarely had trustful companions he could rely on.

Maki nodded. "Yes."

"How did she feel about Gaara?"

Maki's eyes widened. She caught the slight edge in Sasuke's voice. "Gaara-sama?" Shaking her head, she pursed her lips," Everyone was terrified of him! He was obsessed with Hinata. But I was shocked to see them talk to each other at the…engagement party."

"She didn't like him?"

Maki shook her head. "No, not at all."

Sasuke fought back a smile. "Thank you…for the cloak." He disappeared.

Maki blinked. He was gone so quickly.

He's fast. Is he in a hurry?

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