Title: Jaded
Characters/Pairings: Haruka
Word Count:
Rating: PG
Warnings: Hints of non-con
Author Note: I read about Rin, Haruka's previous 'master' and the one who sealed him away. I hate her. Gwar
Summary: He despises the name-pact, but more than that, he despises himself for allowing it to happen.
Disclaimer: Icon belongs to daddy! Thank you so much!

He slaps Kantarou's wandering, sleepy hand away. The folklorist has no idea what he's doing, he knows that, but he can't help but remember hands, belonging to a shadowed face, grasping at him, nails cutting deep into his flesh.

He can see a mouth move, a name unheard by his ears and lost in time. His teeth grit in anger and frustration, unable to disobey the simple order. He feels the world drop out from beneath him, sees her face approach, her hands still rough and cruel, not worshiping as Kantarou's gentle touches are.

Dirt still clings to him, after several baths. Honor doesn't exist when he feels the butterflies of fear and dread upset his stomach to the point of vomiting, hiding away from those unbearable caresses from even someone as innocent as Kantarou. He sits up abruptly, brushing dampened bangs from his brow, shivering from a memory that he can't fully understand. Who was that wretched person?

"Ha... ruka?" The oni-eating tengu rolls away from the youthful, wanna-be scholar and leaves for his own room. He can't be seen or touched by something so physically pure (morality didn't exist in Kantarou). He needs time away from so-called love to rid his mind of this loathesome creature who haunts him and causes his body to quake in inexplicable fear and pure hatred.

He hates humans for their short lifespans, but he also despises them for their need to rush through them and their inescapable grasp on him and all that he is.