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Arella Roth a.k.a. Angela Blithe

I pressed my ear to the cold door, trying to support my entire weight with my toes, not wanting to scrape my stupidly high heel against the floor and alert my parents to my position.

It was idiotic and childish to be eavesdropping at the study door like I did when I was fourteen, but I needed to know exactly how my father felt about me before I went. I had already drawn the pentagram needed to open the portal back to Azarath, the only thing I would leave behind.

"Maybe if we had spent more time with her-"

"It was what was best." My fathers strained voice cut my mother off. They didn't sound angry anymore now that I was out of the picture. Mom sounded like she was trying to come up with a reason why, and Dad sounded resigned.

"Obviously not. Or else she wouldn't have run away pregnant and cut off all contact for eighteen years."

Silence in the room. I swallowed back saliva silently, breathing through my mouth so I wouldn't make the slightest noise, and praying to Azars soul that there were no concealed security cameras in the hallway. The last thing my family had to see was me listening outside the door, too cowardly to knock and talk with them like an adult, and then me chanting to a chalk pentagram I had drawn on their wall a few minutes ago, before stepping through it and disappearing again.

"Did she feel like she couldn't come to me?" My mother asked, most likely rhetorically. He didn't answer her for a while, as they sat in silence.

"She was always her own person." My father sighed finally. "No matter what we said she would have done what she wanted anyway. But she should have known we would help her."

"How would she know that? Every time she came to you, you shouted and cursed and told her everything she had ever done wrong!" my mothers voice raised with each word, breaking the false image of calm that she had struggled to gain back.

"Are you blaming me?" dad asked, his voice so low I had to press my ear harder to the wood to catch his words.

"Of course not." My mom said quietly, settling down again. "We've been over this so many times I feel like we should have taped it and then we could play instead of talking. I'm just…struggling to comprehend this. Its not just little Ange anymore. There is a child involved now."

"Not a child. An Adult. " Dad muttered, but he sounded like he was having trouble wrapping his head around it.

"Imagine the life she must have had." my mother thought aloud. Shame spread throughout my body.

You have no idea I thought to myself. If any of them knew how I had treated Raven as she grew up, it would not just have been my father telling me to leave.

"Maybe she was better off, not knowing us. Now that I think about it, I wonder how Sarah and Jonah turned out like they did."

I knew that if Raven had grown up knowing them, she might have been a more confident person. But at the time, it was best for her to just be, rather than be confident. Now, it seemed stupid for us to have gone to all the trouble to isolate her. If we had just seen the strength she had...

"Don't do this to yourself Jonathan." Mom sighed, and I heard a chair scraping back. "You overreacted in there. All you have to do is get outside and talk to Angela. Just tell her how you've felt. She's grown up. Her child is older than Summer and Ryan. Don't you want a relationship with the both of them? We don't even know the girls name-"

"Raven. Jonah said her name was Raven." my dad broke in. My heart leaped. He had taken notice of Raven…

"That's pretty. I was too distracted to take it in." another sigh. "I wish we seen her at the ball. Sarah just said she looks exactly like Angela. But the one year we don't go…" she trailed off into more silence. "It must have been hard for Sarah and Jonah. We didn't believe them."

"I should talk to her" dad finally stated.

"You should. Anything to make her stay a little longer."

"It wont be easy."

"It should be natural. Amazing. Just seeing her there…"

"Yes" dad cut her off dully, clearly not overjoyed.


"Just give me a minute." he huffed, as if he were preparing for surgery.

I was frozen in place. I had overreacted in deciding to leave. He wanted to talk, even though I could hear from his voice that this was his worst nightmare. Talking to me had always been hard for him, and that's why he gave up as I grew and became more difficult, I could see that now. Not that it made things easier. I had been and I had the feeling I would always be the child he felt mostly distant from, because our personalities were so opposite.

But the fact that he was willing to talk to me after all these years, at least try to sort something out, was making me feel panicked. The chalk pentagram was still drawn on the wall behind me, the same height as me, and three times as wide. In other words, huge.

The moment they saw it their minds would jump to one conclusion and one conclusion only.


And in a way, they would be right. I had no magic in me. I was about as magical as the pope. But the Church of Blood was very good at one thing when it first started. Summoning through portals. The same way we had tried to summon the devil and ended up summoning Trigon, I was now summoning a small amount of magic to make the portal and get back to Azarath. The second my father saw the pentagram on his wall, he would realize exactly what I left this house for.

And then they would connect it to Raven. They would assume her father was apart of the church. And assume wrong, because they would never come to the conclusion her father wasn't even human. And then I would be plagued by questions I wouldn't be able to answer without putting my one true home in danger.

I tried to tiptoe across to the wall, listening carefully for any signs of movement from the other side of the door. I didn't know what I was going to do. Rub it off with my jacket?

Arella you idiot.

The floorboard underfoot creaked, and I heard someone stand up in the study, and the unmistakable sound of footsteps moving towards the door.

Raven Roth

I stared at the toes of my clothe boots, the rays of sun warming my back through my, Jared's, hoodie, senses tingling uncomfortably.

The feeling you got when you knew you were being watched. In my case, it was obvious. Because my Team had been staring since I entered the common room, each knowing something was wrong with me. Robins silence and dark looks that reminded me endlessly of Batman were helping to add to their suspicion.

I didn't want to look into Starfires eyes. Big and green, almost like Renata's, full of confusion.

The comfort of Jared's apartment was many miles away, but this was my final hurdle. This shouldn't be hard compared to other tasks I've had to complete, and it was the right thing to do. I was always trying to do the right thing, so this should be one up.

So why did I feel like I was a traitor? Why did I feel like I was selling them out? Something inside me was telling me I had been right to think I would only bring them pain the fist time I even met them. That part of me was telling me this had been obvious, and I was stupid to have not seen it coming.

"Speak up Raven. Its your choice, either stick with it or sit down." Robin said darkly. He was standing off to the side, behind the couch the others were sitting on, separating himself off from the group. Becoming more of a loner, becoming more Nightwing.

I was almost starting to feel sorry for him. But now I chanced a tilt upwards of my head to shoot him a glare. But he wasn't looking at me. He was staring at his feet so I only got a view of his spiky hair. Maybe he knew every word made me feel even guiltier.

"What is it Raven?" Cyborg asked. I flicked my head to him, and saw he looked concerned. For me. Beside him Beastboy snorted. He looked tired, of what I didn't know.

But I had no time to figure out what his scorn meant, or what it was directed at. I took a deep breath, gathering up all my positive emotions to use in my favor.

What words should I use? I normally had a plan for everything but this had happened so fast. This morning I was simply bored, unsatisfied and unhappy, and now I was leaving. Tonight, I would be packing. There had been no time for my plans.

"I'm moving out." I said, almost ashamed at my daring. From the corner of my eye, I could see Cyborg frozen, his face disappointed, huge, broad shoulders slumped. I laced my fingers together over my stomach, needing something to do with my hands as I waited for the silence to end.

Disappointment. Worse than anger, because anger, I could defend myself against.

"WHAT?" Cyborg asked but Starfire was the first to move, jumping to her feet. "ARE YOU INSANE GIRL?" I was a little cautious that she might pull me into a hug, so I took a step back, which just seemed to add to her upset state. If her eyes resembled the Russian twins before, they certainly did now. Because they were filling up with the same kind of tears.

"You cannot leave us!" She insisted tearfully. I looked back to the ground, but as if by magnet my gaze kept dragging back up to her face, to all their faces.

"She can do what she wants Star, she always does." Beastboy said bitterly, lying back into the couch.

Thank god. Because with that, my chest fired up with anger, although I could see he was surprised by my revelation. He said I do what I want like it was a fact. Like I did this all the time. Like I was a flaky bitch in it for herself.

Maybe I was this time but never before! I had done everything I could for everyone else! For Azars sake I hadn't even been aloud to feel because it might hurt others. I had to pretend I wasn't a person for sixteen years. I just wasn't doing that anymore. I was trying to go with the natural flow of things for a change. Beastboy had no right to deny me that particular freedom.

"What is your problem?" I asked in monotone, emotionless, on the outside at least. They all knew what I was feeling on the inside. Nowadays when I acted like I used to, it meant I was feeling something intense.

Beastboy's eyes blazed, animal like, but he was cut off by Starfire.

"You cannot leave, this is what I saw when I went to the future! We promised we would not let this happen!" She insisted desperately, her head flicking round to each individual member, as she looked for conformation.

I understood why she was upset. When she went to the future she saw us all separated, me alone in my room cut off from the world. She thought it was happening now.

"That won't happen Star." I said softly, anger at Beastboy disappearing fast. I couldn't hold onto it.

I hadn't thought of that. It had been driven from my mind in hast, but now I found myself thinking about what Starfire saw. Futures could be changed of course, I was living proof of that so far. But in the back of my mind I was going forward, down all the paths my life could take.

And the more I looked, the more paths I found that would take me to that very future. Being alone. If Jared and I went wrong, and broke up, I could end up alone and friendless.

The prospect was terrifying, now that I had had a taste of a full life. Going back to being an emotionless shell would kill me.

Starfire didn't believe my words, and frankly neither did I. But I still had my dignity, and my hope. And possibly even my faith.

"Your being stupid! Starfire went to the future and saw you all freaky and insane! Maybe this is what your meant not to do!" Beastboy flared up again, pushing himself upright on the couch, back straight.

"You don't know that Beastboy." I said quietly. "Maybe this is what I'm supposed to do."

He shook his head.

"Your supposed to be the smart one! But this is Malchior all over again! There's something wrong with you when it comes to these things, how can you trust yourself?"

I ignored the sting from his comment and swallowed back my sarcastic retort. It wouldn't help here.

"I can't walk away from him, you should know that by now." I managed to spit out.

"Your unbelievable." he replied darkly.

"If it goes wrong then I will only have myself to blame." I said. "But for the record. I think I'll be fine." I added fiercely. Beastboy lay back on the couch, his face set in fury.

I would not go back now.

"So your moving out?" Cyborg asked to confirm, much like Robin had. So far, he had the calmest reaction in the end. But he couldn't keep the sadness out of his face.

He most likely understood my reasons for leaving the best, because for a large chunk of his life, he had just been a normal kid. With normal aspirations, including moving out of home.

I nodded solemnly.

"I'll be an honorary Titan. I'll come see you guys as often as I can." Cyborg nodded, but he wouldn't look me in the eye, creating a metaphorical wall. I swallowed back sadness, and looked at Robin once again, to find him gone.

"I don't want to be the only girl on the team!" Starfire cried out.

Missing girl time with me would be a big thing, and as I would sometimes feel lonely in my new apartment, she would feel lonely and different from everyone else back here.

Maybe they would get a new member.

"We'll go shopping more often." I amended foolishly, trying to placate them all so I could spend the rest of the day peacefully. A good ending to a long story.

Starfire considered me for a moment, but I knew it wouldn't be this easy.

"When do you leave?" Beastboy spoke up darkly, not facing me.

"Tomorrow. I still need to find a place."

Arella Roth A.K.A Angela Blithe

Sitting on the study's hard but modern couch ten minutes later, I tried acting innocent. Something I had been good at a long time ago, and had gotten me out of a lot of trouble before it stopped working with my father.

"I'm going to ask again." He said, as I looked up. "What the hell was that?"

He must have remembered the look, because it was not affecting him. His back was stiff and straight and his face was staunch. My mothers eyes were big and fearful, as if I was something she didn't know anymore. It was impossible to try and offer her words of comfort, nothing I could say would help now. A lie would be obvious, and the truth would be seen as a lie, or if it was beleived, be even worse than saying nothing at all.

"It doesn't matter." I mumbled. I was afraid he would go back on his deal with himself and refuse to talk if I didn't give them answers.

"Are you in some kind of cult?" He asked sharply.

I knew it. I looked up to meet my fathers bright blue piercing eyes, and saw something strange in them. compasion. Like he felt sorry for me. I stared back frozen, like a rabbit.

This was a foreign emotion to see when he was looking back. pity. I couldn't imagine what he was thinking.

"Tell me." He insisted, and I realised this was his version of talking things through with me.

"The truth, or what you want to hear?" I asked slowly, slipping my hands over my knees, and bringing my eyes back down to the carpet. Throughout my childhood, he had always only wanted to know what he deemed acceptable. When he asked what I did at school that day, he really meant, what did you do that I can be proud of? Which is why I had usualy replied with 'nothing'.

I could see he was struggling with my question, and I noticed my mother sit up and become more alert. The truth was what she wanted, even if I only gave her an abridged version.

I anticipated my fathers answer. He wouldn't lie, not now, but it would still be difficult for him to admit he would rather not know. The answer would be, 'do I want to know?'

"I want the truth this time." He finally sighed, blowing all my expectations out of the water. I swallowed back, and looked to his face to find him deteirmened.

I had put the offer on the table, and I would have to follow through. Inside I was starting to warm to the idea of facing every problem I had, and not settling for second best. to have people know my some of my history, so I could at least talk to someone if I needed it.

So, in my story, Trigon would be a church leader. Azarath would be spain. The church of Blood, a little-known manipulative church. The teen titans would be a group of troubled vigilantes, and Raven would only be in them because she was strong, smart and fit. That pentagram would be a symbol for love that I was going to leave so they could remember me. and the main truth to it would be the reason I left, because I was stupid, and young, and rebellious.

And I would feel a huge weight lift off my shoulders.

"If you want it..." I said softly, drawing in a deep breath to start my sad, pathetic tale, but feeling this was the right thing to do, and knowing that I was secretly joyous about it.

My luck was picking up.

About time.

Raven Roth

"You mean your not going to stay with your boyfriend?" Cyborg asked in surprise, finally making eye contact with me. I nodded slowly, wondering why this seemed to shock everyone.

Cyborg finally looked pleased, and it clicked that I was still his innocent little Rae, and the thought of me sleeping in the same bed with a hardened criminal shattered that for him. So for him, I would have to play the virgin. No matter everyone else knew better. I would let Cyborg keep his denial intact, if it would make this easier.

"I've never stayed there before." I lied flawlessly, putting the right amount of scorn into my voice. Frigid little Raven, scared of physical contact.

Much too risky Lust giggled sarcastically. I ignored her and watched as Cyborg nodded in agreement with my statement.

"So where did you stay that night Red-X 'kidnapped' you?" Beastboy interrupted rudely, almost ruining the effect.

When did he become so observant? I gritted my teeth as Cyborg eye narrowed.

"Lela's" I answered coldly, folding my arms over my chest. "He was there, sleeping on the couch."

For some reason, Beastboy's facial expression turned from serious and calculating to amused. But it was only there for a second, and then his cold look was back.

"What?" I asked in annoyance. Beastboy raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry, Classified information. Titans only."

I hissed in annoyance, but I was partially glad. I was accepted, he was joking. I was allowed to leave in peace. I was allowed to come back if I needed to. All three of them were looking me in the eye, not afraid to still talk to me. Beastboy was still going to try and piss me off, and Cyborg was still going to be my brother, and Starfire would still be upset at me going. But I was allowed to visit.

"But on a side-note, did you sleep in Lela's bed?" Beastboy asked, trying to suppress a laugh.

Starfire took a break from looking devastated, though the shadow was still present within her face, and started looking confused.

"I still do not understand." She said dully. Cyborg burst out laughing, and Beastboy couldn't hold a straight face any longer.

Now I was confused. Their shock had only lasted ten minutes and then they were laughing?

"What?" I asked again, eyebrows furrowed. It was true I didn't like being the last to know. Something about Lela was funny to them. Cyborg took pity on me and checked behind him to see if, presumably, Robin was there.

"Uh, Robin," He laughed again mid-sentence. I tapped my foot impatiently. What was so hilarious and important?

"We really shouldn't laugh." Beastboy broke in, while laughing.

"but uh, Robin got a call from Lela before he went to the police station"

So that was why he had been so frustrated? It wasn't just Jemal's relentless racism and refusal to crack that had got Robin so worked up? He had looked more upset than usual. He was good at staying calm in situations that involved work, but I knew relationships were a deferent story, from first hand experience.

And Lela wasn't likely to wait for him, while he tried to work his mind out.

But why was this so funny to them? They were a little sensitive….

Beastboy fell of the couch, and Cyborg burst out into fresh pearls of mirth at the sight.

…Weren't they?

Starfire looked at them reproachfully and then looked to me. Her eyes were red around the edges, but she seemed otherwise okay.

"I do not understand why they find this so funny." she said to me. She scooted backwards, away from the two, as if she was afraid what they had was contagious. "Should they not be grieving for Robin's loss?"

"What happened?" I asked, deciding that although Starfire would most likely not understand what Lela meant by what ever she had said, it was better than asking those two idiots rolling around on the floor at my feet.

She stood up and grabbed my arm, leading me away from them. She looked concerned but quickly brushed it off.

"Lela has grown tired of waiting" She whispered, as if Robin might enter the room any second and hear her. But Starfire looked like she understood where Lela was coming from. "And she confided in Robin that she is seeing someone else."

I nodded, waiting for the punch line. What horrible miracle had distracted them all from my huge bombshell?

But Starfire just stood back and looked over her shoulder, flicking her red hair over her shoulder, watching as the boys picked themselves up.

"And that's it?" I asked after a silence. Cyborg gathered his breath and grinned.

"Lela's seeing a girl."

I gapped at him, not because of his sentence, but because of his narrow-mindedness. And Robins. I could understand Beastboy being immature enough to giggle at this, but I expected better of Cyborg. I knew very well Robin was not upset about Lela 'leaving him'. They hadn't really been together in the first place, and he was not in love with her. It was because she had 'left' him for a female, and that made him feel like less of a man.

I was not surprised about Lela. In Azarath, Being bi-sexual was a common occurrence. Why wouldn't it be? After all, the whole point of Azarath was love without discrimination, and peace. So why would it seem strange for someone who had found a kind of love to take the chance? Lela had seemed like the type of person to love what she loved, ignoring all boundaries. So if she had found someone, I was happy for her, no matter what gender.

"I do not understand what the deal is." Starfire said again, becoming increasingly upset by the boys grins. I narrowed my eyes at them. It seemed that Tameran had a similar philosophy to Azarath, and Starfire didn't see the problem either. She was just concerned about Robin's feelings.

"On earth, having a relationship with a member of the same sex is only just being accepted, and these two are being immature." I hissed.

Comprehension dawned on her face, and confusion was replaced with disapproval.

"I do not understand earth at all." She replied.

Cyborg and Beastboy had the decency to look a little sheepish.

"You have to admit its funny. Robin's got girls climbing all over him, and the first one he goes for, is moving out to spend more time with his arch enemy" Beastboy nodded his head at me, and I didn't appreciate it. I narrowed my eyes.

He would be in big trouble if I wasn't leaving.

"And the next one turns out to be a lesbian."

"Bi-sexual" Cyborg corrected him wisely.

"Your right." Beastboy amended. "Bi-sexual"

I growled and sat down on the arm of the couch.

"Its not a big deal. And you shouldn't mention it, or even think about it, when Robins around. He's angry enough already" I said evenly, not wanting to bring attention back to what else he had to be angry about. Where was he? Was he so mad at me he couldn't look me in the eye and say see you later?

At least he won't have to see you with Jared anymore Logic soothed me. That's something in his favor.

You could give him a goodbye kiss Lust suggested quietly. I coughed and took a breath, clearing my mind of stupid thoughts.

"Who will explain this all to me when you are gone?" Starfire asked quietly. I averted my eyes, and made a promise I knew I would regret.

"You can…sleep over." I cringed, as Starfire flew into me, pulling me into a tight hug the second the dreaded words left my mouth.

"Thank you Raven! We will paint our nails, and do quizzes in magazines, and watch the earthly flicks of chick and eat popcorn!" She cried happily, giving me one last squeeze before pulling away, beaming showing off all of her immaculate white teeth. "We will have the best time"

I nodded, inwardly terrified. There would be no way out without braking my promise. I caught Beastboy staring at us from out of the corner of my eye. Only Azar knew what kind of Lesbian fantasies the seventeen year old was concocting in his hormonal head.

He looked away quickly. And then there was silence. None of us knew what to say now.

"Hey Rae, One last time with the t-car?" Cyborg finally asked, getting out of his seat. I reluctantly nodded, relieved that he was accepting this so easily, though his big brown eye was sad. I wanted to stay with him as long as I could today.

I imagined everyone felt this way when they left home for the first time. Azarath didn't count. This tower was more my home than the temple could ever have been. I was leaving a whole family, and though I knew I would see them often, it wouldn't be the same. But then, that was why I was leaving in the first place. I had to keep reminding myself that.

I didn't want to go to my room and pack, even though that was where I had spent most of my time. I had no clear memories in that dark, mostly empty room. Nothing particuly important or happy. All my favorite occurrences, not that I had thought of them that way at the time, had taken place in the common room, with everyone there. Or in the garage with Cyborg and rarely Robin, tuning up or fixing the T-car or R-cycle, and of course, talking. Meditating wasn't a symbol of what living with the titans. Neither was being by myself, feeling nothing.

The Teen Titans were emotion, and growing up, and hormones, and arguments, and immaturity all rolled into a neat little crime fighting package.

I was a little surprised when everyone seemed to follow us out into the garage, but I guessed they just wanted to be a part of my last day as one of them. I ignored the ache in my heart, once again having to remind myself this is what I wanted. This wasn't goodbye.

But still, it hurt.

The door to the elevator opened and we were in the big concrete garage, the familiar smell of strong motor oil hitting my nostrils. The scent held so many good memories.

The huge t-car was blocking most of the view its colors and curves, stylized by Cyborg with love, and the new tires I had helped change, its most drawing features. Robins R-cycle was leaning up against it, the kick stand in need of repair. Robin himself was standing next to it, a ratchet in his hand, apparently attempting to fix it himself.

He did a quick sweep of us with his eyes when we entered, and by the dark look he gave Beastboy, he suspected I knew about Lela. He was reading way too much into the situation, and I knew someone had to talk to him about it. But was that person still me?

"Hey! Get ya'll bike off my paint boy wonder! And put that damn Ratchet down, you'll mess up all my hard work!" Cyborg growled animatedly and Robin glared, but dragged it up against the wall with no complaint. He set it down with a loud thump and dusted his hands off on his legs. He stayed still, but the way everyone was bouncing up and down was weird. Almost expectant.

Starfire was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet, her face lighting up, as if she had just remembered something important and amazing.

Cyborg walked around the T-car and ushered me over, something akin to pride on his face.

"Remember when me and Robbie said we were gonna give you ya present the day afta ya birthday? And then we got sidetracked and-"

"You mean you were hung over" I corrected him with a raised eyebrow as he smiled sheepishly.

"yeah right. Well, here it is."

And he stepped aside and gave me a little shove, so I could fully appreciate the new view of the black Chevy Camaro z28 with white racing stripes, previously hidden from sight behind the bigger T-car.

I gapped.

Had Robin somehow planned this to make me feel bad? He said he had expected me to be leaving sooner or later…My heart plummeted and lifted up at the same time. The car was beautiful, vintage, but not overly flashy. It wasn't look-at-me like the T-car was, and somehow it fit my style, if any car could.

"0 to 60 in 3.3" Cyborg said proudly, giving the long hood a loving pat.

"Don't get fingerprints on it" Robin said gruffly. Cyborg looked at him sternly.

"Don't you be telling me how to treat the car that I re-built up in here." he replied.

I was afraid to touch the glossy paint job, it felt like signing some sort of contract. A contract that stated I was selfish, and took things from people that I didn't deserve.

But it was so pretty. The front grills over the number plate that spelled out my name. So much effort had been put into this gift that I wanted to collapse to the ground in shame.

"That's impossible" I muttered, walking forward but keeping within a safe distance of my car. I was going to be driving out of here in it, basically a fuck you to my friends.

"Nah. Nah. This is now the twelve fastest model of car in the world, one of a kind, the T-car now being the fourth of course." Cyborg said with a smile. He flipped the hood up and stood aside, his face gleaming with pride. I looked down.

The inside did not match the outside. The engine and its tangle of intricate wires that should have been shiny black, white and gold to match the cars exterior was blue and white, looking like Cyborg had gutted his own car and put the parts in mine. I looked up.

"You like it?" He asked. I nodded numbly. And ignoring all the advice from my emotions, ran my hand over the drivers side door, walking around it.

My hand glided over the smooth surface and I finally allowed myself to be excited. A bubble of happiness grew in my chest as I took in the sight of my cars interior, the four leather seats, the thin steering wheel, and the various blue and silver buttons and knobs on the dash board that were obvious additions from Cyborg.

"Now I feel bad." I muttered. Beastboy smirked and walked over to me. Surprisingly he reached around and put his arm over my shoulder, and even more surprisingly, I didn't cringe away.

"Well, it wasn't part of the original plan, but I have to agree it's a bonus."

I smiled faintly. In all honesty, this was a good way to leave. Better than any god dammed party they could have thrown, and since there was no alcohol, at least we would all remember this.

"Its beautiful." I said unwillingly.

"I knew you'd like it!" Cyborg roared in triumph. He held his hand up to Robin. "Didn't I tell you she'd like it!" Robin glared at his hand, extended for a high-five. Eventually he sighed and slapped his hand.

"I never disagreed with you." He pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I said she'd like it first"

"Yeah yeah." Robin muttered. I smiled. Beastboy grinned, fang poking out.

"I think we should celebrate."

"Celebrate what?"Robin asked, a vein jumping on his forehead. I didn't blame him. Our 'celebrations' usually ended up with someone half-naked and embarrassed. Thank god I had already had my turn.

"The first titan leaving." Beastboy replied, as if this was obvious.

"But that is not happy." Starfire commented. Beastboy shrugged, bad attitude gone at the thought of food and drink.

"still, I think we should celebrate."

Cyborg slapped the hood of my car again, and headed over to the elevator. I lingered, wanting to talk to Robin in private. I wasn't a titan, but Robin was still my best friend. I had a duty to talk to him. The others seemed to understand, and I only got one suspicious look from Starfire before they all piled into the elevator and the doors closed.

"Are you okay Robin?" I asked quietly, once we were alone. He looked me in the eyes sharply.

"They told you." He muttered, grabbing his bike and dragging it back up against the T-car, now that Cyborg wasn't here to see. I walked over to him, and lent against the T-car.

"Its not a big deal. On Azarath, there is no norm. its not considered shameful to-"

"This isn't Azarath Raven. And I don't feel ashamed. Lela can do whatever and whoever she wants, it none of my business." He straightened up. "Its just I feel…"

"Like your losing control." I offered. I knew Robin. I knew he was in the leader position because he was the one who was naturally first there, naturally offering advice and skills no one else had. Losing me to Jared, losing Lela to some girl, losing his team…It wasn't the way things were usually run.

Robin had a routine. Everyday he got up at the same time, trained, showered and read the newspaper. Lately everything had been disrupted and there was nothing he could have done about it. Just like there was nothing he could do to stop me going now, or make me love him that way.

"You can always read everyone so easily." He commented unhappily, leaning up against the car next to me. "More specificly, you always know how to read me" He sighed. "I'm gonna miss that."

"You think I'm gonna turn into a little housewife Robin? lose my edge?"

"No, I think you'll turn Bonnie to Jared's Clyde and I'll have to arrest you one day." he replied seriously. it was valid that he would be afriad of that happening. But if anyone was going to change in mine and Jared's relationship, it was him. It was unspoken, but I definatly expected him to cut back on the stealing, since I was now an ex-superhero.

'Even if I did turn into a housewife, you still wouldn't be able to arrest me." I said mockingly.

"Cause you're my best friend?" he asked sarcastically.

"No, cause your not good enough." I replied, smirking.

"We'll see." he cautioned, a little smile playing on his lips. The intercom clicked.

"Will you two please get up here. If we get Raven drunk enough, and invite Lela over, we think something might happen. we've always been a little suspicious." Beastboys voice rang out, and I knew he knew he was about to get a hiding.

"We will" I smiled, as Robin growled at his innapropriate joke, that was so not funny.

Ahaha, I'm so unpredictable.

Yes. This story was fun, wasn't it? I know I had some. I hoped you enjoyed reading it. There is a sequal if anyone's interested.