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Test Chapter-Dirty Minded Tsugura and Innocent Kyoko

Note: This chapter is based off my own dirty mind (lol) and chapter 71 of Skip Beat! Now, this may contain spoilers, because I read the online version and don't pay attention to the books much anymore. (If you want to read up to about book 20, then you can either go to onemanga . com or to mangafox . com and look up "Skip Beat!") Anyway, this is the chapter where Kyoko goes over to Ren Tsugura-san's hotel room and helps him develop his "Katsuki."

If none of this sounds even the slightest bit familiar, I suggest that you stop reading and come back after you have read this chapter, either in the books or online. The next bit will contain major spoilers to those who have not read up to this point.

In the previous chapter, Kyoko manages to act her way into Ren's apartment but she has a hard time convincing him to let her stay. Finally he agrees to allow her to stay and even gives her an opportunity to melt his heart. During all this, Ren is seriously struggling to overcome his feelings for her. Kyoko, unaware of all of this, is only making things harder for him with her unwitting way with words and seemingly innocent actions. When she leaves the room in tears (the reason being she's frustrated over her acting abilities, but that is unknown to Ren) Ren slumps on the bed, exhausted from holding back on hugging her. (He wanted to hug her close because of the tears)

But now is his chance to hold her close! After hearing the sound of a crash in the kitchen, Ren goes to investigate and fins Kyoko in a compromising situation. She is barely balancing on a chair, holding onto a shelf that folded outwards from the top cabinets. In her attempt to get cookware to make him a meal, she finds herself unable to move or she will fall. Ren attempts to help her but~!! She falls anyway, forcing him to catch her and hug her to him… However, now they are left in a compromising situation, with him holding her in his arms, his body onto of hers. What could have happened that night if Kyoko had also realized her feelings for him then?

[Tsugura's POV]

'In my arms,

Who fits perfectly,

Is a slim body…

With soft hair,

And an


Sweet scent.'

Those were the first thoughts in Tsuruga Ren's mind.

'In the past,

The experiences these hands had with numerous lovers…

Allowed me to know what females are like…'

Tsugura Ren slowly became aware of the small body beneath his, the alluring scent of his kouhai teasing his senses. His hand tingled, as though it wished to play with the long stands of hair on the back of her neck. He cradled her neck in his hands, a natural position after trying to protect her from the fall. His eyes opened slowly, warmth in them that would have shocked her and sent shivers through her if she had been able to see them.


Those emotions,

Touch and,


Does not excite my heart to the point where I am beside myself.'

Slowly he closed his eyes again, enjoying the moment.

'And not like now,

Makes me feel,

A woman could be,



With that thought, Tsugura Ren squeezed Kyoko, hugging her close to him.

[Kyoko's POV]

Kyoko's mind raced, unsure of what was going on. All she knew was that her mentor, Tsugura Ren, was on top of her. She has recognized his scent as soon as she had become aware that she wasn't injured from the fall like she thought she would be. However, she couldn't comprehend the current situation at all. What should she do?

What did these feelings mean? Her heart beat sounded like it was pounding impossibly loud. Why? Tsugura-san's scent seemed to be intoxicating her, making her feel faint. What did that mean? Her body felt extremely warm against the places where their bodies touched, and that sensation seemed to be spreading to every inch of her. Was she sick? Or was it just that she was hyper sensitive to the extra body heat Tsugura-san added by being near her?

She was getting dizzy just trying to figure everything out. Then she felt Tsugura-san squeeze her, hugging her closer to him. Her body began growing extremely hot and she had the urge to wrap her arms around him and hug him back. Instead, in a shaky voice, she called out to him.


[Tsugura's POV]

Her voice calling out to him like that, startled and shaking, made him start. Tsugura opened his eyes with a snap.


Am I doing…!?'

Kyoko kept talking, her body vibrating against his slightly with each word she spoke. Then a thought occurred to him, in the midst of her rambling.



This is reason!'

His eyes widened with this realization.

'Instead of hugging her, I just let her fall…

By hugging her tightly then suddenly releasing her, this is called "can't help but hugging her tight".'

Tsugura released her, gently loosening his grip on her.

'This is, the reason why I keep getting nged…!!

Because I did not express well on this,


True feelings.'

He caressed Kyoko's cheek gently, his eyes staring deep into hers. Gently, he allowed his thumb to trace her lips, exhilarated by the feel of her moist lips brushing lightly against his skin.

[Kyoko's POV]

Kyoko's eyes widened, her mind stopping its wild thoughts. The look in his eyes left her face feeling hot and she felt the need to lick her lips. His hand caressing her cheek was distracting, not allowing her to continue any specific train of thought. When his thumb brushed against her lips, she had a fleeting moment of insanity. She actually wondered what it would be like to kiss his thumb. What it would be like to part her lips slightly and take it in her mouth. She wanted to taste it, perhaps even suck on it, if only for a moment. Her eyes widened even more at such scandalous thoughts.


Tsugura-san's hand moved down her cheek to her chin, titling her head up.

"Do you," began Tsugura-san.

"Eh?" she replied.

"Have any,


…in kissing…?" He asked slowly, his voice low and deep. His hand still on her chin, one of his fingers traced her lips again.




…w-why…?" Kyoko finally managed to reply. Why was she getting so hot under that intense gaze?

He seemed to pause for a moment, then a smirk appeared in his face, sending shivers through Kyoko. He began to inch towards Kyoko's face…

"Do you want me to…

Teach you?"