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Test Chapter-Dirty Minded Tsugura and Innocent Kyoko

Note: My deepest, sincerest apologies! I know it's been too long since I last updated, and I apologize for that! I don't know when I'll update after this chapter, or even if I'll continue the series after this, but I thought I should at least allow it to end with a bang.

Also, for those of you who asked,

Ren Lover

I have added the words Kyoko whispered back. Slight flashback to the previous chapter in the beginning, as always. I hope you enjoy, and again, my deepest apologies.

Oh, one last thing. When proofreading my story, I found it to be fluffier than I had originally intended. Please ignore that element of fluff; I was just trying to draw out Kyoko's innocence. I guarantee there is a sex scene, so please bear with me.

[Tsugura's POV]

He shivered under her touch, unfamiliar with this feeling. Had making love to any of his ex-girlfriends left him feeling like this? This…helpless? He didn't remember feeling this out of control before. Her hands kept trailing up and down his chest before finally pushing his shirt up, helping him take it off.

For the first time since he'd kissed her, he looked into her eyes. That alone nearly undid him. The uncertain that battled with longing in her eyes made her seem way too innocent. "If… If you want to stop, we can stop here." He murmured in a husky voice. "If you're not sure…"

She shook her head. "I'm, I'm not sure but…" She reached out both her arms, wrapping them around his back. "But please… Don't stop… Ren…" She bit her lip, blushing profusely as she murmured his name again.

The last shred of his self-restraint flew away with this simple request. He swooped down, kissing her passionately, pressing his body against hers. He felt her gasp at his forwardness and he took this opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. She tasted sweeter than he could have imagined! Like Italian ice, sweet and addicting, his personal drug in dessert form. ©®

[Kyoko's POV]

The feel of his tongue in her mouth was unfamiliar and strange to her. It felt both confusing and scary, a deeper kind of kiss that meant something more. However, that did not stop something from stirring inside of her, wanting more. That feeling frightened her, what more could there be, and instinctively she pulled back, away from Ren. No, something was wrong here. Why did she feel dizzy like this, why did he make her feel this way?

"N-no…" Kyoko whimpered, scared. "No, wait!"

She covered herself, wrapping her arms around her chest protectively. "What is this feeling? I don't understand. Why do I feel this way? It's scary! What's going on here?"

[Tsugura's POV]

She was obviously too naïve and afraid to jump into a situation like this right off the bat. Ren knew that, but he was hard pressed to keep his emotion under control and not give into his desires for her, as he wanted. Honestly, he didn't know where he got the self-control. He held back a sigh, wondering how he was going to explain what was going on to her. He had never expected one of his lovers to ask him to explain what being a lover was. Yet here was this girl, still in high school and innocent as can be, asking him why she was feeling—what was she feeling?

"Kyoko, I'll try to explain everything as best as I can," Ren began patiently, trying not to frighten her more. "However, I need you to tell me exactly what you want to know."

She sniffed and nodded, looking completely adorable. Honestly, did she know how hard she was making this on him? He wanted nothing more than to hug her close to him and—best to stop that train of thought there.

"W-well, you see, I feel like I want more of something, but I don't understand. What is that more? Why do I want it so badly? Why do I feel so hot when you're touching me and kissing me? There are butterflies in my stomach whenever you whisper in my ear, or even if your breath just tickles it a little. I don't understand why I feel this way!"

Ren held back from running a hand through his hair. Honestly, how could she make her obvious desire for him sound so innocent? That just made him want her more, crave her more, and pushed him closer to the edge. He had to have patience, to deal with this situation accordingly, and then hope she desired him enough to continue where they left off.

"What you are feeling is perfectly normal. When you are attracted to someone, when you like them very much, you begin to have desires about them. You are feeling some of those desires now. Those desires are telling you that you want to get closer to me, and that can seem like a very scary thing. Remember what you whispered to me earlier?"

Kyoko nodded and blushed. "If it's you, Tsugura-san…If it's you it's okay. Anything's okay…"

Ren smiled at those words. They really set him at ease and made his heart flutter. "Yes. You were putting your complete trust in me then. I want you to put your trust in me now and I'll help you with those desires."

Kyoko nodded leaning forward. Ren hesitantly wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "If it gets scary again, just tell me. I'll help you."

[Kyoko's POV]

Ren really was so very nice. His words set her at ease and left her feeling less vulnerable.

I'm sorry to end it here. I have discovered that Ren Tsugura has amazing patience and self-restraint, and decided to place it here. Hope you enjoyed it fully! Again, I apologize for ending it here, but due to lack of sleep, I have writers block. I can't figure out where to take this next and I've been straining myself for the past months, to no avail! Please, please, ideas needed please! I know how I want to end it, just not how to get there.