Pairing: KyoshiroxOogami (a tiny bit of SetsunaxKuu if you really squint)

Rating: G

Word Count: 358

Disclaimer: I own nothing in connection with Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, nor do I make any money through writing this fanfiction.


Fairy Tale End

If a person were to catch a glimpse of Oogami during a period of recreation, they may well be left with the impression of him being a very educated, for he had a book open in front of him more often than not. That impression may waver somewhat when a glance at the title often revealed those books to be of the fairy tale or fantasy genre.

Kyoshiro was one of those whose opinion did not waver. He did, however, allow himself one of those smiles upon discovering Oogami sitting in the library once again; in exactly the same seat he always occupied.

"As always," he mused out loud, settling himself beside Oogami, who glanced up at him before his eyes returned to the book he was reading. "I would've thought you'd read all of them by now."

"I haven't," said Oogami, keeping his eyes on the page. "This is a fairly new one."

He frowned as Kyoshiro prodded at the cover of the book, forcing it up. Upon seeing the title, Kyoshiro smiled.

"Ah, I know that one. It's got most things you'd expect from a basic fairy tale. There's a court joker, who is in love with a princess. An evil queen plotting to take over the kingdom. Magic. Swords. I believe there's an angel who helps the prince in this one too."

Oogami opened his mouth, intent on telling Kyoshiro that he didn't appreciate spoilers. He never managed to, as Kyoshiro placed a finger over his lips and all of a sudden he was right there, half an inch away.

"But the princess falls in love with the angel. And the joker realises he likes the knight."

The book fell to the floor as the small gap between them was closed and their lips joined. A tingle ran up Oogami's spine, causing his eyelids to flutter, then shut. There was a brief second where he thought of the Absolute Angels and how Kyoshiro's experience in certain matters showed.

Then he felt Kyoshiro's hand squeeze his knee, and the girls vanished from his mind.

Oogami never finished that book. Because he knew he preferred Kyoshiro's ending.