I had this story in my mind for some time now, and not finding anything similar, decided to write it myself.

Summary: Sasu/Naru/Saku. The team 7 TRIANGLE, who will stop them?

-"Speech." "Thoughts."

The solution.


The steps were determined, quick, and forceful. Others stepped aside knowing full well not to stand in the way. People that were around started whispering about what they saw. How could they not? It's not everyday you see Hatake Kakashi nervous and sweating. Rumors about something important happening will spread through Konoha before the noon comes. But for now, only a few people will know the truth.

He suddenly stopped by the door. Strange, to hurry, almost run here all the way only to stop by the doors. Hatake would laugh at the situation, has it been someone else. But it was him, here, and now. He pulled himself together, and knocked with a force.

-"Come in."

The door opened, and a very hopeless looking jounin walked in. He hurriedly closed the doors behind him and put a soundproof barrier. Then he turned to the old Hokage and let his hands fall. After a deep breath, he spoke.

-"Hokage-sama, I can't take this anymore! I don't know what to do! I… I thought that with the time everything will be back to normal, but it got only worse! I think, I think I am not fit to be a teacher after all, I failed…"

-"Whoa, whoa, Kakashi slow down a bit… What happened? What are you talking about?"

The jounin raised his head showing his sorrowful look.-"My students."-He sighed and gulped.-"I know I had to come with this before, had to do something to control it, but, I, I was stupid and, kept it a secret so that they won't get in trouble."

The strongest man in the village exhaled a smoke from his pipe and thought calmly about what he had just heard. He narrowed his eyes and let his gaze land on the nervous jounins form. Something was not right.

-"Won't get in trouble for what, Kakashi? What did they do?"-The jounin flinched at the harsh tone but replied nonetheless.

-"Well, you know that Sakura is in love with Sasuke, right?"-He spoke seriously, as if about a mission.

-"Of course I know, everybody knows about it."-The answer was just as serious.

-"So, you may as well know that Naruto is in love with Sakura, do you?"

-"Yes I know of this. Get to the point already."

-"Well, what you may not know, is that Sasuke is in love with Naruto."

Sarutobi stared. His pipe hanged from his mouth forgotten. He blinked, blinked twice, then gathered himself and coughed a bit.

-"Um, are you sure?"-The jounin nodded.-"Well, that was unexpected…Sigh, there is nothing we can do about it but don't worry. The only trouble is the fact that now he's a truly Konohas last Uchiha."

Hatake shifted uncomfortably and looked to the side.

-"That's not the problem Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi frowned.-"Then what is?"

-"Well, logically, they would never be together, because the love can't be one sided. The problem is, that they found a solution, unusual one, but, maybe I should start from the beginning…"

Chapter 1. The Beginning

Four weeks after forming the genin teams. The sunny morning. 10:10 pm. Kakashi's one hour late. On the training ground 7, the team members were waiting. Sasuke was polishing a kunai sitting under a tree, Naruto was pacing from one side of the clearing to the other with a pissed off look, Sakura was watching Sasuke, dreaming and probably still sleeping. Just a routine. Hatake would appear an hour and a half later to give them another pathetic D-rank mission like groceries or catching the cats, then say goodbye and have them go home. The life of a ninja was not what it was supposed to be. Protecting important people, fighting the bandits and ninja from a different villages, hunting a missing ninja, was that all their imagination and only the tales in reality? Were they going to waste their lives in this? Where is this exciting life of adventures and action? Beyond their reach…?

The raven heir was hiding it, but he was pissed off too. Not because their teacher was late or Naruto was rippling his field of vision pacing as he was, no, he didn't feel too well. He wouldn't admit it, but he tried to make a sushi for himself yesterday, he did, the problem is that though it didn't taste that bad, his stomach thinks otherwise. After vomiting at night and having his head spinning, he forced himself to wake up today, and come per usual. But he really didn't want to.

After dreaming and creating plans for a future for long enough, Sakura stepped closer to Sasuke and made an 'attraction' pose (in her opinion anyway).

-"Sasuke-kun, lets take a walk today, the weather is so wonderful!"-Here she smiled and flapped her eyelashes a few times.


The girl sighed. She made a step back and shyly stroked her long pinky hair. From behind, her other teammate ran to her side and shouted.

-"Hey, Sakura-chan, you're right, the day is great, lets take a walk together after a mission!"

Sasuke frowned.

-"No Naruto! Totally no!"-Naruto sighed and his face and spirits fell. Sasuke frowned deeper. Yes, the usual routine.

Today they had to walk the Inuzuka dogs. Naruto was clumsy and after losing the lead, they had to chase them throughout the village. It was funny at some point, but the whole thing was too troublesome, and their jounin sensei was asking again aloud how this was possible that Naruto became a ninja at all. He brought his students back to the clearing and ordered them to run around it thirty times before they are allowed to go home. The jounin then disappeared in a puff of smoke, but they complied, knowing that he was probably hiding in bushes observing them to appear if they skipped it. After they were done, with Naruto somehow being the first, and Sakura the last, they chose to rest under the trees. It was late afternoon already, the mission took them all day, and they were tired. Well, it was not enough to stop Sakura from bugging her raven teammate, though she didn't know he was very tired and still pissed.

-"Let's go back together, Sasuke-kun!"-She gave a warm smile.


The girl didn't give up, she took a deep breath.

-"But Sasuke-kun, we could eat something, we were busy all day. I' m sure it would be nice and…"

-"Sakura why don't you understand a simple thing, I don't like you, and we'll not be together, even if the whole world will be destroyed and you will be the last female I would still say no and would rather be with Naruto than you!"

The statement shocked not only his teammates, but him as well. He was so tired that he didn't pay attention to what he said. But anyway, he decided that maybe the girl will leave him alone now, and he will have a chance at peace. The girl was not only shocked; she was enraged, comparing her with that dumb idiot? Why did Sasuke say that? Did he really think this way? That she was worse? Or maybe that Naruto was better? How?

-"What?! What does he have that I don't?! And pardon me Sasuke, but he's a boy!"

Uchiha only smirked, and having a crazy plan forming in his mind, decided to have some fun. He stood up and made a thinking pose. He looked extremely serious and seemed to think hard about something important.

-"Well, if we were to compare you and Naruto, I believe we would have to start from up to down."

The blonde stood up and walked closer to his teammates; he scratched the back of his head and said.

-"Don't say such things Sasuke; you insult Sakura-chan…"

-"Shut up Naruto, I want to hear that!"-Said the girl, she crossed her arms and waited.

Especially to make sure she could see, Sasuke started to trace her and their blonde teammate with his gaze up and down, still with extremely serious expression.

-"Hn… The first, hair… I don't like the pink color… And Naruto has a nice, rare shade of yellow."-Here Sakuras eyes widened while Naruto was in a deep shock, it was the first time anyone commented his hair in that way.-"Next, forehead. Hmmm, you have a big one Sakura, not a bad thing, but, whatever…"-The girl looked away and gritted her teeth.-"Oh, the eyes, you know, I like a blue color…"-Sasuke looked Naruto in the eyes intensely, which forced the boy to look away.

-"But I have somewhat blue eyes too, Sasuke-kun!"

-"Green."-Was the cold reply. The blonde glared at a raven.

-"Emerald. Her eyes are emerald, Sasuke."-Sakura was surprised at this and stared at the blonde.

-"Whatever. Now, cheeks… "-Here's a slight pause.-"I like cats."-Sakura frowned, and then looked at Naruto, while Naruto looked at her. Then she raised an eyebrow at his whiskers. Naruto raised his left hand to touch his cheek.

-"I am not a cat."

-"Do you purr?"

-"Excuse me?!"-The blonde looked up as if slapped. His raven teammate was standing in front of him relaxed with his hands in pockets, with that famous smirk of his.

-"Do you purr? Try it."


-"Sakura, you can try too."

The girl now thought it was ridiculous, but he asked her to try, so she had to, right? She shyly tried to purr like a cat, but it didn't quite work as she'd like to. She smiled sheepishly.

-"I doubt I can do this, I'm not a cat. Why don't you try, Naruto?"-The blonde turned to her surprised, and then scratched the back of his head again.

-"Um, ok, for you Sakura-chan, I'll try… Um …purr… purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…"

While the models of the casting were both surprised at what was happening, Sasuke actually blushed…"I really like cats… And he actually purrs… What if I scratch his ears or those whiskers?"

-"All right I purr, so what!"-Naruto crossed his arms and looked away embarrassed.

-"Hn. Nothing. Next, lips…"-Sasuke looked at Sakuras lips, then at the blondes.-"Um, never mind that. The chest… Flat chest (Sakura), flat chest (Naruto), whatever. Um, waist… hnn... Now, your backs and asses. Turn around."-The girl did as was told, and seeing that orange boy only glared at her prince, grabbed his shoulder and turned him around herself. They stood like this for a minute.

-"Don't cry Sakura, but I think Naruto has a nicer back. (Ass, he added in his mind)."

A very angry blonde turned around and raised a fist threateningly.

-"What is your problem, huh?! Good prank; you had fun already, now that's enough!"-But Uchiha was unmoved. He was still standing stoically with that serious face.

-"I am actually serious."

The blonde stopped in his tracks. He blinked a few times.

-"You're kidding…? Are you sure you're all right, Sasuke?"

But the ravens pose only said 'I am completely serious'. Naruto was slowly starting to shake because of the stress. His teammate considered him more attractive than a beautiful girl next to him? He looked at Sasuke in disbelieve. And now was getting very nervous. The raven boy didn't let him go with his stare, and slowly walked closer to Naruto. When he was right in front of Naruto, chest to chest, no space, with that Uchiha smirk, he looked down at him and said.

-"Oh. And I prefer to be higher."

Naruto gulped and made a few steps back, almost stumbled, and nervously smiling, mumbled.

-"Um, guys, I think I'll go home now, it's late and all, so, see you tomorrow… Bye!"-And he started to run off the clearing. Sasuke calmly watched him go and said loud enough so Naruto could hear.

-"Don't you want ramen, Naruto? My charge."

Naruto suddenly stopped. He was standing near a tree line with a dumb expression on his face with his mind in a chaos. "Free ramen! But it would mean that I'll be close to Sasuke. But Sasuke is crazy today, and he looks at me with that, something… But ramen! Free! What to do? Get away from Sasuke or get a free ramen from Sasuke? Get away or get a ramen? Oh, why do I even ask…My precious delicious ramen, I am coming!!!"

Almost like a mini tornado, Naruto ran back and grabbed Sasukes hand. He looked up pleadingly with the sweet puppy eyes and mumbled.

-"Did you just say 'ramen' and 'your charge' in one sentence?"

The raven boy raised a brow. "Technically it wasn't in one sentence, he's really dumb. But God he's adorable like this…"


At this Naruto had the widest and the happiest grin since… well, yesterday, but whatever. He started to jump excitingly and mumbling about his favorite noodles, while the pink haired girl stood in shock. Naruto goes on a 'date' with her Sasuke! And what was the worst of it all; it was Sasuke, who was taking him! The world is turning upside down! What was she supposed to do? How was she going to save her love for Sasuke?

Naruto now was pulling his teammate with him back to Konoha and his favorite ramen stand…

-"What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Naruto. That's right. She has no power over Sasuke or what he does, but Naruto is in love with HER. So if she's close to Naruto, she's closer to Sasuke. If she controls Naruto, she has a chance to control Sasuke. But how to go about it… First, she would have to be close, observe the situation, and then create a plan. That's how a ninja works, isn't it?

The girl adjusted her headband and put her hands behind her back in a sort of a shy fashion. She was sheepish and slightly smiling.

-"Um, if I could join the…"

-"Of course Sakura-chan! That would be wonderful, right, Sasuke?"-Sasuke glared at the girl while she had a smirk on her lips. He knew that if he said 'no' Naruto will not stop complaining or won't even go at all, so to save himself unnecessary trouble and the headache, he had to choose the only option.


-"Yes!"-All the stress and any anger the blonde displayed a few minutes ago were forgotten, and the trio was walking through the streets with smiles on their faces. Sakura, because she finally was going out somewhere with Sasuke (so what if Naruto was going too?), Sasuke, because he was walking close to Naruto, and is able to make him happy (so what if Sakura is here too…), Naruto, well, because he will get a free ramen, get a (kind of) date with Sakura, and because his always grimy teammate was smiling too. Did he somehow make him happy? Or maybe Sasuke is in a better mood today; after all, he did have fun making him and Sakura the main characters of his little show… Not a bad prank, not bad at all…

She was getting sick. Her bowl of ramen wasn't bad, but seeing something like this… it's a terror… A cat? No way! Cats are far more 'elegant' (well, except Tora…), 'careful and mannered'. What she was seeing was a hungry pig.

The smell in the stand was warming and calming. Like at home. When your family is in the kitchen and your mother, older sister or aunt shoves you out so that you will not eat before everyone sits at the table and the dinner begins… Now he knew why Naruto loved it. It was a nice place. He leaned with his right elbow on the counter and watched with fascination as Naruto was engulfing one bowl after another. It was eighth now, and his imagination refused to guess where it'd go. He also refused to care how much will he pay for this; he had a lot of his clans money at his disposition.

Naruto somehow ended up in the middle of the group. Ramen was delicious, he was happy, the day wasn't that bad, and the setting sun had his favorite orange color. But he felt the strange gaze on him from his right. It was Sasuke; he was even smiling, and stared as if in love, at Naruto, covering him in his strange but not hostile look. From his left side he felt a piercing glare. Not a good sign. It was Sakura. What happened to her? She didn't like ramen? But didn't she say that she wanted to go? Or did she do this only because Sasuke was here? But if so, why glare at him, while she could admire the raven… "Oh, I probably have something on my face…" Naruto stopped eating and using a small table napkin wiped his mouth sheepishly. Then he quickly got back to eating; only stopping after a twelfth bowl grinning in satisfaction. Sakura had a tic in her left eye. Sasuke calmly paid and followed his teammates out after a goodbye to the cookers. A second later Naruto was embracing him happily with the shouts of joy and thankfulness.

It was a new feeling. Sasuke didn't remember now how it felt to be embraced by his mother, and he didn't remember being embraced by a friend. Maybe it was because he didn't have friends. Was Naruto his friend, or just a teammate? Or was he looking at him as at someone else? Before he knew the answer, Naruto was gone; he didn't hear him shouting a goodbye and didn't see him waving with his hand. Sakura thanked for a meal and saying goodbye too, went home. And he was still in a slight shock, of the warmth he just felt. His legs were moving him automatically back to the compound. There, he automatically took the shower, brushed his teeth, changed clothes, turned off all the lights, and went to bed. It was late, and he wanted to sleep, and dream of that warmth that was still with him. He pulled closer his blue pillow, and falling asleep, absently thought about turning it yellow.

The next morning teams' behavior was strange. They did not shout or quarrel with each other. It was surprising and Hatake started to believe that the team was starting to get used to and befriend each other.

The Hokage took a deep breath and looked thoughtful. Kakashi decided to tell him what happened from the very beginning. And…

-"It sounds so innocent… I start to see the two ways it could go wrong… But you said they found a solution… So, it scares me now."-The old man looked up and lit his pipe. Someone knocked at the door. The birds that were by the window, scared by the sound flew off. The guards by the doors said that Hokage is busy, and if anyone wanted to see him, he had to wait.

-"You treated it as a children's game, and didn't pay it attention. And I guess that when you did, it was too late."

Kakashi looked down in shame. And he only started this story… When he gets to the present…

-"You are right, Hokage-sama, it was too late."

Somewhere in Konoha forest, present time

-"Not here, Sasuke, come on, let me go…"-The raven boy had him pinned to the base of the tree. He held him with force and was grinning like a predator. He leaned closer.

-"No, let's go to my place…"-He whispered and slightly bitted the blondes' ear, earning him a deep purr, which was driving him crazy. The whiskered boy's face lifted in ecstasy, and he closed his eyes, feeling the wet kisses on his neck, and the gentle fingers stroking his cheeks.

Back in the office

Sarutobi calmly puffed. He now regretted that having faith in Kakashi, he stopped observing Naruto with his crystal ball. He never expected anything happen to this promising team. With a deep sigh, he spoke.

-"What happened next, Kakashi? Continue please."


End of 1 chapter

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