Title: First Words
Summary: The first words Remus Lupin spoke to Sirius Black.
Genre: Humour
Rating/Warnings: G // pre-slash
Word Count: 203

Remus grits his teeth and tries to concentrate on his Herbology essay. It's no use, though. The clean, posh London accent worms its way through his ear canal and into his brain, demanding his attention. It's not even as if Black has anything good to say; Remus has never heard a single person talk so much tosh before.

More talk. Remus closes his eyes and counts to ten. If Black doesn't shut it soon, Remus will snap, regardless of the manners his mother has drilled into him.

Remus reaches ten.

Black still hasn't shut it.

Remus closes his book with a slam, turns around on his chair and looks directly at Black. "You're absolutely insufferable, do you know that?"

Black stares at him. He flushes and opens his mouth, but no sound comes out of it. "Yes, well, you're poor, so," he eventually manages to spit out. He seems to realise what a lousy comeback that is, since he flushes an even deeper red directly afterwards. The effect is oddly fascinating on his white skin.

Remus shrugs, the very essence of cool, and turns back to his homework. He can feel Black's eyes on his neck, and he feels very pleased with himself.


A/N: Because one can never get enough of first-year boys tiffing! And yes, I like my pre-teen/teen Remus huffy and non-wimpy. 3