"MIKEY!" yelled the white banded female turtle as she chased after her younger brother.

"Don't hurt me Anna!" The orange-banded turtle pretty much screamed. Annamaria or Anna as her brothers called her, ignored the plea and tackled her youngest brother. "AHHHHHH" Mikey yelled as she started to playfully hit him.

"Annamaria!" Another voice yelled.

"Oh… hey Leo." Anna said with an innocent smile at her oldest brother.

"…I'm outta here! Thanks bro!" Mikey said taking off.

"I'm not done with you yet Mikey!" Anna yelled at his retreating form. She sighed as she got up.

At 5 foot 4, she was the smallest of her family, with her skin a jade green colour. Her mid shell length black hair was pulled up loosely in a ponytail. She had balanced hips and chest, hidden behind her plastron.

"Ok Anna, what did he do now?" Leo asked her sternly with his arms folded across his plastron.

"He nearly broke my drum kit!" she said glaring at the direction her youngest brother went.

"Oh come on, that's not a reason to beat him up!" Leo said angrily at her.

"HA! I can't believe you fell for it!" Anna said laughing. She ran off the same direction as Mikey. As soon as she went inside his room, Mikey locked the door.

"Did he fall for it?" Mikey asked her. Anna nodded and Mikey started to laugh. "That was the best thing we've done to him!" Mikey said. Then they heard someone knocking on the door.

"You two open this door right now!" said a Brooklyn accent.

"It's only Raph." Anna said in relief as she opened the door to reveal her second oldest brother.

"What did you two do this time? Fearless is complaining to Sensei downstairs." Raph said.

"Wait, he's complaining to Sensei?" Anna said. Raph confirmed her worst fears when he nodded. "Oh shell!" she yelped. Mikey grin was changed to a look of horror.

"Annamaria, Michelangelo come down stairs." Splinters voice echoed from below. Anna sighed and she and Mikey slowly went down the stairs. Raph, looking at his younger sister and brother, felt a bit sorry for them and followed them downstairs.

Anna glanced at Leo, he looked at bit smug but he was looking at her with a weird look on his face.

"Hey Leo, you there?" Anna asked him waving a hand in front of his face.

"What? I'm here." Leo said shaking his head. Don poked his head out of his lab to see what was going on.

"What happened now?" Don asked Raph.

"They pulled another prank on Fearless… they made him get mad." Raph said.

"Again?" Don said amused. Raph nodded and they turned around to see what was going to happen to their sister and brother. "My children, why did you do that?" Splinter asked them.

"Because we were bored sensei." Mikey blurted out.

"Great Mikey!" Anna muttered smacking her forehead.

"Well if you're bored… Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo come in here," Splinter said suddenly. Leo, Raph and Don all came in looking shocked that Splinter knew that they were outside. "We are going to practice the art of invisibility." Splinter said and Mikey groaned. "So you better get ready my children." He added looking pleased with himself. Anna sighed and got up gracefully.

Leo was looking at her, more like looking at her shell and the way her hips swayed as she walked towards her room. Anna closed her door and slipped on her ankle and wrist bands. She grabbed her single katana and pulled her hair up in a bun. Trust Mikey to say that we were bored… I wonder why Leo was staring at me like that… she thought as she opened the door.

"Remember, to become a true ninja, you must become one with the shadows. Darkness gives the ninja power, while light reveals the ninja's presence." Splinter said as Anna quietly stayed in the shadows watching the candle that he had on his paw intently.

"Now…can you extinguish this flame without revealing yourselves?" Splinter added as Anna saw the shadows of her brothers starting to move.

"Too noisy Donatello."

"Too clumsy Michelangelo."

"Poor choice Raphael."

It's now or never she thought and gently grabbed a kunai knife and tied the special string that ninja's used. But before she could throw it, Leo jumped down and got the candle of one of his katana. She smirked and chucked the kunai and she extinguished the flame. She jumped down onto the floor and smiled at her oldest brother. "Too slow Leo." She teased him. The lights went back on in the dojo and she put her kunai away.

"Well done Annamaria, Leonardo." Splinter praised them as they both bowed.

"Teacher's pets." Raph muttered.

"Ninja drop out." Leo countered as Don, Mikey and Anna went together "OOOOO."

Leo and Raph threatened to start a fight with each other but Splinter went in between them. Anna sighed with relief, the last thing they needed was a fight between Raph and Leo.

"My children…if you wish to become true ninja, you must work harder," Splinter said as the five turtles kneeled before him, all ready to listen. "Your path in life will not be an easy one,"

Mikey started to watch a fly. "The outside world will not be a friendly place for you. You five are different in a way that the surface-dwellers will never understand. To survive, you must master these skills I teach you,"

Now Mikey was starting to try to catch the fly. "Ninjitsu powers of stealth and secrecy. You must become kage, shadow warriors, and you must never be discovered by the outside world."

Mikey finally caught the fly with a loud clap. Anna cracked up on the inside at the look her sensei gave her littlest brother. But then, the room started to shake.

"What's that noise?" Anna said as she got up, bricks started to fall of the ceiling. Her brothers stood up looking confused as she felt.

"Whoa! Earthquake!" Mikey said in awe.

"In New York? Possibly but not likely." Don said thoughtfully.

"Don look out!" Anna said as she shoved him out of a falling brick's path.

"Whoa!" she added as a hole got blasted through the wall and some strange mechanical things came through the hole. She grabbed her katana and saw her brothers draw their own weapons.

"Are they New York city cockroaches?" Mikey joked. Anna rolled her eyes at the joke. She swung at one and its head came off its body.

"Help Master Splinter!" Leo shouted to his brothers and sister. Anna glanced over to her sensei and ran over to help him. They started to fight back to back.

She glanced up at the ceiling and saw a crack in it and let out a scream as the ceiling started to fall right above her.

ANNA!" Leo yelled and grabbed her out of harm's way.

"Thanks Leo…" she said quietly. She turned to see all the rubble and let out a gasp as she fell to the floor. "Sensei…" she whispered. Leo's arm went around her and he helped her up.

"You ok Anna?" Leo asked her, concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine Leo…" Anna replied.

Anna looked around to see Raph kicking one of the machines, Mikey was looking at them with some curiosity and Don was punching some buttons on a device. "Donny?" Anna asked as she walked over to him.

"Shell Cell, I'm calling Splinter." He replied.

"Hmmm…which button do you press to answer this thing?" Anna smiled as she heard the familiar voice of Splinter. "Hello?" Anna rolled her eyes and Leo took the Shell Cell. "Master Splinter?" He asked.

"HELLO?" Splinter said even louder

"Master Splinter..."

"Stupid device!" Anna giggled at that.

"You don't have to press any buttons. You already answered it." Anna and Mikey exchanged amused glances.

"Ah…Leonardo, whatever those mechanical menaces are, they managed to eat through the support structure of our home. We must leave right away," Splinter said as they all crowded around the phone and Anna leant her head against Leo's plastron

"Meet me at the old drainage junction in the south." Don pulled out a map of some sort, and blew dust off. "If we take the south conduit…It'll intersect with old drainage tunnel." He said

"We'll meet you there, sensei." Leo said.

"What'd he say? What'd he say?" Mikey asked, acting like a stupid child. "Did he mention me?" Raph shoved his youngest brother over, straight into a smack from Anna and they started to walk.

"Goodbye, broken pipe. Goodbye, grungy payphone. Goodbye, dented manhole cover. Goodbye…"

"MIKEY SHUT UP!" He turned to Anna, who was rolling her eyes in annoyance. "Before you start saying goodbye to the ceiling, let's get out of here," She added and dragged him along. "Wow check it out!" She exclaimed in surprise.

"These walls are seriously compromised…It's lucky this roof hasn't caved in..." Don stopped in surprise

"Ya were sayin'?" Raph muttered.

"Can't go forward…Can't go back…" Leo muttered.

"Looks like we go up." Raph stated, heading to a ladder that led topside.

"Thank you Captain Obvious!" Anna muttered sarcastically, getting a warning glance from Leo. "What?"

"Hitting the surface is a bad idea!" Leo warned.

"Come on Leo… please?" Anna said giving him her puppy dog face that she knew he couldn't resist. Leo sighed in exasperation.

"Fine. But we're only going up to go down the next manhole. Got it?"

"YAY!" Anna said gleefully and danced around.

"No fooling around," He warned. "Remember what sensei said. It's dangerous for us to be seen, let alone captured. We need to stay out of sight."

"We got it the first thousand times, Leo." Raph interrupted.

"Just follow my lead."

"OH JOY…" Anna said sarcastically and got another warning glance from Leo and when he turned around, she stuck her tongue out at him. Leo insisted on going after Raph and Anna went right after him at least to go ahead of Mikey. Leo stopped at the top.

"Hey Leo, can we keep going please?"

They hid in the shadows when a car went by, and Raph sped on ahead of them as Anna jumped up, she was crouched on the fire escape like a gargoyle, blue eyes studying the streets.

"Wow…" It seemed Raph had found a manhole, but an armoured truck parked right on top of it "why is life never easy…" she muttered and she landed on a pipe going down the building, she slid down once the people inside were gone.

"Great…Just GREAT…The ol' turtle luck workin' true ta form…" She heard Raph mutter from the other side of the metal vehicle. Jumping onto the roof, she looked down in time to see him kick it.

"Way to be stealthy, Raph!" Leo whispered from around the corner with Mikey and Don.

"Will you two please shut the shell up?" Anna said in exasperation.

"Why don't you shut up Angel?"

"Excuse me? You and Leo are the one's making all the noise!" Raph growled at her and went to the back of the truck to try and push it.

"Not so easy, huh Raphy?" She said smiling and then she heard someone on the other side. "Raph!" He had grabbed her arm and pulled her into the vehicle. Hidden on the ceiling, she held her breath as the gangsters threw in duffel bags. The doors closed with a solid click, and the engine revved. Anna glared at her brother.

"Great work Raph…"

"Yeah, yeah…"

"I hate you…"

"Yeah so, what ya gonna do? Swing yer lil katana at me?"

"Remember what happened last time I 'swung my lil katana' at you?"

"Not really…"

"Do you really need me to remind you?"

"No thanks!"

"Thought so…" Anna said as she smirked. When the truck stopped in another alley, both disappeared from sight inside. One guy was left to guard them, but Mikey took care of him. Don took out a couple screwdrivers from his Bag of Tricks, and started working. Anna knocked on the glass.

"Hey! How long is this gonna take?" She called out.

"What was that sis? You're gonna have to speak up! Coz I can't hear you!" Mikey sung from behind the glass. Glaring at Mikey, she held up an arm when Raph, angry already, seemed ready to bust straight through the doors.

"Can I do this for once?" Anna asked him grinning. Raph grinned back and gestured for her to go ahead. Hearing a click that meant the doors were unlocked, she gave an innocent grin.

"Oh damn, ummm hey Anna good to have you…" Mikey was cut off when she tackled him.

"Think that was funny, smarty pants?"

"Ummm sorta?" Mikey replied as she playfully hit him.

"Anna, we really don't have time for this!" Leo said warningly.

"Oh…well ok then…" Anna muttered as she glanced over her shoulder. Getting up and turning, she pulled out her katana.

"Look at the freaks."

"What's with the dweeby costumes?"

"Dweeby costumes? You talking to me tough guy? Coz I ain't the one who is a dweeb that award goes to my little brother over there." Anna smirked.

"HEY…" Mikey complained.

"This ain't Halloween."

"We figured that…"

"You're going down, freaks. Nobody messes with the Purple Dragons, especially not wearing stupid turtle costumes."

"So that's what you guys are… hang on a sec isn't purple a girls colour? Let's go guys!" In a united front, all five attacked and Anna simply blocked every attack they did at her. The fight was rather quick and they ran like little sissies.

"I hope there's more 'a those guys, 'cause I'm just gettin' warmed up." Raph stated.

"Well…looks like you got your wish, Raphy-boy…" Mikey pointed out, and everyone looked up at the shadowy figures.

"Wow…" Anna muttered.

"Are those guys…ninja?" Leo questioned. The black shadows jumped down, surrounding them.

"I think so Leo." Anna replied slowly getting her katana out again

"Be ready for anything…"

"I am so gonna enjoy this…" Raph said, smirking.

"Same here, Raph, same here."

They all jumped into action and Anna jumped up and swung down at a couple and they crumpled, unconscious, and she spun around, kicking away more.

"Ok… this is easy enough…" Flipping backwards, she blocked another stroke. She then realized she had about 15 of these ninja surrounded around her. "Oh damn…"

"Angel!" Raph called out.

"Raph, I'm gonna be ok!" She called back and she started to fight with them. I can do this she thought to herself as she blocked and parried each attack.

"Hold on Anna I'm coming!" Leo yelled.

"It's ok Leo, I can do this!" She called back as she backed away blocking each stroke and adding a kick and a punch if she could. Then one ninja caught her by surprise by kicking her in the side. She gasped as she flew sidewards into a punch. "I'm… not… gonna… OW!" She yelled as they swarmed around her and all started to hit her.

"ANNA!" Leo yelled and he came to her rescue.

"My HERO!" She muttered sarcastically. He knocked the rest away, and she jumped to join her brothers by the truck.

"How many of these goons do we have ta bat 'fere they get the hint?" Raph asked irritably.

"Seriously. They just keep coming!" Mikey agreed. A spark and the rev of an engine showed Don had hot-wired the truck.

"Did you guys just agree on something?" Anna asked in disbelief "Leo, Raph I think we should get inside the truck!" She added as she leapt into the now-moving truck, she breathed out a sigh of relief when Raph and Leo joined her. They kept swerving a heap, thanks to Don's driving skills.

"Whoa! Nice driving, Don! For a turtle with no license!" Mikey joked.

"Hey! Do you want pretty, or do you want effective?" Don shot back.

"OW!" Anna yelled as she hit her head on the wall for about the fifth time and Leo grabbed her hand and made sure she stayed still and Raph rooted through the duffel bags.

"Whoa…check this out." Dumping it, everyone's eyes widened at the bundles of money.

"Show me the money, baby! WHOO-HOO!" Mikey cheered. "OW!" He added as Anna smacked him on the top of his head.

"This isn't Finder's Keeper's, Mikey." Leo said sternly.

"AWWW…" Mikey said in disappointment.

"Ummm Leo, I think I can stand by myself now." Anna said looking at their hands. Leo blushed and released her. They happened to pass by a police car, and threw the duffel bags onto the hood before driving off and Don decided to drive straight into the sewers and threw the tunnels to the drainage junction.

"Don, please don't do that again!" Anna groaned rubbing her head and then joined in the group hug with Splinter.

"I'm glad to see you too, my children." He said.

"Master Splinter, so much has happened today." Leo said.

"Yes, yes. There will be plenty of time to tell me later, Leonardo. But first, I'd like to take you all home." Splinter said calmly and he started to walk, the five turtles shared a confused glance.

"Sensei, didn't our home collapse?" Anna asked in confusion.

"Yeah. Those robots trashed our pad."

"Do not worry. I believe I have found the solution to our current housing problem," The elderly rat stopped next to a large hole in the floor. "Follow me, my children."

"This is gonna be interesting." Anna said before flashing a reassuring smile, running and doing a flip before going down.

"Show off." Raph muttered.

"I heard that!"

"Oh crud…" Landing on her feet, she followed Splinter when a turtle-pile formed itself behind her.

"Can you guys even land on your feet?" She asked with a cheeky grin and got a glare from Raph. "What?" She shrugged

"No offence, Master Splinter, but this place doesn't seem very great…" Mikey stated as the pile stood and separated, following their father.

"Look with your heart, Michelangelo, and not your eyes."


"And walk this way." Mikey copied Splinter's stooped walk and Don promptly smacked him with his Bo staff and Anna giggled.

"OW!" Mikey said. Anna stopped through the doorway and saw the gigantic space in front of her. There was a second floor lined with doors, and there were plenty of rooms below.

"This is beyond AWESOME!" Mikey cheered

"I could really tune this place up…" Don said thoughtfully and knowing her youngest brothers were happy with the space, Anna smiled happily and Mikey started claiming rooms.

"HEY! Let us choose our rooms to!" Anna said to him and Mikey grinned sheepishly

"You see, my children. Change is good." Splinter said

"We couldn't agree more, Master Splinter." Leo agreed.

"Amen." Anna said looking at Leo with a smile on her face.

"Good. So, let's see you boys clean up for a change. This chamber is filthy!" Splinter said.

"Why can't Anna help?" Mikey complained

"She cleaned up the whole lair every week before." Don pointed out.

"I think she deserves a break." Leo added looking at her and she smiled softly and blushed.

"You see Mikey that is why Leo and Donny are my favourite brothers," Anna said and Mikey groaned at the thought of work, and the look on his face made her laugh. "Don't worry Mikey; I'll make my special pizza." She added.

"ALL RIGHT!" Mikey whooped and Anna laughed. Sensei is right change is good she thought as she stared at Leo, a smile playing on her lips and I think there is gonna be a lot of changes here soon.

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