(Note: This is written like a letter to Zelda on her son, Jonathon's birthday.)

Dearest Zelda,
I want you to tell you what really happened that night when we fled the castle. I know you think it was a fire, and that a bad man tried to steal you away. This was the real story:
It was late that evening when a turbulent storm came rolling thru. It seemed to round the castle, and torture the citizens. I knew it was time to go. We packed our things and I put you upon my horse, Shadow. We just got out of the castle gate when, Ganondorf, that evil king, treid to steal your away from me. Pulling you closer, I galloped to the edge of the town. We told the guard to let the bridge down.
"But Lady Impa," he cried."Why open the door to evil?"
"We must get away from here. A terrible man is trying to take the princess! We must get thru!"
He finally let the bridge down, and I saw Link, with his large brown eyes, staying at us, as we ran past him. You decided to chuck the ocarina to him, to stay out of harm's way. It fell into the moat. I could hear it, even in the bloody storm. I looked back to see if HE was gaining on us. He was, but he seemed to be asking Link for something, and then he shot him with a bolt of energy, when he unsheathed his sword. I turned my attention back to you. We ran behind Lon Lon Ranch and made a cut to the Shadow Temple. That was where we stayed till you decided to go prancing around as a boy dressed in Sheik's clothing. You followed Link around like a lost puppy, and finally revealed yourself when Link had awakened all of us as Sages. I wanted to wring your little neck for running around like that, but then again, I wanted to fall to my knees to thank you for your courage.
I know this may come to a surprise to you, since you don't remember much after you bumped your head when you fell off that infernal horse the day you left to help Link out. As your guardian, I will stay by yours and your son's side till the day I shed my blood and soul for you, and I pray to Nayru that Jonathon will become just like his father... a hero.