Title: Inked
Rating: R
Category: Romance
Genre: Het
Pairing: Gibbs/Ziva
Prompt: ncis_shared thing-a-thon - Tattoo
Disclaimer: The characters herein belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

Gibbs could hear the squabbling even before the elevator doors had completely opened. He took a sip of his coffee and stepped out of the lift, walking through the office he has just made it to his desk when DiNozzo turned to him, "Boss will you tell Ziva to stop lying…"

Behind him Gibbs could see Siva roll her eyes, "Tony it is not a lie!"

Gibbs watched the scene unfold before him as DiNozzo turned to her, "Ziva you do not have to lie to me to make yourself appear more interesting."

She looked at him, the disbelief clear on her face, "It is not a lie!"

"Well there is one way to prove that…" She looked at him blankly, "Just show us!"

"No! Tony I will not show you my tattoo…" She looked to Gibbs, who until this point had been quietly observing, "Gibbs, will you tell him…"

He looked towards Tony's expectant face and nodded, "It's true, she has a tattoo..."

Tony turned back to Ziva, "You showed Gibbs?!"

She smiled, "He has seen it… I would not say I showed it to him exactly."

"How?" Tony turned back to Gibbs, "How did you see it?"

Gibbs looked at him, "In the gym…" although he elaborated no more he remembered back to the night he'd seen it.

It had been late on a Friday night and the office was empty by the time Gibbs had finished checking his team's reports. Bored and needing to release some pent up tension. He took the elevator down several floors and headed in the direction of the gym. He was surprised to see the silhouette of someone moving through the window in the door.

He pushed the door open and glanced over at the figure, "Ziva, I thought you'd gone home…"

She shrugged brushing her hair out of her face, "I thought I could get a few hours of training done whilst it was quiet."

She dropped back into her fighting stance and started practicing various different kicks. He watched her, once again transfixed by her gracefulness and skill; fully aware that she was one of the few people that stood a chance of beating him in a fight, even in his slightly advancing years. "You'd get more out of it if you had a sparring partner…"

She paused and looked over to him, "Is that an offer?"

He nodded, "Sure, I'll just change…"

Heading into the changing area to the side he quickly switched his shirt and trousers for his NCIS T shirt and shorts before rejoining her on the mat.

She looked at him as she taped her hands before throwing the roll to him. "Don't go easy on me…"

He nodded and taped his own hands, knowing that she would take offence if he gave anything less than complete dedication.

Mimicking her stance he blocked first with his left hand and then with his right as she threw punches at him. Catching her leg as it swung round towards his waist he wasn't prepared for her to use his grasp to enable her to swing her second leg into the air. It connected with his chest and both of them fell to the ground.

Ziva quickly recovered as Gibbs released her foot, manoeuvring herself onto the balls of her feet she sprang at him as he began to stand. He landed with a thump on his back as she landed on top of him, her arm pressed to his neck. His hands flew to her waist and he used his extra strength to push her from him.

They both sprang to their feet and began to slowly circle each other, both trying to anticipate the other's next move as well as plan their own. She suddenly lunged towards him, her fist connecting with his palm as he blocked her. He quickly dropped to the ground bringing his leg around to wipe her feet out from under her. He moved above her ready to pin her when her foot connected with his chest, sending him flying backwards.

Once again they were standing opposite each other when she stepped forward, jabbing at him with first one hand and then the other, and slowly becoming more frustrated as Gibbs continued to block her punches. One of his punches then made contact with her stomach, she grunted before catching him in the side with a left hook and tackling him to the ground. He rolled the pair of them over and they wrestled on the ground as both tried to gain the upper hand.

Finally he managed to grasp both her hands in his, pinning them above her head as he sat above her, both of them panting and out of breath. He looked down at her with her hair fanned out behind her, and sweat glistening on her skin. It was as though he had lost control of his body as he found himself leaning down towards her. His lips connected with hers and for a moment they both froze before Ziva found herself kissing him. Pulling her hands free she slid them up and around his neck, holding him in place as her tongue slipped into his mouth, caressing his own.

He pulled away and stood up, she looked up at him confused and he offered her a hand, pulling her from the ground and holding her tight against his body, kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and jumped, wrapping her legs around his waist as his hands travelled to support her. He carried her through to the showers, turning the water on and letting it was over the pair of them as he pushed her against the cool tiles, the water causing her T shirt to cling to her body.

Stepping back from the wall he allowed her to rest her feet on the floor before sliding his hands up her sides and pulling her T shirt over her head, throwing it to the floor.

She took control, pushing him back against the wall and pulling his shirt over his head, trailing her fingers over his abs, sliding them over his chest and onto his shoulders. Sliding one hand into her hair and pulling him down to her level, kissing him deeply and moaning as his hands brushed across her chest and up into her hair, tangling in her dark locks.

She slowly slid her shorts off and kicked them to the side. She smiled as Gibbs dropped to his knees in front of her, hooking a finger into her panties he pulled them down, noting with surprise the small tattoo on her hip bone. "You have a tattoo…"

She nodded, "Tali's name… in Hebrew."

He smiled as she hooked a leg over his shoulder and he placed his hands on her waist, holding her in place as he kissed the inside of her thigh. He kissed further and further up her leg before slowly sliding his tongue inside her, smirking as her hips bucked, before slowly sweeping his tongue upwards and causing her to moan loudly. He continued his actions until he heard her begging him to stop. Moving back she quickly pulled him back to his feet. She could taste herself on him as she kissed him deeply before pushing down his short and boxers. She reached around his waist and pulled him into her.

They were both still momentarily as she got used to the feeling of him inside her. Following her encouragement he slowly thrust into her; moaning she kissed his neck and urged him to continue. She clung to his body to keep herself upright as her muscles clenched around him. She cried out as she came, holding him tightly as he thrust through his own climax. Kissing her deeply he kept her standing until her own legs were strong enough to take her weight again.

She smiled as he brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and she looked up at him, "I guess we need to talk…"

"Boss! Hey boss!"

He looked up as the voice snapped him out of his memories, "What DiNozzo?"

"What's it of boss? Where is it?"

Gibbs watched Ziva roll her eyes behind him, "If Ziva wanted you to know she would have told you…"

"Oh come on boss!"

Gibbs nodded to Ziva and badly tried to conceal a smirk as her palm connected with the back of his skull.