So ages ago my friend gave me the prompt Ziva and Gibbs are found out, and challenged me to write three different versions of it, I just found the them all and figured I'd post, so this is the first one, I guess you could describe it as sweet...

DiNozzo looked at his watch as he pulled into the hospital car park, it was early on a Monday morning and he knew he was risking the wrath of Gibbs for arriving late to work but his date from the previous night has left her cell phone at his apartment when she had left that morning and being the gentleman he was he had promised to drop it into her on his way into work. He was just stepping out of his car when he saw them walking out of the main entrance. He hung back remaining out of sight behind his car as he watched the familiar forms of his two colleagues cross the car park, he watched as she slipped her hand into his, smiling up at him as they reached the car, he saw him open the door for her and watched as she lowered herself into the car. He watched as Gibbs got into the car and pulled out of the lot before he hurried into the hospital to drop off the phone.

He finally arrived at the office thirty minutes late; rushing out of the bullpen he immediately began to offer excuses but much to his surprise Gibbs simply shrugged and muttered something about traffic being terrible that morning. For the rest of the day DiNozzo wondered exactly what he had seen that morning but every time he prepared himself for the inevitable head slap and opened his mouth to ask something interrupted them, Abby called with results from the lab or Ducky had something he wanted to discuss.

He was on his way out for the evening when he finally decided enough was enough, turning back from the elevator he watched as Gibbs leant over her, his chin just about her shoulder as he typed something on her computer. Tony walked back to the bullpen, coming to stop in front of Ziva's desk, "What's going on with you two?"

Ziva looked to Gibbs before turning to him, "What do you mean Tony?"

"I saw you two at the hospital this morning, the girl I saw last night left her mobile... look why I was there isn't important, the fact is I saw you two there and if you two are working on some undercover operation then I think I should know about it. I thought we decided after the fiasco that was Tony DiNardo we weren't going to keep undercover operations from each other. What if something went wrong and no one else knew where you were... Ziva you're having a baby and you boss should know better than to put her at risk in her condition..."

Ziva looked up at Gibbs and they both laughed. Ziva turned her attention to DiNozzo, "Tony when my brother returned from Scotland after medical school he told me one of the first things they taught them was a saying, 'When you hear hooves think horses not zebras...'" she looked up at his puzzled face, "It means rule out the obvious before you move onto the obscure..." She looked up at Gibbs who nodded slightly before continuing, "What I mean is that rather than thinking we are working on some secret undercover mission it would make more sense to assume we were a couple leaving the hospital after having their second scan..."

Tony looked between the two of them, "You mean... You two... You're..."

Ziva laughed at her partner's inability to form a coherent sentence before swivelling round on her chair and taking Gibbs's hand in hers, resting it on her bump as she gently kissed him and for the first time Tony noticed the matching gold bands on their ring fingers.