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Sorry for the long wait everyone, I've been wanting to get this up for a long time but so mauch to do, so litlle time. So here it is, the sequel I hope everyone waited for with bated breath. This is the sequel to The Faith In Their Love. You don't need to read the first story to understand this one, but it would help. Thanks Melissa for continuing to be my beta. Much appreciated.

This is set a couple of months after the last chapter of The Faith In Their Love.


I lay in bed, my wife's head resting on my chest. The past months we've talked and shared more about ourselves than we ever have. I tell her of my time in Iraq, the lives I had to take. Back home, when I had to shoot someone I always rationalized that they deserved it, but in Iraq I knew nothing of the lives I took. The fact bothered me more than I would admit, but I'm dealing with it. Bones tells me of her time spent here; how hard it was to be without me, especially when she thought I was dead, how she dealt with it. It has been a difficult time, but we've come through it stronger. And I now love and respect her more than I thought possible.

"I love you." The words roll of her tongue more easily now.

I smile. "I love you too."

"I'm really glad your cast if off."

"Me too."

"Nothing beats earth-shattering, penetrating sex."

"Did you learn that phrase from Angela?"

Bones laughs, her hair tickling my chest. "Maybe."

She has finally convinced me to take my painkillers. It makes therapy more bearable, my recovery smoother and perhaps faster, and most importantly, I can make love to her again, the way I want to, the way I remember.

A part of me is still afraid I'll get addicted, but she assures me she will never let that happen. I trust this woman with my life. I trust that she will keep me from falling.

Since my outburst of insane jealousy when I returned from Iraq, we've learnt to love deeper, laugh harder, appreciate more. This is the life I've always wanted to give her, to make up for her childhood, and perhaps mine.

I'm back at work now. Although the cast is off I still am having difficulty with my left knee, and I'm still required to wear it in a metal brace, and move about with crutches. It still hurts to put weight on it, but it's getting better. My therapist promises I'll be "graduating" to walking with a cane soon. Because of my physical limitations, I'm stuck in the Hoover Building doing paperwork. Fieldwork would have to wait. Bones still partners Hank Watford, but I know I have nothing to worry about. I still look forward with great expectation to the day I can partner Bones again.

"What are you thinking about?" Bones asks, lifting her head to look at me.

"I'm just thinking about when I can be your partner again."

"The day will come." Bones smiles confidently at me.

She shimmies up my body, kissing me deeply as her tongue finds mine. Our lips lock in a breath-stealing kiss. When we finally break, gasping for air I ask, "Ready for round two?"

"Are you?"

I take her hand and bring it to my already hard cock.

She wraps her hand round it, stroking it appreciatively. "That answers my question."

She leans down to kiss me again, never easing the pressure below off.

I groan into her mouth, reaching to tweak her nipple with my fingers. She gasps and kisses me with more fervor. I move my hand to part her folds, brushing her clit. She's still wet from her recent orgasm when she was on top of me. I already miss how it feels to be inside her, despite only slipping out of her minutes ago.

We're interrupted by the ringing of my cellphone.

She tears her lips from mine. "Work?" She asks breathlessly.

"I don't know. It's almost midnight. I can't think of any paperwork that could be so important they'd call me now."

Bones pushes herself off me, nimbly jumping off the bed and reaching for my discarded jeans. She finds my cell in my back pocket and glances at the caller ID.

She frowns. "Jared."

I sit up, taking the phone from her. He must have gotten drunk at some bar again and needs a ride home.

"Jared?" I flip open the phone.

"Hey Seeley."

"What's up?" I put my phone on speaker. There're no secrets between me and Bones.

Bones has climbed into bed beside me again. She's still frowning. I know she's still annoyed at him for sowing the seed of doubt between us.

"It's Mom."

"Mom?" I never expected that.

"Yeah, and it's bad. She's dying Seeley. Some inoperable brain tumor. They tried chemo and everything, but nothing is working. The doctors say she's got a couple of months, tops. She wants to see you bro."


I feel Bones slip her hand into mine, giving me a gentle squeeze.

"She wants to see you, before she dies."

"Why didn't she call me herself?"

"She was afraid you'd hang up the minute you heard her voice."

I keep silent, the news reeling in my head. I have not spoken to my parents in nine years.


"Still here Jared."

"I know you guys have your differences, but the last time when you were in Iraq, I thought you died. I went home to tell them. They regret everything that's happened between you guys."

"It's too late Jared. I haven't missed them a single bit all these years."

"Come on Seeley. It's Mom's dying wish."

Bones nudges me. "You should go. We should go."

"Is that Temperance?"

"Yeah Jared. Look it's late. We gotta work tomorrow."

"So are you going to see her?"

"I just…. I don't know."

"You gotta go Seeley."

"I'll think about it alright?"

"Well don't take too long, Mom doesn't have much time."

I snap my phone shut. Talk about a mood killer. I feel Bones' hands slip round my waist. One hand runs through my hair and pulls my head down. I rest my head on her shoulder. Here I find respite from whatever storms the world hurls at me.

"You have to go Booth."

"Look Bones, I don't want to talk about it now."


"I know, we don't shut each other out anymore. We'll talk about this tomorrow, I promise."

Satisfied Bones lies down on the bed, tugging me down with her.

"Think you can sleep?"

"Yeah, we just had a workout remember?"

"Need your Vicodin?"

"No, I'm good." I kiss the top of her head, taking a deep breath and inhaling her familiar and soothing scent. She tilts her head up to kiss me.

"Goodnight Booth."


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