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I stand on the sidewalk watching Booth and Jared load our luggage into the trunk of the car. Booth's father died three days ago. The funeral was a simple affair, with family and few friends. Over the years Amos' drinking and temper had drove most of his friends away. In living, he had made the lives of the people he loved miserable, but in his last few months he tried to make amends.

I'm happy that Booth had found it in his heart to forgive his father. Moving on would be much easier now. I feel the wave of nausea that is now my unpleasant but constant companion crest. I taste the now familiar taste of bile in my mouth. I take a few breaths to try to quell the queasiness. I'm tired, bordering on fatigue. Tiredness is another inconvenience of the first trimester of pregnancy. That and it's been a tiring three days following Amos' death and the funeral.

It's time to go home. To move on. Hopefully Booth has found closure for his painful past and would no longer live in fear that he would turn into his father.

The thought of home warms my heart. I now know what it's like to be there for someone, and to have someone be there for me. Family, Booth and I, that's what we are. I subconsciously rub my abdomen where I know my baby is growing inside. It's a wonderful feeling, knowing that in less than nine months from now we'll have an addition to our family.

The nausea interrupts my thoughts again. Nausea and fatigue my two new best friends. I already can't wait for this baby to be born.

---------------------------------------------- THE END --------------------------------------------------

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