Brett. How had he gotten away from Jason?

"So close to getting away, so, so close." He grinned, holding up his knife. "It ends now."

Was this how it was going to end, by Brett's hand? After all that she had been through, this was it?

She backed up. He walked towards her, smiling a cold, merciless smile. From behind him, Erin saw a shiny glint, a reflection of sun off cold hard metal. Within seconds, that cold hard metal had cleaved itself between Brett's neck and shoulder, cutting him almost to the chest.

Erin covered her mouth, horrified. Brett's eyes were wide with shock. He stumbled a few feet and fell to the ground. Jason stepped forward, put his foot on Brett's back and ripped the blade from his neck. Blood streamed out. He groaned. He wasn't dead. He wasn't dead! Jason looked at her, then back at the fallen man. He seemed to consider something for a minute, then brought the blade down on the man's skull. It cracked loudly, splattering the grass and trees with blood and brain.

They stood together for a moment, blood dripping from Jason's machete. It was over. It was really over. Brett was dead. Amy was...dead. A cold pang hit her heart. She had lost one of the best friends she had known. She was down in Brett's basement, rotting away. She wouldn't let it go at that. She would give her friend a proper burial.

And Jason was here now. She was safe. They could finally go home.

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